How To Export Internationally As a Solo Entrepreneur, Using the Foreign-Language Internet

The Solopreneur Life

The chief bonus is a well-established customer base with an international scope and language settings, and assistance already provided for each market. Christian Arno is the founder of Lingo24, one of the world’s fastest-growing translation agencies, Lingo24. International Business exporting foreign-language Internet translation

Ask the Admin: Using a Travel Agency

Administrative Arts

I will need a step by step guide or a travel agency that will assist me. Will any of the travel agencies assist me in making travel arrangements. First of all, yes, most travel agencies and agents charge fees. Some companies actually have contracts with particular travel agencies, so be sure to check with other admins in your company before you start making travel arrangements. Experienced in international travel?

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10 Tips for Protecting Personal Data While Travelling

Ian's Messy Desk

Increasingly, English is the international language in which business (and espionage!) Image via Wikipedia. Thanks to technology, work is not confined to the office.

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How to Access Your Favorite TV Show or Movie from Anywhere

Dumb Little Man

I mean Hulu currently has a library of around 1400 TV shows of which only 50% or less permissible for international broadcast. Why are international viewers banned from US TV Streams? And there are so many more shows barred from international viewing.

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Are your work communications professional? Are you sure?

ProAssisting Blog

I see this all the time at the advertising agency when either as an intern or new hire just out of college, no matter if you’re out on the town for a couple drinks with your college crew versus communicating with a client/partner/sr.

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How to Look Up a Business By Their Tax ID Number

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Companies and organizations with these ID numbers are easily identified by a number of government agencies. These are companies that sell shares of stock to the public, and their owners are required to file several sets of paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service. A business tax ID number is also known as a Federal Tax ID Numbers, and the IRS issues it to business owners for various tax purposes.

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13-Point Website Migration Checklist for SEO

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Here is a simple checklist of things to remember: Ensure your SEO agency knows about it. One of the first things you should do for SEO is to notify your agency. If you have an internal team or you outsource, let them know in time. If you use an agency, give them access to the staging site at least a few weeks before it is complete. Check the internal linking. Once you migrate to the new domain, you will need to check all the internal links.

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4 Crucial Business Development Lessons for First-Time Entrepreneurs

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Keeping in mind all the aforementioned, I embarked on a journey of developing a virtual content marketing agency. While developing my agency, I made many mistakes and learned a myriad of lessons. Completing my business studies, I knew that I wanted to create something on my own.

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Full-time Freelance Writing Jobs | Men With Pens

Men With Pens

The Pros and Cons Written by Agent X - 30 Comments Here’s a great slam-dunk post for you from my respected friend and international copywriting authority, Dean Rieck of Direct Creative and Pro Copy Tips. ’ I’ve been writing in ad agencies for over 20 years now and have never seen the freelance side. However, starting my own agency 10 years ago was a lot like freelance: nerve wracking, gut wrenching and wondering if I’d get that next paycheck.

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David Ogilvy on How to Write

The Solopreneur Life

Ogilvy’s internal memo was sent on September 7, 1982, to all employees of his advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. O ne of my favorite Web sites, Lists of Note, published a memo written by advertising legend David Ogilvy. David Ogilvy, the original Mad Man.

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The Drivers of Contingent Workforce Use by Enterprises

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With organizations choosing to run lean, often internal employees don't have the bandwidth to take on new tasks.  They describe this as "the world's largest talent agency" This initiative has features that help corporations with all 3 drivers discussed above.

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WEEE Recycling Is Not Just Good Business – It’s the Law

Eco-Office Gals

Recent investigations by agencies such as Consumers International and the Environmental Investigation Agency have proven that struggling third world countries have quietly become the world’s largest e-waste dump sites for technologically advanced Western countries.

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Nikola Tesla: Man Who Defeated The Prediction Fate

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International boundaries will be largely obliterated, and a great step will be made toward the unification and harmonious existence of the various races inhabiting the globe.

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6 Pro Tips for Breezing Through Airport Security

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Some airports have gotten so frustrated with the agency that they’re actually threatening to terminate their contracts and return their security procedures to private contractors.

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Employer adds yoga, dance and fun to retain workers

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One of the things we encourage is that we''re all equal here," which means a senior leader may be on the floor twisting and turning on a yoga mat right next to an intern, she says. "We And that''s not uncommon at the agency that has clients such as Hasbro.

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A day in the life: Danielle Howes, Linley

Practically Perfect PA

Prior to this I worked for a large International Marketing Agency organising events and promotions for one of the UKs biggest retailers.

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The art of finding the perfect venue for your corporate event

Practically Perfect PA

Function Fixers are a long established venue finding agency based in London. As an international client with limited knowledge on venues in the UK, I found her assistance outstanding. Organising a business event or corporate hospitality can be a tricky and time consuming task.

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7 Steps to Being a Better Client (or, How to Make Sure The Job’s Done Well)

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As the client, you’re paying for a service (in our case PR, video or integrated comms) because you either don’t have the time or the expertise to carry it out internally.

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Easy event management

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I would also encourage you to ask your agency to look at using Eventbrite as you would easily be able to keep on top of reports and sales with easy access to the platform. We recently worked with Gallus Events who managed our Assist Travel event in London.

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Great venues for your 2015 events

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Exclusive, desirable and uniquely situated being 40 minutes south of Edinburgh International airport. We have a specialist conference team whose experience includes conferences for the European Union and prestigious international companies.

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Solutions to Travel Planning Problems

Office Dynamics

My company has a corporate travel agency, how do I use TRAVO? Flight / Hotel availability is real time so you should be able to book on any internal corporate booking site or travel agency for the exact same selections. Does this work internationally?

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The Practically Perfect Business Traveller’s Guide to Cannes

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Situated in the breathtaking surrounds of the coastal paradise on the French Riviera, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, running from June 18th-25th attracts a global audience of the biggest players in the communications, advertising and marketing industries.

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What can assistants expect in 2015?

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Technology now allows individuals easier access to new opportunities and recruitment agencies are much more adapt at targeting the right candidates through social media and networking websites. Every January I seem to find myself in a bit of a confused state.

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8 Easy Contract Changes to Make for More Sustainable Events

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The University of Greenwich run a great placement programme for corporates and agencies looking for interns and event students.

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So you’ve been asked to organise an event… now what?

Practically Perfect PA

Events can be expensive especially if they are for team building or internal training. Do you need additional resources such as a venue finding agency to help? How often do you organise events?

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How Eco-Friendly is your Furniture?

Eco-Office Gals

One option is to look for the logo of the Forest Stewardship Council (FTC) , an international non-profit agency that encourages sustainable forestry, and offers FTC certification to companies that comply with its requirements.

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The right to clean and fresh water

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We are calling for actions…in communities around the world to ensure that the rights to water and sanitation are implemented,” said Anil Naidoo of the Council of Canadians, a group that has been crucial in the international struggle for the right to clean water.

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5 Types of Conciseness Solutions

Daily Writing Tips

This is another step toward bringing the country’s privacy-protection regime in line with those of other international jurisdictions. The agency is analyzing the different types of alternative data available. Various syntactical constructions signal the potential for verbal economy.

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Episode 298: Connect First with Dr. Melanie Katzman


The exceptions only include coding boot camps, international programs, teacher credentialing programs, and test prep courses.). Dr. Katzman is a business psychologist and consultant to the world’s top public and private companies, government agencies and nonprofits.

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The Common Mistakes Futurists Make

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But changing the way houses are built requires an enormous amount of change by a whole lot of people - from builders to suppliers to government agencies to house buyers.

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Shift Syntax to Strengthen Sentences

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America should rely on the entrepreneurship and goodness of its citizens to be a great society, not on the well-intentioned but ineffective policies of government agencies.”. Note how one variant is internally punctuated and the other isn’t.

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Top 10 Signs Coworking is Growing Up

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Also, a lot of corporations are creating internal coworking spaces, with Plantronic's new HQ being a great example.  Economic Development Agencies are Discovering Coworking: While still a new trend, economic development groups at the state and local level are beginning to support coworking initiatives.

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Making Travel Arrangements

Laughing all the Way to Work

I was not aware there were three main airports in New York City: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark International Airport, and I had him flying into LaGuardia but his hotel room and meeting were right across town (closer to JFK Airport)! If your company policy allows it, I have found it more convenient and time saving to use a travel agency to make travel arrangements. Making travel arrangements for your boss can sometimes be stressful.

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IELTS Writing Task 1: Sample Answers and Tips

Daily Writing Tips

The IELTS exam is an international standardised test. IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System”. The grades are used by more than 10,000 colleges (plus agencies and other institutions) in over 140 countries.

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This computer programming principle may be the key to unlocking entrepreneurial success 

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

This basic example of an entrepreneur’s internal dialogue is typical, and representative of everything that’s broken about the way most folks go about actioning key revenue generating activities.

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Coordinate and Noncoordinate Adjectives

Daily Writing Tips

Test this more complex sentence: “The British Council is the United Kingdom’s government-backed, cultural-promotion agency.”. Replace and with a comma: “The British Council is the United Kingdom’s government-backed and cultural-promotion agency.”. Reverse the adjectives: “The British Council is the United Kingdom’s cultural-promotion, government-backed agency.”. An adjective is a word that provides detail about, or modifies, a noun.

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Age of Conversation 3: It Is In BookStores and Available On-Line

Make or Break Moments

The first Age of Conversation raised nearly $15,000 for Variety, the international children’s charity, and the Age of Conversation 2 raised a further $10,000 for Variety. This year’s proceeds will be donated to an international children’s charity of our authors’ choosing.

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Take a Stand for Language Standards

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English usage is always evolving, but the rate of evolution seems to accelerate all the time, and careful observers will note in a wide variety of content pervasive examples of the relaxation of standards for written English.

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Feeling Good Is a Relative State of Mind

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What these media sources have in common is that they report on international issues. Who needs it, yet international news–while it, too, has depressing elements such as news of natural disasters and famines–for me it also provides a measure of comparison.

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Experience vs. a university degree part two

Practically Perfect PA

Yes I have taken numerous courses to assist with my role both internal office courses and external professional courses. Being a PA covers a lot of topics that range across the board – from being a celebrity PA to working as a PA for a construction company or a law enforcement agency.

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How to Plan Business Travel & Business Travel Planning Checklists

Office Dynamics

International trips: Copy of passport (photo and visa pages). Other business travel preparation tips for assistant: How can I more effectively work with the travel agency to find the most efficient ways to structure leader’s travel given all factors of each trip, i.e., time frames, travel dates, meetings with customers, dinners, time to and from airports, etc. Have you thought through the schedule the travel agency gave you?

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Love CSI? How About a Career in Computer Forensics?

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The National Security Agency has plans to hire 3,000 specialists to combat the thousands of cyberattacks every day in the United States , while the Department of Homeland Security is hiring about 1,000 more cybersecurity specialists.

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Common Job Search Mistakes

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Once you have a list, you should do some research to get the name of someone internally to direct your correspondence.

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