The evolution of today's administrative professional

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By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for administrative assistants will increase by 8 percent. In a recent article by The Atlantic, a successful Chicago office manager, Debra Leonard-Porch talks about her professional journey being a part of the evolution.

Advice For Greypreneurs Entering The Gig Economy

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Even in environments that are ready to see them out of their positions, almost 25% of the US workforce is projected to be 55 and over by 2024. 8% were fired or laid off for unclear reasons from management. Especially for professionals who have left a lifelong career, the experience earned, insights gained, and networks built from the time spent in any given industry compound into synergetic know-how. Among Baby Boomers, four out of five currently have no plans to retire.

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Understanding The Basics Of Cold Emails

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billion by 2024. I think I haven’t managed those things till yet. So, we have been looking for it within our network. We are hiring for the [Role] and I have been contacting my network and found out you to be the best candidate.

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