Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency

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I will need a step by step guide or a travel agency that will assist me. Will any of the travel agencies assist me in making travel arrangements. First of all, yes, most travel agencies and agents charge fees. Once upon a time travel agents were paid by the airlines and hotels, but that stopped quite some time ago, so you need to understand your company’s policy about their use. Similar Posts: Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency.

COVID-19's Huge Financial Impact on Cities

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  But we're now seeing firms and organizations further up the value chain from these industries get hit.  Government Policy

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Brookings 2019 Trends to Watch

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The Brookings Institute is a large and influential DC public policy think tank. The report is targeted at government policy makers and lists the issues Brookings experts "expect will shape the world this year and the solutions to address them."   Government Policy

2019 69

Creative Professionals Pushing Back on California's New Gig Economy Law

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  Instead, they're hiring remote contractors, moving the work to other states or outsourcing the work to agencies of various kinds.    Because of this, they are working on various ways to clean up AB5 and reduce its negative impacts on legitimate independent workers. 

2020 62

The Stimulus Programs Gig Workers and Freelancers Qualify For

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  However, the final rules and details on how the various programs will work are still being worked out by the state and federal agencies tasked with administering them.    You can borrow up to $2 million via this program, although obviously few independent workers could qualify for this amount.  Up to 100 percent of the loan is forgivable.    Government Policy

2020 55

The Need for More and Better Future of Work Data

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There's long been a need for our government agencies to collect more timely and better data on the the forces impacting jobs and work.   We're glad that government agencies are catching up.   gig economy Government Policy

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Tips For Employers to Reduce Motor Vehicle Crashes

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Tip 1 – Set up a Safe Driver Program. A joint effort by the NETS, NHTSA and OSHA designed to reduce motor vehicle accidents suggest that employers set up a safe driver program. They even offer a brochure to help you set one up. Tip 2 – Written Policies and Procedures.

2019 244

What Does the New U.S. Administration Mean for the Tech Industry?

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With a new President-elect already shaking up the political sphere with Cabinet and agency picks, many are wondering what the new U.S. administration is going to mean for the tech industry.

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Top Careers In Chemistry After Graduation You Need To Know

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Chemistry, just like other natural sciences, is the backbone of how the world is shaping up at present. This knowledge opens up a wide range of career choices for you. If you are up for the challenge, you can look for jobs that require a degree in advanced sciences. Chemists work in several state agencies such as Law, Defense, Public Health, Policy, and the Environment.

2018 151

5 Steps to Increasing Your Cash Flow

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But, with a few tweaks to your current set up you can start to turn that dream into a reality. And, most importantly, you can set your client payments up for automatic recurring billing. Have clear payment policies in place. You’ve done it!

2015 225

The Take Over of Green Marketing

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Environmental conservation has played a major role in reshaping the corporate landscape of America since the late 1960’s onward as environmental policy reform began gaining popularity. Consumers love products that in one way or another help the environment.

2018 130

8 Easy Contract Changes to Make for More Sustainable Events

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Healthy and safety laws make it much more difficult now with food leaving premises but with the right disclaimers and pre planning you can have local food kitchens collect the unused food or at the very least packaged up for crew to take home.

2016 169

Government Surveillance May Be Privacy Game Changer

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The big news last week was that the National Security Agency (NSA) is collecting the communications records of millions of US citizens indiscriminately and in bulk – regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing. Companies will increasingly need to develop comprehensive and clearly communicated privacy policies and practices. With consumers starting to wake up to the issues surronding data privacy and security, small business can no longer ignore them.

2013 180

Paperless Office: Myths, Benefits, and Tips for Going Paperless

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, going paperless can save a company about $80 for each of your staff members per year. Instead, you can sign papers with a tap of a finger, speeding up your sales process. They have different amounts of available space and privacy policy rules, so be careful. Once you’re geared up with paper-free tools, you are ready to practice e-Invoicing, too.

2018 159

How to make your event more environmentally friendly

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Long gone are the days of endless budgets, assistants are now given strict instructions on how much they can spend on the events they organise and sustainability is not something that comes up in a conversation with our bosses. Sustainability is slowly creeping back on everyone’s radars.

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Episode 298: Connect First with Dr. Melanie Katzman


Created specifically for small business, Bambee provides you with a dedicated HR Manager that can craft your HR policy, and maintain your compliance, all for just one low monthly fee. Want to keep up with the podcast?

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5 Steps to Increasing Your Cash Flow

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And, most importantly, you can set your client payments up for automatic recurring billing. How you choose to set up your payment plans is entirely up to you, but a good rule of thumb is to add between 10-20% onto the full pay price and divide that number by the required number of payments. Have clear payment policies in place. Are you willing to go as far as handing things over to a collections agency?

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Featured Soloist Avrum Nadigel: “Security Wasn’t Worth Sacrificing My Values”

The Solopreneur Life

After years of working for various mental health agencies, I decided the security (income, clients) wasn’t worth the sacrifice to support policies and therapeutic modalities that conflicted with my values. What was the best thing you did when you were starting up your business?

2012 178

The Federal Reserve Recognizes the Gig Economy

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  So this finding backs up the other studies reporting a much higher rate of moonlighting.  Recognition by the Fed that he gig economy is real and growing will push other agencies and policy makers to also see this.

2016 61

19 Work From Home Success Secrets to Eliminate Distractions & Get More Done!

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We moved him up, and moved me into his old office as my own. I had a workspace, tools and materials all set up for me. Then, set it up for your success! Resist the urge to dabble in home chores or pick up groceries on the way home from a client appointment.

2011 285

Blog Action Day 2008

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Applications for repairs are accepted only as referrals from social service agencies and various faith-based organizations. When temperatures dip and the furnaces and fireplaces fire up, our thoughts go to those living on the street here in our high altitude climate.

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How to Refer to Governmental Administrative Bodies

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Here are some guidelines about how to style names of administrative jurisdictions, departments, and agencies: Name Versions. The formal style for Cabinet-level departments is “the Department of State,” for example, though journalistic style often up-ends this form as, for instance, “the State Department.” Nomenclature for US government entities can be complicated.

2011 57

How to Plan Business Travel & Business Travel Planning Checklists

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So, if I think it is tough being a traveler in the United States, just imagine how difficult it is for the executives who travel great distances often—and have to show up for meetings! You spend hours and hours waiting in the airport; dealing with changed scheduled; late flights; bad weather; lost suitcases; rides that don’t show up; uncomfortable beds and noisy hotels. Have you thought through the schedule the travel agency gave you? Cancellation Policy: __.

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Standard Operating Procedures: Tips for Creating Business Systems | Office Organization & Office Efficiency | OfficeArrow

| Cart Sign Up | Forgot Password | Contact Us Get more from OfficeArrow! Learn about all the benefits of becoming a member or Sign up Now! OfficeArrow: Working Together for You.

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More on the Growth of Small Farms and Local Food

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Defining Small Business Innovation 2010 Top 10 Small Business Trends Intuit Future of Small Business Resources The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs The Connected World of Entrepreneurs Disclosure Policy Emergent Research works with corporate, government and non-profit clients.

2010 161

"Gig" - The Word of the Year

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NPR's Goodbye Jobs, Hello 'Gigs': How One Word Sums Up A New Economic Reality  covers the history of the word "gig" and suggests it as the 2015 word of the year. We also regularly call for increased protections for gig workers and new laws and policies to make gig work more secure. 

2016 40

Common Job Search Mistakes

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Your records will allow you to follow-up when appropriate and supports your organized approach (see above.) Make sure you choose wisely; be prepared to conduct a fair amount of follow up to keep communication lines open. Following-up is a strategy too.

2010 152

Flexibility Outside of the Gym

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I also shared the hard truth that my leads have dried up over the past few weeks. I turned off the radio, made sure all of the windows were up, shut off my phone and reviewed our conversation. Health insurance, insurance general agency, health sciences, health science tools, medical device manufacturing, even entertainment provide similar opportunities.

2009 40

8 Factors That Determine Whether Your Company Would Benefit From a GSA Schedule

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A GSA Schedule provides your sales force with an additional tool to secure government business, and will also open up a new market of potential clients who may not have considered your company in the past.

2012 89

A Quiz on Treatment of 75 Compound Words

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Higher ups. Inter agency. Policy maker. Higher-ups. 0- 25 correct: Always look it up. 26 -50 correct: Always look it up. 51 -75 correct: Always look it up. Open, hyphenated, or closed? Usage guides, dictionaries, and style manuals may differ in their treatment of the following words, so there’s not necessarily one right answer — except for the purposes of this exercise: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

2012 70

What being a virtual assistant is like – for me

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But I ran back across it today while in digital clean-up mode and wondered what to do with it. On behalf of my clients, I work with other VAs, as well as virtual assistance agencies both inside and outside the US. My policies are spelled out in my contract, which clients must read and sign off on before we begin working together. When there’s plenty of business – or even too much – I’m busy just keeping up.

2009 46

Why Good Copywriting Goes Bad: Ignorance | Men With Pens

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It proved successful right up to the time when it entered the Chinese market, where it took a nasty left turn. And instead of coming up with a real strategy, the client will try push and pull the copy in every direction to cover up the nakedness.

2010 87

Orwell’s Writing Rules Are Made to Be Broken

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They can be especially catchy when used in punny contexts: A government agency turns over a new leaf about deforestation, a rock band plays musical chairs with its lineup, a pharmaceutical company’s setback is a bitter pill to swallow. The French phrase for “gray eminence,” or “gray man,” is admittedly somewhat pretentious, but it’s also a rich metaphor — and if you don’t know what it means, after you look it up, your word-hoard is in turn enriched.

2011 74

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » uses customer service.

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The prices are low, no questions asked for the return policy, 99% in stock merchandise, and 2/3 of the US are able to have merchandise delivered overnight. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

Six Ways to Get More Juice from Your Freelancer | Men With Pens

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beating freelancers up says volumes about the client and their own feelings of business self-worth. There is a search in our sidebar, by the way, and it picks up a ton of results, but with over a thousand articles on the site, sometimes that gets hard to sift through.

2010 65

5 Surefire Ways to Get Freelancing Clients | Men With Pens

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Run a contest This is a great way to drum up interest in your services. Just make sure you pay up in the end. It does help to build up your audience a little before you try it though. The hard part of it all is convincing a client to work with a freelancer instead of an agency.

2010 65

Full-time Freelance Writing Jobs | Men With Pens

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I earn good money, set my own hours, and I don’t have to deal with the stress of traffic, corporate politics, and an office full of idiots and suck-ups. You’re going to need it someday when the smoking and fatty deli sandwiches catch up with you. So the economy gets bad, the company loses customers, and the budget tightens up. Sure, you might really like the regular flow of work from that Shoelaces-R-Us client you picked up when their full-time writer quit.

2010 53

How to Organize Writing Projects | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

I thought I’d share my personal method for organizing much longer projects just in case one of you gets hit up tomorrow for a ghostwriting project. Let’s say, for example, you’ve written down that male penguins are the ones who warm the eggs (I’ve decided that we’re writing a book about penguins) while female penguins are the primary hunters (I could totally be making that up), write those two facts on two separate index cards.

2010 47

5 Top Jobs to Pursue Under Trump-onomics

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If you’re in the arts or the Environmental Protection Agency, you might be feeling apprehensive about your future. His confrontational foreign policy style might be a catalyst for rising oil prices, and when oil goes up, so does the demand for Petroleum Engineers. One of the central policies of the administration is to enforce stricter immigration laws and deport illegal aliens.

2017 154

Do Clients Need to Like You to Buy? | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

How To Promote Your Business On A Budget Reply James ( @MenwithPens ) January 11, 2010 at 7:06 am @Michael – I’m tossed up about that. Back when I used to work for advertising and marketing agencies, the client would choose from a list of agencies they had heard of and get us to pitch. All the agencies on their list could do the work, and had trust in the field built through reputation and client roster.

2010 51

Free Blog Posts | Men With Pens

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We work tirelessly to put up good content that people can use to improve their income, and we don’t get paid a penny for it. That’s our goal with each and every post we put up on this site. There’s a new free post that goes up every day.” But I will soak up any free knowledge and education then apply it to my freelancing so I can make more money…” Yeah. If not, you have to use a different technique to first build up your list/reputation/etc.

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