International Women’s Day 2020 – A Message From Julie Reed

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And therefore, I am writing today – International Women’s Day (IWD). Observed annually on March 8 since 1911, International Women’s Day is a day put aside to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness, and take action. In their March 2 article, Forbes has recommended four easy and effective steps to support the International Women’s Day 2020 “Each for Equal” Theme: . Sunday, March 8.

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Why Your Small Business Must Have an Internal Employee App?

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An internal employee app is a great way for organizations to engage with their employees. An internal employee engagement app would be effective in doing this. With an internal employee app, employees are encouraged to use their phones at work to access the app.

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6 Organizations You Can Join Remotely to Make a Difference

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Unless you’ve been at a meditation retreat , you may have noticed that 2020 has been a disaster. Comprising a network of over 53,000 global volunteers, Decoders aggregate information from online sources to help Amnesty International advance its human rights advocacy.

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Office Dynamics International Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Administrative Excellence

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The post Office Dynamics International Celebrates 30 Years of Inspiring Administrative Excellence appeared first on Office Dynamics - Executive And Administrative Assistant Training To Our Clients and Colleagues: 30 years is a long time to sustain and build a business in a very unique niche. one that I created. administrative training and development. There have been many ups and downs over the years but I would not have chosen any other path.

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10 Thing To Consider While Designing A Live Chatbot

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You can test every conversation or story created in the chatbot internally before its launch. The current business world is extremely contentious. Now, meeting your clients’ expectations is not enough. You need to exceed them to stand out in the crowd.

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How to Stop Being Offended by Everyone (in just 13 steps)

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Take several deep breaths, and allow yourself to feel any emotion that arises, processing it internally without reacting just yet. It seems like you can’t do or say anything nowadays without someone being offended by it. It’s gotten out of hand, and I want to help.

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4 Questions Beginners Ask About International Shipping

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But shipping products, especially internationally, can be expensive. … The post 4 Questions Beginners Ask About International Shipping appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Now that everything’s available online, it’s easy to see why eCommerce businesses are doing so well.

How To Develop Self-Discipline

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Instead of trying to meet the external standards of others, choose to meet the internal standards of yourself. We start something new with the best intentions. We have great aspirations and a clear vision. We feel inspired. How could we fail? And yet, we do. Over and over.

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5 Steps for Managing Your IT Audit & Security Career In Strange Times

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No one figured that this would be the year of uncertainty when we were making those ‘Mission 2020’ statements. Career planning for 2020 and beyond, is still a daunting challenge.

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How to Coach Your Brain to Improve Your Mental Strength and Motivation

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While this be might be something we all experience in our lives, the good news is that we can learn to coach our brain to minimise this internal friction. Whenever I reflect on my daily actions, I am always impressed to see how easy it is to slip off from my best intentions.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Wristwatches As An Entrepreneur

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In 2018, the international luxury watch market had a reported value of roughly 6.93 Watches are a timeless symbol of class and sophistication. Even in this age of smartphones, wristwatches offer a more convenient way to check the time.

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How to Stargaze: A Guide for Novices

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If you want to know when the next celestial sighting will be visible from your location, the simplest thing that you can do is to visit the site made available by NASA where you can take a peek at the International Space Station.

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5 Places in New Zealand for a Thrilling Casino Trip

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maki, which holds the country’s most extensive collection of national and international art, it offers plenty for culture vultures. Christchurch has also always been a base for Antarctic explorations, and you’ll find many artefacts from these at the International Antarctic Centre.

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9 Unselfish Tips of Self-Care To Try Out And See Instant Results

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Let my story encourage you to take that decision that you know you need to take to find internal peace. “I have the courage to be the happiest and healthiest version of myself.” – Madi Baulch. As we are living in an uncertain time right now, it is important to protect our energy and take care of our mental, spiritual, and emotional health. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by everything that is happening around us, and that’s normal. We are humans with emotions.

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How to Become Great by Managing Procrastination

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is the author of CURATING YOUR LIFE: Ending the Struggle for Work-Life Balance (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, April 8, 2020). She is the Founder and Principal of Gail Golden Consulting, LLC , an international management psychology consulting firm, helping business leaders and organizations hit peak performance by drawing on her unique cross-background perspective as a licensed psychologist and an MBA-holding entrepreneur.

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The 7 Chakras – Types & Benefits

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It paves way for the cosmic consciousness and internal surge of wisdom. “Chakras” – if you’ve attended a yoga class, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it there. You might have even heard it in some movies or shows when they speak about the blockage or aligning of the chakras. Perhaps, someone has given you advice about working on a particular chakra.

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Using Machine Learning and AI for Productivity In The Workplace

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Here are a few tools that can be specifically useful for simplifying your administration processes: – Connecting all of your calendars, the AI algorithms will instantly coordinate the best times to arrange meetings, whether internally or when meeting with clients. Spoke – Essentially an HR service desk, it can respond to questions about basically anything HR-related, including requests for annual leave and internal processes.

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Why You Should Take a Digital Break (and 6 Steps To Do So)

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I do 1-1 coaching with international clients via Skype and recently I started courses online, too. We live in a highly digital world today. Our work requires us to use the internet in one way or another. We readily turn to emails, social media, and chat messengers for daily communications. Sometimes, we tend to favor them more than face-to-face contact. I’m probably a good example of what you’d call a web junkie.

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How You Can Help The Environment When Planning Your Next Holiday

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Limiting international trips is a great way to lower our overall carbon footprint. By now, most of us will be aware that air pollution has dropped as a result of the pandemic. Imposed travel bans and reduced traffic means that the world is on track to see the largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions. Despite this, there’s still a lot more to be done for us to avoid catastrophic global warming. You might find yourself thinking ‘what can I do?’,

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How To Trust Your Remote Workers

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However, over half of today’s CEOs feel their company’s growth is threatened by a lack of internal trust. Remote work has many benefits and many Americans are ready for more employers to offer this perk. Remote work gives employers access to a larger pool of talent, extends jobs to areas with shortages, and boosts employee productivity. In fact, employees may do their best work when feeling comfortable they’re trusted.

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10 Mindblowing Benefits of Avocado Oil

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Avocado oil is very useful not only internally but also for external use. Avocado oil is an amazing substance with many incredible uses. It contains an impressive list of healthy vitamins and minerals as well as “good” fatty acids and antioxidants. Avocado oil finds its appliance both in the kitchen and in personal hygiene. Read on to discover all the mindblowing ways you can use it in your daily routine. Gum Health. Avocado oil is very good for oral health.

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Why Good Writing Matters – And How You Can Improve Yours

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Internal memos or reports for colleagues. In today’s world, being able to write well is of vital importance whatever your industry is. You could be a computer programmer, a small business owner, an administrator- whatever your job, it’s likely to involve a lot of words. Just think of the things you might write in a typical working day: Emails to clients. Instructions for a subordinate. A presentation for a seminar. Notes or action points from a meeting.

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A Complete Walkthrough For Managing Your Momentum

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Procrastination can also be influenced by your internal condition. Often we find ourselves going until we crash and burn. We often dedicate the wrong time to certain tasks, ultimately draining ourselves of the motivation we’ll later need. This isn’t uncommon, 88% of workers spend at least 1 hour per day procrastinating on a task. However, these adversities can be tackled by readjusting your habits and what you dedicate time to.

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Digital Nomad Numbers Skyrocket Thanks to Work From Anywhere

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million in 2020, a 49% increase.   As the report chart below shows, the number of digital nomads with traditional jobs roughly doubled from 2019 to 2020.    We also expect digital nomads to return to international travel once the pandemic over.  The

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Treating Arthritis Naturally: Home Remedies For Arthritis and Joint Pain

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If the condition spreads, it can also affect other internal organs and the immune system. Arthritis is one of the most chronic and common illnesses affecting millions around the globe. It is a disease that causes inflammation of the joints and considered a rheumatic condition. It doesn’t just harm the joints, but sometimes it can also affect the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. The symptoms of arthritis include severe ache, pain, stiffness, and swelling in bones and muscles.

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How to Build Effective Working Relationships

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Interpersonal skills are crucial to the leader’s ability to persuade and motivate both internal and external stakeholders. The post How to Build Effective Working Relationships appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. I came across these notes I had taken at some time. I’m not sure if they come from a book I was reading or a presentation I was attending. Leaders achieve results through the work of others.

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How to Empower Your Employees

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Empowerment is really about offering and receiving commitment so it is important to recognize that there are two kinds of commitment: external and internal. The post How to Empower Your Employees appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Empowerment as a term is widely used and often misinterpreted; as a genuine action, it is difficult to put into practice.

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Is It Okay to Talk About a Former Boss? (Video)

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What if I transfer internally and my potential new supervisor presses me for details, knowing the reputation my current supervisor has. This video is an excerpt from a live Q&A session with Chrissy Scivicque, Career Coach & Corporate Trainer. The full video is available in the Career Success Librar y.

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Pros and Cons of Traveling by Car You Should Know

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See Also: 6 International Travel Tips You’ll Find Handy. Many people all over the world are fond of traveling. Which kind of vehicle for trips is the most comfortable? Probably, the only answer here is that everything is individual. However, when you travel by car, you are your own boss on the road. In this article, we gathered the common pros and cons of traveling by car you should know. Pros of traveling by car. Complete freedom in choosing a route.

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Creating Your Personalized Productivity Tool Kit: Top 10 Tools to Consider

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File sharing and internal commenting to discuss particular tasks or projects. Wouldn’t it be great if you complete a task that usually takes 20 minutes, within a fraction of seconds? It would surely save your time, which further can be utilized for other important tasks. Needless to mention, when you complete more tasks on a daily basis, your business is likely to enjoy exponential growth. You can improve your chances of success by exploiting personal productivity tools.

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5 Top Tech Entrepreneurs You Must Follow

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He began his career as a system administrator for Rockwell International and further moved on to work with various companies like Apple, Adobe Systems, and Yahoo Inc. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur nowadays. People get motivated by the stories of some of the successful entrepreneurs who have become millionaires with their unique ideas. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do so.

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Eight Ways Entrepreneurs Can Finance their Business Ideas

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Venture capitalists can lead your business to succeed at the international level. Every entrepreneur or startup owner faces the biggest concern of financing their business. With minimal experience and no business background, entrepreneurs find it very hard to get the money at the initial level. Be it working capital or provision for the troubled times, you need money to run and grow your business.

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5 Future Transportation Trends That Will Change the Way We Travel

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The technology still needs to overcome high production costs and regulation challenges from the FAA and other international aviation organizations. Big changes may soon happen to our roads, seas, and skies. Driverless cars, air taxis, and passenger pods capable of transferring people at speeds of 600 mph or more are bound to make travel faster and safer in the years ahead. These future transportation trends can change the way we commute and travel.

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How to Access Your Favorite TV Show or Movie from Anywhere

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I mean Hulu currently has a library of around 1400 TV shows of which only 50% or less permissible for international broadcast. Why are international viewers banned from US TV Streams? It is often done because these services drive hefty revenue by selling international viewing rights for their shows on a country-by-country basis. And there are so many more shows barred from international viewing. Imagine leaving home for good as an expat or just traveling for a while.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Awareness

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Self-awareness requires you to be conscious of both external circumstances and how you’re responding to them, both externally and internally. I am a firm believer that all growth starts with understanding yourself. Before you can grow as a person or as a professional, you have to first know who you are and why you do what you do.

2020 145

How Companies Should Handle Office Romance

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A vital part of communicating when it comes to office romance is having a policy that clarifies the companies’ attitudes toward internal relationships. We spend more of our waking day at work than anywhere else. Throughout our careers, we come across many new faces and form strong connections with those we work with. Spending so much time with the same people leads us to build strong friendships and for some, more than that.

2020 147

How to Move from Administrative Assistant to Executive Assistant

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The EA role is often filled through either internal promotion or word-of-mouth referral. As a proud, former Administrative Professional and Executive Assistant, I pride myself on providing real-world career training and advice for the admin community. A question I hear frequently is this: “How do I move from being an Administrative Assistant to becoming an Executive Assistant?” In this article, I’m going to offer my take on this.

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Never Spend Your Money on These Things

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Travelling, whether internationally or even domestically, is expensive. With the entire world reeling from the effects of Covid 19, it’s not only one’s physical health and mental health that’s taking a beating. It’s also affecting our finances and economy. In such dire times, it’s important to re-evaluate what you spend on and make sure you’re making wise decisions.

2020 131

The Imitation Game: How Copy Trading Can Be Beneficial For Beginner Forex Traders

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According to a recent report from the Bank of International Settlements, the size of this industry has risen to over $5.1 With the rise of globalization, and intertwined economies owning to a widespread supply chain of goods and commodities, Forex Trading as a full-time profession, or side hustle for some extra bucks, is gaining traction. Today’s investors are always looking for opportunities to amplify their wealth. Forex Trading provides these.

2020 123

The Best Assistant Learning Resources

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics International is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since 1990, we have provided rich resources for administrative professionals around the world. As you can imagine, we have covered thousands of assistant-focused topics over the decades. Everything from improving time-management skills to refining your career portfolio to compete in a post-COVID-19 workplace.

2020 142

The Corona Pandemic and the Heated Election: Which Industries Will Stay Afloat?

Small Business CEO

We can all agree that the pandemic has had severe effects on the international economy. If the coronavirus wasn’t enough, the 2020 elections came up to remind us that we aren’t yet done with the year 2020.…

2020 69

The Office of the Near Future is Zero Waste

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This movement significantly propelled forward by the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA), aims to create a circular economy in order to reduce the alarming rate we are consuming natural resources and filling landfills.…

2020 62

Your Time Change Crash Course

Jen Lawrence

Time change trips up even the most experienced world-traveler and international business professional. Daylight Saving is upon us once again – causing great confusion across the nation.

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