Top 15 Small Business Ideas for 2020 You Should Consider

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There’s a long list of small business ideas for 2020. Here you will learn about some of the best small business ideas for 2020. If you studied commerce or accountancy in college and possess the skills required, then bookkeeping is the best business plan for you. The demand for digital marketing is so high today that it can be one of the cheapest yet most profitable small business ideas for 2020. It’s one of the most profitable small business ideas for 2020.

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2020 Training Opportunities for Administrative Assistants

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When you set your mind to improving your job skills, you take control of your life to reach your full potential. Here’s what we have in store for administrative professionals in 2020: Joan’s 30 Year Anniversary Tour – Timeless Skills for Assistants.

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The four things you need to do to impress your boss in 2020

Practically Perfect PA

Here are some top tips on how to make a positive impression in 2020 when planning a meeting. Core Skills Featured Sponsored posts Working with ExecutivesA new year is an opportunity for a fresh start.

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Top 4 Timeless Skills for Assistants

Office Dynamics

While staying abreast of the latest tools of the profession is important, it takes a particular skill-set to navigate through the uncertainties thrown our way – timeless skills. When I started… Communication Skills Conflict Resolution Interpersonal Skills Self DevelopmentIn an ever-changing world consumed by apps, devices, and software, some administrative assistants think that their experience can be measured by their technical savvy.

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Advanced skills for C-suite Executive Assistants

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Working alongside every successful Executive is an incredibly smart, switched-on and highly skilled Executive Assistant. There are many advanced skills that Assistants, who work in the C-suite, need to be successful in the role. We cover a lot of those skills on this website. Executive Assistant key strengths Featured Long Form Posts admin administrators assistants C-Suite Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Skills Tasks Virtual Assistant

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Lifelong Learning: The One Skill You Need To Dominate Any Field

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Some people like to learn skills such as painting, computer programming, auto repair or dancing. As their knowledge becomes outdated or forgotten, they no longer have the skills required to take on the task of being creators.

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How Video Gaming Could Improve Your Cognitive Health And Skills

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It is, however, a lesser-known fact that video games can help to improve cognitive skills and general mental health and for any individual spending an extended period indoors, those can be very vital factors. This isn’t just a theory: Scientific studies have backed up those suggestions that video gaming can lift mood, enhance cognitive functioning and improve skills. It may not be immediately obvious but online video gaming can also have a beneficial effect on social skills too.

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The Most Important Hard Skill Business Owners Should Learn in 2020? SEO!

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… The post The Most Important Hard Skill Business Owners Should Learn in 2020? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those terms that intimidates, confuses, and frustrates so many today.

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Catch the Glimpse of the Steps Involved in the Canada Immigration Process

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Some of the programs that are mostly preferred by a lot of immigrants are Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Quebec Skilled Workers Program, Family Sponsorship Programs, and many more. Canada, the land of maple leaves is the most favourable destination.

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The Secret To Learning Any Skill Insanely Fast

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Furthermore, eighty-seven percent of learners feel their new skills make them more well-rounded and capable. With so much to learn in such little time, what’s the most effective way to learn new skills? The infographic below provides visual tips to learn any skill fast.

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How to Earn Money on Social Media in this Pandemic

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million Americans were unemployed as of April 2020. Advertise your skills. Offer your skills per project or up your profile to get hired as a remote employee. Professionals are taking to social media to offer their skills while the pandemic has rendered them unemployed.

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Best Personal Development Goals To Add Productivity To Life

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These goals may help you to improve yourself as a person and will also make you aware of your talents and skills. Focus on your time management skills. Proper time management skills will increase your efficiency and productivity. Improve your listening skills.

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How to Prepare for a Successful Zoom Interview

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Practicing will not only hone your skills, but it also enhances your confidence and lead to a performance on the “hot seat” without feeling nervous. Live video interviews are becoming increasingly common in a job search today.

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Time Management Skills for Executive and Administrative Assistants

Office Dynamics

The post Time Management Skills for Executive and Administrative Assistants appeared first on Office Dynamics - Executive And Administrative Assistant Training One of the biggest struggles executive assistants report to me is mastering effective time management.

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5 Steps for Managing Your IT Audit & Security Career In Strange Times

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No one figured that this would be the year of uncertainty when we were making those ‘Mission 2020’ statements. Career planning for 2020 and beyond, is still a daunting challenge.

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Discovering And Leveraging Your Key Strengths With These Few Simple Tips

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If your key strengths are that you are resilient, organized, and possess good communication skills, you might want to look at roles within sales. Everybody has assets and qualities that help them in their everyday lives. We apply them both in our personal and professional lives.

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How to Become Great by Managing Procrastination

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But without developing those skills, you’ll never have the energy to achieve your greatness. is the author of CURATING YOUR LIFE: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, April 8, 2020).

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The Mistakes Smart Guys Make With Women

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Without this skill (ahem…guys are you listening?) There are a lot of smart guys out there. They’re successful with good educations and stable jobs, and they also respect women. They’re just overall good guys.

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The ultimate tech guide for Personal and Executive Assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Most of us that have been working in the PA industry for a while now will have heard of the phrase ‘the tech-savvy assistant’. It might have cropped up on your job specs and been discussed during your most recent job interview. It is so important for Assistants to have a good grasp of [.].

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5 Tips for Working Without Direct Supervision

Eat Your Career

Now is the time to hone your “figure it out” skills. It’s currently on sale until the end of April 2020. That’s a valuable skill, and it’s tough to learn. As I write this, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, which has changed the way we live and work.

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5 Career Tips for Project Managers Post-Pandemic

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As we see the crisis far from getting over, here to stay for the rest of the year 2020 if not beyond, we must look for ways to revive, endure changes, and develop effective survival plans for the future. Mention your elegant skills, achievements, job responsibilities, and goals clearly and concisely. And now, since you are spending considerable time indoors, it is always lucrative to acquire the latest industry-relevant skills rather than binge-watching another digital series.

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5 Ways To Increase Your Value In The Post-Pandemic Marketplace

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This shows how some people can chase a paycheck – not their strength and skills – and eventually run themselves down with frustration. There’s always a shortage of talents with the skills organisations need. Put into action: Learn new skills.

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How To Trust Your Remote Workers

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People are growing selective with the places they lend their time and skills to. Building core remote work skills can remedy this. Remote work has many benefits and many Americans are ready for more employers to offer this perk.

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5 Remote Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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On the other hand, companies struggle to fill the skills gap. You can take tips from Top 10 SaaS Growth Lessons from Dropbox in 2020 to work your way into getting the best out of your team. The trend of flexible working hours among the people is increasing exponentially.

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12 Mind-Blowing Tips for Increasing Your Overall Positivity

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Positive thoughts will become natural as you practice these skills. Positive thinking has been often used in a wrong connotation. People abuse the power of this great practice and suggest that it will attract you money, wealth, and abundance. “Be

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Self-Development Tips for Every Entrepreneur

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Half of them should be business-related that deal with topics such as marketing strategies, finances, or anything related to a particular skill in an industry. Learn or Improve a Skill. Many business owners make it a top priority to brush up their skills or learn new ones relevant to their industry. Anyone can start a business, but not everyone can succeed with it.

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How To Develop Self-Discipline

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They will never develop skills, and their sense of self-worth will sink even lower. We start something new with the best intentions. We have great aspirations and a clear vision. We feel inspired. How could we fail? And yet, we do. Over and over. Things don’t go the way we planned. We get discouraged. Maybe things are even going well, but somehow we just run out of steam. We try again, and even if we manage to avoid the old obstacles, new ones take their place. We end up where we started.

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9 Productivity Tips Your Work-From-Home Career Needs

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Learn A Relevant Skill. It’s good to learn a relevant skill when you have the time when working from home. Taking up training and certification courses in related skills can go a long way in boosting your productiveness. You could take on organized skill acquisition by your company or others. Whether you are a full-time office worker, a freelancer, or entrepreneur, get ready to pile your bricks and really get stuff done!

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12 Clever Ways You Can Earn Money From Your Computer Today

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You’ll want skills in software, typography, Adobe Photoshop, web design, and technology. In today’s digital world, working from home has never been more accessible.

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7 Eco-Friendly Changes to Make to Your Business

Eco-Office Gals

This is the easiest way to make your company more environmentally friendly and can also give your staff invaluable skills they may transfer to another position.

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Is Healthcare Management Your Next Career Move?

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If you have a passion for healthcare and some management skills, then healthcare management might be right for you. Those in the healthcare industry are always going to need new management techniques and you could use your skills to help them. If you have some management skills already then this might just be the perfect career move for you in 2020. Some of us have a passion for health and this is something that we see in many areas of our lives.

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Tips on good minute taking

Practically Perfect PA

As we all know writing minutes is an essential skill for Assistants and this ultimate guide to effective minute-taking we will break-down everything Assistants need to know to create minutes that will be read and actioned.

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LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: LinkedIn’s Best Practices

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When optimizing LinkedIn profile , take opportunities to reveal your personal brand: skills, specialities, etc. Use LinkedIn to learn more about professional skills and grow your network. LinkedIn is the largest online professional networking platform. It’s only wise to make use of it the right way. If someone is only using it as an online resume, then they are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

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How to Uncover Secret Personal Strengths You Never Knew You Had

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However difficult it may be, becoming aware of your personal strengths is an important life skill. What skills and activities have led to your greatest success in life thus far? What skills and talents do you have that could benefit your own life and others’ if you were to fully develop them? If someone asked you to write down your best friend’s personal strengths and then write down your own, chances are, your friend’s list would be twice as long as yours.

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8 Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

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Us humans are the only species on earth with this skill of “5th degree metallization,” the mind’s capacity to become aware of its own processes. Few activities have stood the test of 2500 years. Today we still have running, music, writing, swimming and… mindfulness meditation (among scarce others). Such ancient interests that are still practiced today have a good reason for thriving so many centuries later.

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5 Trends In E-Learning You Should Know For The Coming Decade

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It also doesn’t account for different skill levels or different time frames for learning. Focus on Soft Skills. You may be aware of the ever-widening skills gap. But what you may not know is that it’s not the hard skills – programming or plumbing – that people don’t have. Research from LinkedIn Learning revealed that in 2019 the most sought skills from Fortune 500 Companies were analytical reasoning and creative persuasion.

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5 Lessons ?Star Trek? Can Teach Us About Technology

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Even in 2020, ‘ Star Trek: Picard ’ continues to capture the minds of trekkies and non-trekkies alike. You need more skills than just being able to operate it. The ‘ Star Trek ’ franchise is beloved by many people and cultures around the world. The myriad of characters, locations, and dilemmas allow audiences to empathize and build rapport with the characters.

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Can Apps And Video Games Be Medical Treatments?

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Algorithms adapt to a specific player and work to coax out desired behaviors, adjusting to each player’s skill level. Just a few decades ago, the idea that you could treat tremors from Parkinson’s disease or help a person with autism live a more integrated life was fantasy.

How to Build Effective Working Relationships

Ian's Messy Desk

Interpersonal skills are crucial to the leader’s ability to persuade and motivate both internal and external stakeholders. The post How to Build Effective Working Relationships appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I came across these notes I had taken at some time.

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How to Ensure your Data Team’s Skills Remain Up-to-date

Small Business CEO

… The post How to Ensure your Data Team’s Skills Remain Up-to-date appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Human Resources Information Technology data scientist employee training skill gap

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Skills Required In Times Of Pandemic-Induced Mass Surveillance

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Read more Skills Required In Times Of Pandemic-Induced Mass Surveillance. The post Skills Required In Times Of Pandemic-Induced Mass Surveillance appeared first on Dragos Roua. History has this interesting way of uncovering human race transformations from one type of organization to the next one. When you take the time to study it, it’s like a movie in which each scene blends into the next one in a very predictable way. It also shows us the upsides and the downsides of.

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12 Techniques to Help You Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life

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Forgiving yourself is a skill so few of us have the ability to accomplish. It seems that everything comes in a list format nowadays. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat” or “Open box, Remove Contents, Try and Assemble”. Maybe it is because when we see things in a list format, our brain interprets them as a set of instructions or rules that must be followed. The proliferation of articles about happiness as of late has been astonishing.

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Parent Child Interaction Therapy in Developing Parent-Child Relationship

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Children learn many things while interacting with parents, such as social skills, sharing, respecting and obeying the elders, and helping other people. During their interactions, children learn to develop communication skills and motor skills.

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