Future-Proof Your Career by Developing Project Management Skills

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Did you know that the typical office professional spends about 80% of his or her time working on projects? Over the past few years, technology has probably already reduced the number of tasks on your plate; but projects are fundamentally different.

5 Career Tips for Project Managers Post-Pandemic

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All across the globe, nations are facing economic uncertainties while businesses are finding it difficult to manage challenges due to the current world crisis. Being project managers or business leaders, we are not an exception either, we have also felt the shock equally.


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The Simplest Hack to Be Your Most Organized Self

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Organization systems should be built around your goals and projects, not the other way around. Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People starts with you making a list of everything that concerns you before organizing them into quadrants.

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5 Remote Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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On the other hand, companies struggle to fill the skills gap. But the main challenge is managing virtual teams. Many organizations outsource their projects to low-cost regions. Working in a SaaS environment can be quite stressful if the management is slow.

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10 Ways to Encourage More Women Into Your Workforce

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If you claim to be a company that offers equal opportunities for both sexes, it should be reflected in your career development policy with a good number of female employees working in senior management positions and leadership roles. Project Manager, Developer, etc.

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Creating Your Personalized Productivity Tool Kit: Top 10 Tools to Consider

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With so many tools around, you may wonder what is the most popular personal productivity software to boost time management skills? ProProfs Project. It is a robust online project management software that boosts productivity by simplifying most project-related tasks. An intuitive dashboard helps in managing and organizing project-related tasks, tracking progress, collaborating with the team, delegating tasks, and creating reports.

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The Vanishing Executive Assistant? My Response

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Executives are tech-savvy, self-sufficient and independent, so they manage a lot of their own administrative needs. Executives don’t want to “manage” another person. The author cites a manager who was relieved to not have an assistant, as it was just another person to manage.

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The 3 E’s of Exceptional Service

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Ramp up your communication skills to be obsessive about the details and be proactive about answering “What’s next?” I could write you a thesis about why customer and client service should be one of your top concerns.

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Keeping Virtual Teams Focused In The Pandemic Era


Personally, I never logged into Zoom prior to the global pandemic as my user adoption trajectory favours platforms that unify productivity apps within collaboration, communication and project management tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and JIRA CORE. 2020, May 27).

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5 Steps to Becoming a More Productive Entrepreneur

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These 5 steps will help you strip your productivity habits down to the basics and rebuild so that no matter what comes your way, you can manage all the things without losing your mind. STEP 2: Create a task management system that works for you.

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Tom Rath: How to Create a Better Resume

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For example, the easiest thing to go in resume are your functional skills and how you’ve mastered formulas in Excel or you’re a certified project manager in a certain area.

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Why You Need to Be Worried About Your Job Now -- and What to Do About It

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Think of the entertainment law firms that no longer have entertainment business to handle because television and movie projects have been postponed. Grow your skills. Think about taking a coding bootcamp, project management courses or other tutorials.

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State of the Profession – Joan Burge

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Labor department projects the category will grow about 12% between 2010 and 2020, adding nearly 493,000 jobs during this decade. There are some managers who are not fully utilizing their administrative professional, but that is an opportunity for us to teach and educate our managers about who we are and what we can do and how we wish to work with them. Joan next said that we need to combat stress through a viable stress management program.

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