The evolution of today's administrative professional

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By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for administrative assistants will increase by 8 percent. The evolution of the administrative professional is a development process that not only provides growth for the individual, but also for the industry.

The Vanishing Executive Assistant? My Response

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We were told the DOL will make their next revision in 2024. Last weekend, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting (though highly controversial) article titled, “ The Vanishing Executive Assistant.”. And WOW, did it cause an uproar in the admin community!

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Understanding The Basics Of Cold Emails

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billion by 2024. They would really appreciate it… [Your Name] Template 7: Just got off the phone with [Connection] Hey [FName] We are hiring for [Role] over at [Company]. I am just off the phone with [Connection]- all he talked about was your work and how I had to talk to you.

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