How Advances in Medical Technology Will Improve Nursing Homes

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These social woes don’t just leave emotional wounds; they worsen individuals’ physical health as well. The challenge is to pay attention to quality of life as an outcome in itself, and see how health care may be related to quality of life.”. Health Technology

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5 Easy & Healthy Tips to Stop Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. There are multiple health risks involved due to cigarette smoking and it has been proven numerous times. Goals Health NRTAnti-smoking advertisements first started in the late 1960s and have been a significant global campaign ever since.

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Anxiety Buster: A Three-Step System To Help You Get Rid of Panic Attacks

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No need to obsess about your health, just try to breathe as calmly as possible, and let whatever happens happen. Fear Health How ToHave you been struggling with anxiety?

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7 Smart Strategies To Deal With Unemployment

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Matt Walker states in his Ted Talk Sleep is your superpower , that sleep is essential for many reasons like learning and memory, cardiovascular health, immunity, and your overall wellness. Having been retrenched in 2018 after being with a company for 17 years was quite frightening.

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MBO Partners 10 Future of Work Predictions for 2021

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Last week MBO Partners released their annual future of work predictions for the coming year. 

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A Short Fitness Recap Of 2020

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Health and FitnessI started 2020 training to run in a 24 hours race. It was the first one ever organized in Valencia and it seemed like a good opportunity – no travel, no extra costs, no extra time to get there and back home.

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CEO Spotlight: Chad Price of Mako Medical

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Working through a number of challenges, he has developed Mako Medical into one of the top US health care companies. Chad Price is a consultant and successful business owner that has worked hard to develop his passion for helping people into lucrative ventures.

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5 Ways to Upskill in 2021

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With that in mind, here are five ways to upskill in 2021. … The post 5 Ways to Upskill in 2021 appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. It would be a massive understatement to say that 2020 has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons.

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Renewable Energy to Pass Coal for U.S. Electricity Generation in 2021

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electricity generation in 2021. As their chart below shows, each of the sources will produce around 800 billion kilowatts of electricity in 2021. This even though many of the costs of coal (pollution, worker health problems, etc.) According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) , renewable energy sources will pass coal in terms of U.S.

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We Should View These Lessons As A Gift From 2020

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We have also been fed the idea that to put ourselves, be that our comfort, health, or happiness, first is selfish. We put our own health, both physical and mental, on the back burner. The time you take for your health is more valuable that billable hours.

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Challenges To The Business Of Hemp

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By 2021, the legal cannabis industry will be worth over $40 billion in the United States alone. Hemp offers a wide variety of benefits: Use hemp seeds as a good source of protein and fibers, both soluble and insoluble for digestive health. Business HealthIn 2017, $820 million worth of legal hemp products were sold in the United States. Yes, you read that right – legal hemp.

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Living Your Best Life With The Sharing Economy

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In an ongoing basis, it can affect our health and well-being. By 2021, 86.5 When was the last time you took a taxi? Chances are you’ve used a ride hailing service instead of a traditional taxi. Ridesharing is just one of the many ways the sharing economy has made luxury items available to just about anyone. These days there may be an economic pinch, but that doesn’t mean you have to do without life’s luxuries.

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Retail And Consumer Goods: The Next AI Frontier

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AI can also be used to make personalized recommendations to customers, especially in the case of food allergies and sensitivities and other health needs where shopping can be such a hassle. By 2021, AI will handle more and more customer interactions, growing by an estimated 400% from today’s levels. When was the last time you walked into a store and they were out of what you needed?

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