Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership for Administrative Professionals

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This is a replay of the free webinar offered June 2016 titled Revolutionary Insights Into Self-Leadership (for administrative professionals). Administrative professionals don’t typically think of themselves as leaders; even the most successful struggle with the idea! Administrative professionals don’t typically think of themselves as leaders; even the most successful struggle with the idea! Learning Highlights. As an attendee, you will learn….

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts

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Administrative Assistant Gifts! It might only be mid-March, but Administrative Professionals Day will be here before you know it (April 25, 2012). Now is the time to start looking for that perfect gift for your administrative peers, your assistants, or your entire administrative professional community. This book truly demonstrates the power of collaboration of executive assistants , administrative assistants, and administrators from around the world.


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Solutions for Online Learning In a Collaborative Space

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Assistants, Don’t Let Collaborative Work Space Stop Your Education. One administrative assistant told me that with the new collaborative, open-space work environment, she had difficulty participating in webinars because she gets interrupted. Solutions For Online Learning In A Collaborative Space From Other Assistants. In addition to the sign you could add wearing headphones to keep you from being distracted by the noise in your collaborative area.

Pros & Cons of Your Collaborative Work Space

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Last week, I was researching the pros and cons of today’s collaborative (open-space) work environment. I am preparing for a speech that I will give at our 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence: The Revolutionary Assistant later this year. Fosters collaboration. I realize that brainstorming and collaborating is necessary. Learn about our Love Your Admin Career Challenge, click the image below.

How to Move from Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant

Eat Your Career

As a proud, former Administrative Professional and Executive Assistant, I pride myself on providing real-world career training and advice for the admin community. A question I hear frequently is this: “How do I move from being an Administrative Assistant to becoming an Executive Assistant?” But first, if you haven’t read my article on the difference between these roles, start there: Administrative Assistant vs. Executive Assistant: What’s the Difference?

2020 153

Take Your Seat … At The Executive Table

Office Dynamics

Administrative Professionals leading in the 21st-century. With new technologies (apps, devices, office environments) and globalization, restructuring, downsizing and flattening of top heavy organizations, as administrative professionals, if we are not careful, we could literally get run-over! I feel strongly that the administrative profession must evolve to continue to be seen as relevant to our organizations in this changing business environment.

2015 162

Today’s Administrative Assistant Has Power

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For the first time in history, the administrative professional’s job description hints at the full engagement of cognitive powers. As an administrative or executive assistant, your power will come from your brilliance! Several years ago at the Office Dynamics Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence , we had 249 assistants collaborate on how an assistant could add more value at work when he or she is already adding value.

2017 185

Strategies for Advancing Your Career in Administrative Services

Office Dynamics

For some, it involves climbing to the next level, becoming a “senior” support staff member or an administrative manager. If you’re still struggling with time management, organization, professional presence, and communication, focus on amplifying your skills in these key areas. Show that you know how to collaborate and rally a group around a common goal. Chrissy also has an amazing book called The Proactive Professional and some incredible ebooks and guides.

2017 150

Today’s Admin Needs to Become a Mobile Office Pro

Office Dynamics

Mobility is changing how we work and live; blending personal and professional lives, apps and tools needed to work well across different devices, and employees expect—and are expected—to work from anywhere. Learn how to set a password in the event you lost your device, access Wi-Fi points, turn app notifications on and off, run software updates, know how much available storage you have left, how to uninstall apps you no longer need. Learn more by using the guides.

2016 147

Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

Office Dynamics

Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. I co-designed one at my company and am interested in collaborating with you. Additionally, I am considering starting a monthly Admin Lunch N Learn at my place of work. Topics related to the administrative profession would be discussed. The post Do You Have an Internal Admin Site or Hold Lunch N Learns Where You Work?

2019 127


Office Dynamics

After so much anticipation, the Office Dynamics Conference, titled the 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence , opened on Tuesday evening September 30th with the Social Fusion Mixer. Professionals hailed from a diversity of industries including pharmaceutical, energy, environmental services, education, and government integrators, with name badges showing companies like Boeing, Cisco, Duke University and Amgen.

2014 148

Avoid Burnout by Creating Your Own Utopia

Office Dynamics

Unfortunately, burnout is real, it’s draining, emotional, stressful and typically affects both professional and personal lives. As an administrative professional for the past 20 plus years, I have learned how important it is to avoid burnout in one of the largest career fields in the world. Collaboration and efficiency is enhanced when a team works together, even if not on a particular project, unity leads to productivity. Avoid Burnout.

2018 133

5 Powerhouse Strategies for Creating Administrative Peer Power

Office Dynamics

When you are trying to create change, whether in a process or for the administrative community in your organization, it is much easier to be persuasive when there is a group. Whether there are two administrative professionals in your office or 200, joining forces with your administrative peers will contribute to greater success for your organization. Learn simplification techniques from each other. Sometimes, it is just learning the basics about peers.

2016 124

How to Use A Competency Assessment for Assistants

Office Dynamics

As I was looking for some ideas on how to prepare, I came across a document that labeled and provided measurement of the core administrative competencies. What are the core administrative competencies? Professional Behavior and Attitude. Professional Development. Teamwork and Collaboration. I’m going to provide you with the same Administrative Professional Effectiveness Assessment. What I learned about myself by doing this assessment.

2016 136

How to Respond to Workplace Conflict

Office Dynamics

As more companies embrace collaboration, you must learn to work with other people and truly become a team player to get the work done and help your organization be more competitive. Here are 14 strategies taken from my flagship administrative training program, The Star Achievement Series®. It’s harmful to belittle others and diminishes your professional image. You might think talking about conflict is not very motivating, especially to kick off the week.

2016 138

For Immediate Release: Experience the Extraordinary

Office Dynamics

Young, fresh, with a new bold look, our website offers haute style for up and coming executive assistants and administrative professionals! We bring you the best of the best with a plethora of bold, modern resources and our passionate commitment to the administrative profession, setting us apart from anyone else. Learning Professionals – Sure-fit resources for administrative professionals will have a positive impact. Experience the Extraordinary!

2014 116


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Thursday proved to be the peak day of the 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, beginning with yet another series of breakthrough plenary sessions and then culminating in the fabulous Gala Dinner. Next, attendees were given a privileged insight on the Executive Perspective, exploring how leaders can best partner with their administrative assistants and what they most value and look for. The first, presented by Lucy Brazier, was “Harness the Power of Collaboration.”

2014 100


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Next, Joan Burge took the stage with a strong message reminding us all why we’re really here, and how every professional can truly “Expand Your Influence.” As Joan explained, neither her career, nor this signature annual gathering, is about “training” — it’s about making work lives substantially BETTER for administrative professionals in every stage of their careers, and carving out the administrative path as a career of choice for high-performing and high-potential individuals.

2014 100

Lessons in Revolutionary Thinking

Office Dynamics

When I was awarded one of three scholarships for the 2016 Conference for Administrative Excellence, I was beyond excited. I looked forward to acquiring strategies and tools to advance my administrative career. As speaker after speaker challenged our assumptions about administrative work, and I found myself being inspired by a profession that I had so long ago wandered into with neither purpose nor ambition. Guest post by Tara Browne, DTM, 2016 Conference Scholarship Winner.

2017 111

10 Must Follow Admin Resources On Twitter

Office Dynamics

We’ve noticed that the number of administrative professionals have been surfacing on Twitter has been increasing. With more assistants and professionals advocating for and teaching others how to use this valuable communication tool, assistants are seeing the value and deciding to jump on board. officerenegade Champions the importance of competent, dedicated administrative professionals in the workforce. Coursera Learning without limits.

How to Develop a Strong EA Group in a Company – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

Ask an Admin was created by Office Dynamics to help administrative professionals with their problems through the help of their peers. I would like to develop a strong EA group in the company as I believe this is important to our role, our business, as well as to our own professional and personal growth. To enhance good collaboration and communication I set up virtual coffee meetings with all EA’s.

2019 142

Conference for Administrative Excellence – Gala Event

Office Dynamics

Since administrative professionals are usually the ones planning events, managing catering, speakers, binders, and AV/tech, it was wonderful to celebrate their learning achievements through a great event celebrating each of them as a stellar assistant! In the lobby, guests walked a red carpet between tall red pillars while overhead, a marquee announced Office Dynamics International’s 25th Conference for Administrative Excellence.

2018 150

5 Reasons Why You Need Emotional Intelligence

Office Dynamics

Having a high EQ comes in handy in today’s workplace, especially for administrative professionals. Here are five reasons why: In most jobs, collaboration is the name of the game. Eighty-six percent of workers said when a colleague doesn’t control his or her emotions, it affects their perception of that person’s level of professionalism. If you’d like to learn more about our Blog-A-Thon you can do so here.

2017 162

How to Build a Powerful Partnership with Your Boss

Eat Your Career

Whether you’re an administrative professional or in another field entirely is immaterial—everyone (except the CEO) has a manager or leader to whom they report (and some have more than one!). Regardless of the organizational hierarchy and your position in it, you can collaborate with workplace higher-ups to create mutual benefit—and that’s what a partnership is all about. In this session, you will learn…. Note: I realize that a lot of people dislike the word “boss.”

2018 100

How Assistants Can Have Staying Power

Office Dynamics

With all the buzz technology and workplace trends generate, it’s easy to forget that the foundation of every administrative professional should be built on timeless skills. Failing to develop these critical cornerstones for administrative assistants often means failure to thrive and succeed. Collaboration. She’s been a lion of the administrative assistant profession for fifty years. Click here to learn more and register today!

2020 126

Speaker Lineup Announced for Administrative Assistant Conference 2014

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International has announced the keynote presenters for its administrative professionals conference , the 21st Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence, to be held September 30 – October 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference agenda has been curated around the theme for the 2014 conference — Collaborate, Create & Connect: Expand Your Influence. “I About the Conference for Administrative Excellence 2014.

2014 105

Simplify Daily Tasks with Technology

Office Dynamics

One of my favorite aspects of attending a professional development conference is the opportunity to connect with other administrative professionals to share processes, tips, best practices and learn how they simplify daily tasks with technology. The 25 th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence offered several sharing & connecting opportunities! How exciting is it to learn something new related to your field from someone that uses it daily?

2019 122

Choosing Excellence Every Day

Office Dynamics

Can you imagine how a self-perpetuating plan for professional development would affect your work over time? The impact might at first seem to be minimal as you save a few minutes here or a headache there; over time, however, the cumulative effect of all these improvements will be to transform you from an employee who does what they are told to a professional who largely dictates the course of their career. Achieving excellence as an administrative professional is no different.

2017 153

Things Assistants Do That Executives Appreciate

Office Dynamics

I am very fortunate in that I get to read fabulous letters from executives touting the behavior changes they see in their executive or administrative assistants after attending our Star Achievement Series® course. I love reading these letters as 1) I see the training we provided truly worked, but more importantly, 2) I learn what executives appreciate—what executives look for in an assistant—and what executives value and observe.

2018 127

High Fives at an Administrative Assistant Conference

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An administrative assistant conference is best measured by the feeling one has while clapping at the end of the last presentation. You know you have learned and grown from the content when a flood of gratitude flows out of clapping hands. The learning and growth opportunities expanded beyond the topics though. Joan’s gratitude and professionalism encouraged many to speak up during team exercises and to introduce themselves to her during breaks to show their own gratitude.

2018 124

Lead From Anywhere: How assistants can exemplify leadership

Office Dynamics

Joan Burge, a renowned author and administrative expert, is the creator of the Star Achievement Series®, World Class Assistant™ Certificate Program, more than 40 customized workshops and seminars for administrative professionals and author of several books. Joan equips administrative assistants, executive assistants and office support professionals to move beyond task work to higher-level functions that meet the ever-changing demands of today’s workplace.

2015 157

Be a Change Agent

Office Dynamics

You are the first to get a peek at a chapter from our new book for executive and administrative and executive assistants coming out March 1, 2012 entitled Who Took My Pen. Jasmine Freeman, Nancy Fraze, and I have been working on an awesome collaborative project that was born at our 18th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence the end of September. Hello Monday Motivators!

2012 111

State of the Profession – Joan Burge

Office Dynamics

There are some managers who are not fully utilizing their administrative professional, but that is an opportunity for us to teach and educate our managers about who we are and what we can do and how we wish to work with them. The current trend for administrative assistants to support multiple managers continues beyond the economic meltdown of 2008. Advanced competencies for administrative professionals are change management, being future-focused, and accountability.

2013 109

Job descriptions for Personal Assistants – Merited or inherited?

Practically Perfect PA

There was less sharing of information and limited collaboration. The global tribe of administrative professionals is largely female at 98%. CPD – Active learning in relation to both hard and soft skills. Interpret administrative and operating policies and procedures. Multiple Hats i.e. Fire Marshall / First Aider / Learning Champion. Clear objectives should be listed for e.g. strategic administrative partner in daily business operations.

2015 147

5 Business Lessons to Adopt from Innovative Technology Companies

Office Dynamics

Collaborate with the Masses. A study from the International Council of Association for Science Education indicates companies should collaborate with educational partners to increase scientific literacy and company exposure. The company’s overall corporate structure, from its Googleplex to its Google Doodles, screams collaboration. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from other businesses that you would like to share?

2016 100

From Possibility to Reality

Office Dynamics

I was sharing how I had started doing think tanks in our new “creative thinking space” using Compression Planning®, which sparked a conversation on helping assistants be more revolutionary, the theme Joan was planning for her 2016 Conference for Administrative Excellence. If we focused on the question, “Can we do Compression Planning with 400 or more administrative professionals?”,

2017 131

Our First eBook Is 99 Cents

Office Dynamics

Cover and title was designed by Office Dynamics conference attendees at the 18th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence. This book was a result of a collaborative effort by authors: Joan Burge, Nancy Fraze and Jasmine Freeman. Ideas for this book were contributed at the 18th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence by 240 administrative professionals. You will learn how to: Earn the respect of peers and managers. Exciting news!

2012 101

Day 2: The 17th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence Special Report

Office Dynamics

Thursday, September 22: My excitement over what the second day of the Conference for Administrative Excellence might bring had me awake at dawn; I saw the bright golden sun dazzle over the mountain horizon. I chatted with Sherry Elliott, Administrator of Sustainability at Dell House University in Nova Scotia. Attitude management and inner drive are critical for the 21 st century professional.”. I attended Will’s session, and I learned so much!

2010 100

Day 2: The 17th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence Special Report

Office Dynamics

Thursday, September 22: My excitement over what the second day of the Conference for Administrative Excellence might bring had me awake at dawn; I saw the bright golden sun dazzle over the mountain horizon. I chatted with Sherry Elliott, Administrator of Sustainability at Dell House University in Nova Scotia. Attitude management and inner drive are critical for the 21 st century professional.”. I attended Will’s session, and I learned so much!

2010 100