Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

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Where would you be without your administrative assistant? This coming Administrative Professionals Day I want to challenge you when it comes to thinking about a gift. If you truly value your administrative assistant, I want to challenge you to think beyond flowers and lunch. Why not step up your game and show your assistant you truly value him or her as your administrative partner? Be sure to purchase books that are pertinent to the administrative profession.

Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

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A message from Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International: Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day! For decades I have said being an administrative or executive assistant is a Career of Choice. Well, what can I possibly tell you that you haven’t heard before or read somewhere else in relation to Administrative Professionals Day? The post Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!


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Administrative Professionals’ Week

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A message from Joan Burge, Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International: This is a very special week for the more than 4.5 million administrative professionals in the USA. I’d like to acknowledge all the great administrative assistants, executive assistants, and the more than 40+ titles that represent the group that holds organizations together. If you are an administrative professional reading this, I hope you have a wonderful week.

Administrative Professionals Day 2017 Blog-A-Thon Celebration

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In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, Office Dynamics loves to hold our annual Blog-A-Thon for the entire month of April. April is a month that can change your career if you’re an administrative professional. We love this time of year and it’s time to shine the spotlight on our favorite office professional, you, the administrative professional. Linkedin @Office Dynamics International.

2017 156

Survival Tactics for Administrative Professionals During Chaotic Times

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Disasters and chaotic times dramatically impact our personal and professional lives. The Administrative Professional Adapting to Working From Home. It takes the right mental attitude to navigate through these personal and professional complexities.

Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals

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Last week Office Dynamics sent an email to all of our subscribers saying, “Thank you,” and we also provided the Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals. Office Dynamics International has and always will be focused on YOU. Your training, your education, your professional advancement, and your overall well being is important to us. 3 Stages To Problem Solving For Administrative And Executive Assistants.

Administrative Professionals Day is Just Around the Corner

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Administrative Professionals Week and Day will soon be upon us. Here at Office Dynamics, we love to celebrate administrative professionals of all walks of life in a big way. In 1981, the day was changed from Secretaries Day to Administrative Professionals Day to incorporate not only secretaries into the holiday but a myriad of professional and administrative assistants. Joan Burge Founder and CEO Office Dynamics International.

The Administrative Professional: A Vital, Yet Overlooked Contributor

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At Office Dynamics International, We Passionately Believe. The administrative role is a noble calling. Administrative professionals are strategic partners in business success. Administrative” cannot be separated from “professional.”. We work each day toward a world where the administrative is highly-valued. A world where assistants are offered training and professional development opportunities without question.

Should I get certified as an administrative professional?

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Although demand is high for qualified, knowledgeable administrative professionals, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Did you know that in the United States alone, there are over 4 million jobs in the administrative field, including those for executive assistants and administrative assistants like yourself? Identifying the best administrators can also be a tough task for talent managers. You’ll carry yourself well, have professional poise and presence.

Happy Administrative Professionals Week

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Dear friends and colleagues, Please allow me to be one of the first to wish you a Happy Administrative Professionals Week! I suggest taking a few moments to assess your professional goals by writing them down. Join a professional association? Please know that if we at Office Dynamics International can be of any assistance, we’re here and ready to help. Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International, Inc

Certification Programs for Administrative Professionals

Jen Lawrence

Whether you’re an administrative professional looking for a way to validate your skill set or a manager looking to contribute to your admin’s professional development ( thank you, thank you, thank you ), certification is the perfect step. An admin can spend years of doing professional development and training to become a badass at what they do. Clear indication of administrative intent and commitment. Certified Administrative Professional (CAP).

Professional. Administrative Professional.

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Did he say it because I was an administrator, or because I was female? The remark wasn’t directed at another attorney, just the lone female administrative professional seated at that table. When did the important, respectful and honorable administrative support role cease being considered an admirable profession of choice, at least in the eyes of a few ignorant people? James Bond” it seems I should preface myself by saying, “Professional. By Nancy Fraze.

How Administrative Professionals Can Prepare for the Office of the Future

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Today’s administrative professionals have anything but an easy and boring job. In recent Office of the Future research from OfficeTeam and the International Association of Administrative Professionals, 50 percent of survey respondents feel they have skills that are not being tapped at work. You’ll see how you can get involved and grow your administrative skills. Chances are your boss will be pleased to get the additional administrative support.

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

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Administrative Assistant Gifts! It might only be mid-March, but Administrative Professionals Day will be here before you know it (April 25, 2012). Now is the time to start looking for that perfect gift for your administrative peers, your assistants, or your entire administrative professional community. At Office Dynamics International, we are already receiving requests for hundreds of copies of our brand new book, Who Took My Pen.

Who Is Office Dynamics International?

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At Office Dynamics International we are celebrating 25 years of serving the administrative profession. The administrative role is a noble calling. Administrative professionals are strategic partners in business success. “Administrative” cannot be separated from “professional.” There is a spectrum of professional administrative behaviors necessary to ensure successful executive support and business success.

What day is it again? Oh yea, Administrative Professionals Day

The Office Professionals Place

And that is correct, but many may have forgotten that today is also Administrative Professionals’ Day. All those except administrative professionals, of course. Rewards include: taking a 10-minute stretch break after sitting for hours, which studies show is not healthy by the way; have a piece of chocolate (my favorite), and a good ol’ fashioned internal pep talk “You did a great job !” How often do you have an internal conversation with yourself?

How to create an internal Assistant network

Practically Perfect PA

During the Virtual Summit October 2017, we had the amazing Simone White, Executive Assistant and Global Chair of GAIN – Administrative Professionals Network at BlackRock train our group of attendees on starting their own internal network for Assistants. Career Development Featured Networking Video admin administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant

International Women’s Day 2020 – A Message From Julie Reed

Office Dynamics

In a recent interview, I was asked, “What motivates you to be an Administrative Professional Trainer and Coach”? And therefore, I am writing today – International Women’s Day (IWD). Sunday, March 8.

2020 203

Administrative Professionals' Organization

Laughing all the Way to Work

I went through most of my career unaware that we as admin assistants had a professional association. Judy McCoy, Board President, of IAAP gave a good summary of what joining a professional association can do for you and your career in a recent article in The Bellingham Herald: "I meet people who are stagnant in their job and who (upon joining the IAAP) discover there are many opportunities out there.

Office Dynamics International Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Administrative Excellence

Office Dynamics

administrative training and development. This industry has come a long way since 1990 when administrative-specific training was unheard of. There is a sea of information available today and more people getting into the administrative training business—but all are not equal.

2020 178

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!

Laughing all the Way to Work

Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! © Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 22 April, 2009 Happy Administrative Professionals Day! I am speaking this morning at an administrative event so looking forward to meeting some new assistants. ► June (3) ► May (7) ▼ April (4) New Hire Overload Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!

April 22nd - Administrative Professionals' Day

Laughing all the Way to Work

Laughing All the Way to Work: A Survival Blog for Todays Administrative Assistant We all have to work, but who says we cant enjoy it too! © Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 8 April, 2009 April 22nd - Administrative Professionals Day It often amazes me that a day is set aside for our profession. Administrative professionals usually go about doing their work with little or no recognition. Is your office doing anything for Administrative Professionals Day?

Administrative Professionals Day is coming … are you ready?

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There is one “To Do” your administrative assistant can’t help you with … remembering Administrative Professionals Day, Wednesday, April 25! At Office Dynamics International, we know administrative professionals because that is our singular focus: providing superior, proven, trusted training and resources to build synergy and success!

For Administrative Professionals, Efficiency Is the Name of the Game: Utilizing Automated Services

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For Administrative Professionals, Efficiency Is the Name of the Game: Utilizing Automated Services. After more than a decade of work with administrative professionals, it’s clear that their role has evolved and expanded significantly in recent years. Administrative professionals play a critical role within companies – one that demands a great deal of organization and skill across a wide range of areas.

Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

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Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. Do you have an internal admin site where you work? An internal admin site is the main company site with all the links that admins find useful for their jobs centralized in one place. Topics related to the administrative profession would be discussed.

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How to Move from Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant

Eat Your Career

As a proud, former Administrative Professional and Executive Assistant, I pride myself on providing real-world career training and advice for the admin community. The EA role is often filled through either internal promotion or word-of-mouth referral.

2020 205

Jasmine Freeman named Vice President,Office Dynamics International

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Jasmine Freeman named Vice President, Office Dynamics International. Jasmine Freeman, Chief Executive Assistant to Joan Burge , founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International , has been named an Officer of the Company, Vice President. Jasmine has been Joan Burge’s administrative strategic partner and will continue to provide that support in addition to helping the company grow in new and innovative ways. Office Dynamics International.

Time For Administrative Professionals To Stay Vigilant!

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No professional can operate with blinders on. This is my challenge to all admin professionals for 2017 Admin Professionals Week : Now is the time to dial up your professional selves. About the author: Nan DeMars CAP is an internationally-recognized speaker, trainer and author on the topic of Workplace Ethics. The post Time For Administrative Professionals To Stay Vigilant! What if you had Donald Trump as a boss?

7 Ways to Position Yourself as an Admin Leader

Eat Your Career

As a proud former administrative professional , I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the admin community. Unfortunately, that company is no longer in business, but I spent a few years as their community spokesperson, writing professional development articles for admins and traveling the country to meet our admin community on a regular basis. Today, I am still a true supporter of administrative professionals. You can also leverage social media professionally.

2019 162

Own Your Story: Past, Present and Future

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My very first International speaking opportunity on behalf of Office Dynamics International! Join the blog-a-thon in honor of administrative professionals and be entered to win some awesome prizes (like a subscription to Executive Secretary Magazine !). I’m preparing this post early but when you read this, I’ll have just given my presentation #OwnIt, How to Own Your Story and Win at Life at the Executive Secretary Live in London.

2016 110

NOT, “Just An Admin!”

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Then one day I discovered that every admin is valued and the true value of the profession of the administrative assistant! I was a highly respected professional. I know my story is all too familiar for other administrative assistants. Administrative assistants go above and beyond and take on new assignments with little to no background, training or experience. Administrative assistants are the ultimate business partner and that is why YOU are valued!

2017 169

Assistants Are Simply The Best

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The team at Office Dynamics International is ecstatic to work with administrative professionals around the globe every day of the year. This year we’re celebrating the administrative profession with our annual blog-a-thon in honor of administrative professionals. We will be sharing a variety of resources, giving away great prizes and introducing you to new resources and skills to enhance your professional development in the coming year.

2016 121

Why Being An Executive Assistant Is A Rewarding Career

Office Dynamics

In honor of Administrative Professionals Day, I want to share my thoughts on why I believe being an executive assistant is a rewarding career. I hear managers or Human Resource Professionals say it doesn’t take any special skill to be an administrative assistant. Top-performing executive assistants or administrative assistants must also be: Persuasive.

2016 160

Getting People to Notice You: Cultivating High Self-Esteem Webinar Replay

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Questions from your admin peers: Administrative Professional blogs, Facebook, and Linked In resources. Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence Scholarship: We will be offering a scholarship for the 2016 Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence [The Revolutionary Assistant]. Limited time offer from Office Dynamics International: Mastering Exceptional Self-Leadership program significantly marked down to $79 (from $249) until May 10.

The Future of the Administrative Profession

Office Dynamics

The Future of the Administrative Profession – Surviving or Thriving? By Joan Burge, Founder and CEO, Office Dynamics International. Changing the Lives of Administrative Professionals Since 1990. The global economic meltdown brought sweeping changes across many continents as companies made drastic changes to many sectors of employees, including the administrative profession. Before the crisis, the administrative profession operated differently.

2015 183

How to Master The Art of Supporting Multiple Managers

Office Dynamics

However, after a recent turn of events such as staffing vacancies and promotions, I have found myself providing administrative support to several other key managers while we recruit for vacant positions. Let’s face it—the work of an administrative professional is never ending. This technique can help you to keep a running list, prioritize tasks/projects to determine what needs to get done now or can wait, and decide what can be delegated to other administrative support staff.

2016 139

5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

When you are trying to create change, whether in a process or for the administrative community in your organization, it is much easier to be persuasive when there is a group. Whether there are two administrative professionals in your office or 200, joining forces with your administrative peers will contribute to greater success for your organization. You create synergy with your administrative peers when you show a sincere interest in them.

2016 124

I am proud to be an “EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT…because miracle worker is not a job title”!

Office Dynamics

I’ve been a professional assistant my entire life. Wow, an organization that was actually focused on administrative professionals! I was recently given additional responsibilities of becoming our IS Summer Intern Program Coordinator and providing support for Dr. Stanley Huff, our Chief Medical Informatics Officer, a world-renown medical informaticist. Share how continued growth and learning has impacted your own administrative career.

2016 141

5 Reasons Why Office Admins are the New Power Job

Office Dynamics

It’s no secret that admin professionals rack up tons of knowledge on dozens of office topics and that no two days are ever the same. Whether it’s finding the right caterer, meeting global counterparts from international office locations or brushing off your creative skills to whip up a spiffy PowerPoint presentation, you love tackling projects outside of your job scope (and even get excited at the opportunity!). Author: OfficeNinjas.

2016 159

Why This Blog-a-Thon Will Change Your Career

Office Dynamics

Welcome to April, a month that can change your career if you’re an administrative professional. We love this time of year, it’s time to shine the spotlight on our favorite office professional, you, the assistant. While we serve the administrative profession all 365 days of the year this is the month that you get a week of recognition, or at least a day. Kemetia Foley, Admin Renegade Blog & 2016 Conference for Administrative Excellence Speaker.

2016 118

Leading Administrative Training Company Donates Program to Deserving Organizations

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International awarded two organizations its Star Achievement Series ® training program (Level 1) in support of Administrative Professionals. Office Dynamics International, the globally recognized authority for administrative training and development, made two sizable in-kind donations in the month of March. As a pioneer in the field, Office Dynamics has been a vocal advocate for the education of Administrative Professionals for over 25 years.

Grow Your Company by Hiring an Assistant

Office Dynamics

Joan Burge is the founder and CEO of Office Dynamics International. She was an executive assistant for many years, who now provides training for administrative professionals worldwide. Misconceptions people have about administrative professionals, and why it’s so important to address them. Free monthly webinars are available for administrative assistants. This guest post was originally published at and is shared here with permission.

2016 105

Silvia isn’t just an admin, an appreciation letter

Office Dynamics

An appreciation letter to Joan Burge, CEO and Founder, Office Dynamics International. Why not take a few moments during our blog-a-thon for the administrative profession to highlight YOUR stories and why we’re here? I look forward to attending your ( 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence ), The Revolutionary Assistant, again this October and reunite with my administrative professional friends I met last year.

2016 108