How Advances in Medical Technology Will Improve Nursing Homes

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Unfortunately, meeting senior’s medical needs currently isolates them socially. Advances in medical technology are improving nursing home care quality all across the board. The post How Advances in Medical Technology Will Improve Nursing Homes appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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The 7 Signs of Fake News

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Check those sources, especially for scientific or medical stories. These days, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction, especially on the internet. Everyone has their own agenda and some people are willing to post fake information to manipulate people or get more people on their side.

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A Look At The Healthcare Jobs Of The Future

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During this past year, a majority of the leading edge developments revolved around finding ways to improve upon the traditional standard of medical care by integrating more technology into the field of healthcare.

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7 Smart Strategies To Deal With Unemployment

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As a last resort, consider asking your doctor for medication to relax you and help you to sleep. Having been retrenched in 2018 after being with a company for 17 years was quite frightening.

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Anxiety Buster: A Three-Step System To Help You Get Rid of Panic Attacks

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This simple system has changed my life – through it, I’ve been able to overcome my anxiety without medication and I’ve been panic-free for the past six months. Have you been struggling with anxiety?

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How to Create a Family-Friendly Condo Unit

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Sharp objects that could cause injuries like dad’s power tools, swiss knives, letter openers, medication, lighters or matches and other things that might cause accidents, such as mommy’s makeup that could stain the couch, should not be left lying around spots that kids frequent. •

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CEO Spotlight: Chad Price of Mako Medical

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The serial entrepreneur started Mako Medical back in 2014 with no understanding of the medical industry but a desire to fill a need. Working through a number of challenges, he has developed Mako Medical into one of the top US health care companies.

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5 Future Transportation Trends That Will Change the Way We Travel

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According to him, it’s capable of transporting passengers and freight at speeds of up to 760 mph as early as 2021. The Federal Aviation Administration recently approved UPS drone delivery for prescription medication in rural areas. Big changes may soon happen to our roads, seas, and skies. Driverless cars, air taxis, and passenger pods capable of transferring people at speeds of 600 mph or more are bound to make travel faster and safer in the years ahead.

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The On-Demand Workforce Continues to Expand

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million by 2021. Forty-one percent say that a financial hardship – such as a job loss, medical problem, or unexpected major expense – impacted them during the prior year. About 3.9 million Americans are working in the on-demand economy, up from 3.2 million this time last year. The number is forecast to grow to 9.2 This is about a 23% compounded annual growth rate. 

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