Autogolpe —Another Word for Seizing Power

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autogolpe (noun): a situation in which a nation’s leader, who came to power by way of legal means, retains a hold on office by unlawfully assuming extraordinary powers.

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Epistemology vs Agnotology

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If this is true, if what we don’t know is the result of information being deliberately manipulated or kept from us, then we must learn to ask the legal question, Cui bono ? Once upon a time, I encountered the word epistemology and its forms only in academic writing.

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VPNs and The Law

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Finding a company that operates in line with the US laws in relation to the internet, media, and service providers can help you to stay legal when using a VPN.… Information Technology Legal VPNA Virtual Private Network can be used by a number of people for a number of reasons.

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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Tax Preparer For Your Business

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Legal business tax preparationIf you don’t have good knowledge of tax laws or recently started a business you should consider hiring a professional for calculating and filing your taxes.

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Legal Ramifications of Corona: A Lawyer’s Perspective

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It can potentially go even further down before 2021. There are certain legal consequences many people aren’t even aware of. … The post Legal Ramifications of Corona: A Lawyer’s Perspective appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Legal COVID-19 Legal Tips pandemic

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Challenges To The Business Of Hemp

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In 2017, $820 million worth of legal hemp products were sold in the United States. Yes, you read that right – legal hemp. It was considered legal tender in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. By 2021, the legal cannabis industry will be worth over $40 billion in the United States alone. Today, hemp is a controlled substance which put legal growers at risk regardless of whether they think they are following the law.

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