How Will The Recruitment Game Change In 2021?

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Apart from finding crucial hiring solutions and recruitment factors which will mould 2021 like leadership, culture and so on, recruitment automation and remote work will also play a key role. Recruit CRM hereby is pointing out below how recruitment will change in 2021.

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How To Get Featured As A Guest On Podcasts To Build Your Brand

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What other strategy sounds better than being interviewed by podcasters with a wide audience already interested in your niche? I don’t mean just during the podcast interview, but for the entire process: What topics make your business shine among others?

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Black History Month Interview Series: Lacretia Adamski

Executive Leadership Support Blog

Black History Month Interview Series. I was also signed to a boutique modeling agency that specialized in bridal wear. Meet Lacretia Adamski , Senior Executive Assistant at Salesforce.

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Ep 104: Dayne Shuda on Written Communication, Working Remotely, and Fighting Burnout

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Dayne is the owner of Ghost Blog Writers, a blog writing services provider for companies and agencies. Then Dayne started freelance blogging and turned it into a small agency. Podcast guest interview leader assistant productivity remote virtual assistant

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Want To Buy A Recruitment CRM? Take A Look At These 6 Features

Recruit CRM

Imagine you're running a recruitment agency but you have no CRM ( Candidate Relationship Management ). The best way to check this feature out would be to ask a member of your Sales or Business Development team to try this out and check whether it would suit your company or agency needs.

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6 Sample Email Templates Recruiters Can Use To Keep Candidates Warm

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In spite of the fact that we chose to proceed onward with a more experienced competitor, our group was really intrigued by both your plan aptitudes and your uplifting demeanor during the interview measure.

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Using A Visual Medium To Enhance The Recruiting Process

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Remote working has increased and for it to happen sleekly it's important for recruiters and staffing agencies to take a step ahead in the digital world.

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5 Ways Recruiters Can Make Use Of The Clubhouse App To Grow Their Business

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Before the internet is flooded with case studies and interesting breakthroughs they've made on the new social media app on the radar, here's what recruiters and staffing agencies need to know. Read more: How Will The Recruitment Game Change In 2021?

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What Is High-Volume Recruiting? 4 Best Strategies & Tools To Master It

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Sometimes placing more than ten candidates in a single day— going through the phases of sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing, evaluating is not something new for high-volume recruiters. Make sure you choose the right ATS as per your agency's needs.

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10 Candidate Sourcing Strategies That Recruiters Can Use This Season

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Sometimes it's done manually (quite an old school method) while the other way round is hiring a responsible company for it (like a recruitment agency). We have mentioned 10 such trending strategies that your agency can put to use this year.

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Find Out Why Recruiting During The Holiday Season Is Highly Beneficial For Recruiters

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With potential candidates and employees catching up on all the social media reading, recruitment agencies and companies alike can focus on building their employer brand effectively around this time. Also, most of the offices and recruitment agencies remain less active during this time.

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