What You Need to Do for Better Productivity in the Home Office


If, like a lot of people, you have been spending a lot more time working from home lately, then you might have noticed that staying productive in your own space isn’t as easy as it might initially seem. (As As someone who has worked from home for the better part of a decade, I find I’m struggling with it as well.). While most people tend to get more productive when they work from home, this is usually after a period of adjustment where they find what does and doesn’t work.

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Creating a One-Of-A-Kind Home Office to Keep You Efficient During Quarantine

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Do you find yourself suddenly spending a whole lot of time in your home office as of late? Does quarantine have you trapped at home and trying to stay as efficient and productive as possible? Management home office

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How To Set Up Your Home Office With Bad Credit

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Many people are at a crossroads in their careers and due to the proliferation and ease of the internet, many choose to set up a home office. … The post How To Set Up Your Home Office With Bad Credit appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO. Entrepreneurs Finance bad credit home officeOverheads can be low and lifestyle choices can also come into play as you can combine childcare at the same time, or look after elderly relatives.

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Keeping Organized

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With that, staying organized at home can be more difficult than in an office, but technology is aplenty when it comes to helping you do so. Here are 10 extensions that Chrome offers to help you keep your home office organized and secure.

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Podcast 146: Tips for supporting staff remotely

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We’ll talk about the abrupt transition to working at home and how it’s going, and how things may go in the future. Home Office Podcast Uncategorizedby Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! ?. Today I’m talking to Renee Green who is operations manager at a small software company.

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Podcast 139: Artist Kasey Smith on managing creative and work time

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We talked about the challenges of working at home, staying focused and battling perfectionism. Home Office Podcastby Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! ?. This is Podcast 139 and it’s an interview with artist Kasey Smith who I met when she was the curator for the Oakland Figment art festival.

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Podcast 143: Tips from work-at-home veterans

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In this podcast I talk to two women, Melissa Kirk and Mimi Heft, who normally work at home to get some tips for the rest of us who are suddenly now doing that. That last one is important because people tend to assume that if you work from home, you’re free to chat or visit anytime. I was curious about whether working at home had changed for them since so many people who aren’t used to it are doing it with varying degrees of success. Home Office Podcast Uncategorized

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9 Productivity Tips Your Work-From-Home Career Needs

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Whether you are a full-time office worker, a freelancer, or entrepreneur, get ready to pile your bricks and really get stuff done! Working from home allows flexibility, reduces the ”office” work tension, and bossophobia. The “work-from-home” life has its downside, but it is nothing you cannot handle. Here are 9 productivity tips that would make you successful in your work from home career. Create an Aura of The Office Place.

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Customize Your Zoom Background for Your Home Business

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Some of us have been using it all along to communicate from our home offices. Did you know you can customize your Zoom background for your home business? It also has the awesome feature of letting you use a virtual background, meaning you can hide those dirty dishes in the background or disguise the fact that your home office is also your bedroom. You can use any picture as a background, from a traditional office to a tropical beach.

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Here’s How You Can Successfully Change To A Work-From-Home Career

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However, the excitement was short-lived because working from home may seem fun, but it is not as simple as most people thought it would be. Truth be told, working from home is challenging. When you are working from home, you may be tempted to curl up and work from your favorite couch. Trust me, these places are cozy and will give you the comfort you crave, but they are not ideal for office work. Imitating an office setup helps you rise to the occasion.

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8 Home Business Ideas that Provide Local Services

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When people think about home based businesses it’s often associated with providing services via computer or providing handmade or digital products via an eCommerce platform. Maybe you prefer getting out and about rather than being in the home office all day, every day.

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Working Remotely – How to Keep Balance and Productivity

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Many of you are reading this from the comfort of your home office. At first, this may sound like heaven on earth (a lot of people think they want to work from home). Working Remotely – How to Keep Balance and Productivity Working from home [.]. Executive Assistant key strengths Featured administrators assistants EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant

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Your Home Business: Is It Business As Usual in the Midst of COVID-19 Social Distancing?

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Those of us who already own a home-based business are lucky. We already know the ins and outs of working from home. So, for home-based businesses is it business as usual in the midst of social distancing caused by COVID-19? Life right now is anything but usual and just because some of us happen to own a home business, it doesn’t mean we aren’t being affected just as deeply as those who are suddenly forced to work from home.

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Should You Prepare Your Home Business For The Coronavirus?

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If you work from home you’re probably feeling pretty good about the whole Coronavirus thing. Maybe, but we should still prepare our home business for the Coronavirus, flu or any other illness that becomes widespread. Not every home business owner works strictly from a home office. Many visit client offices or have meetings at shared office spaces and coffee shops. Home Business Tips home business

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How Does Working from Home…well…Work?- Responding to COVID-19

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If you’ve always been an employee or worked in a traditional office setting, it can often be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of working from home. So, how does working from home work , in reality? While the mental image of working from your couch while Netflix plays in the background might be the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘work from home’, those of us who have experience will tell you that’s simply not realistic.

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How to Make Working From Home Sustainable

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If you’re working from home, you’re already on the right track to a sustainable workplace. If you aren’t working from home but plan to do so soon, here are ways you can improve your remote work’s eco-friendliness. Due to the coronavirus, you may now be working from home. When you work from home, you no longer need to commute long distances, which saves you money and time. Eco-Office Gals

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How Tech And Remote Work Will Turn The Economy Around

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The Work From Home Revolution. For years workers have been clamoring for work from home options. While the United States has officially been in a recession since June , companies that sent their workforce home to continue to do work are keeping the economy chugging along. For working parents, being able to be home when the bus comes reduces the need for before and after school care and leads to fewer days off because of sick children. How Tech Is Aiding Work From Home.

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Podcast 140: Speak clutter aloud

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Your attention to clutter wanes during the course of every day life when things for the most part stay put and out of your way, or you have accommodated them by not using parts of your home. Say we’re in your home office. Normally, you don’t even see these things anymore, yet you have a sense that your office is too cluttered. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play ? iHeartRadio You can leave a review here! ?.

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What Are the Advantages of Title Loans to Fund Your Business?

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This could be money to buy equipment, invest in service, get a home office set up, or purchase stock among other things. If you are considering starting a business, one thing you may need is access to some cash to get things moving. So, you need to consider what your options are when it comes to raising this finance, as there are lots of different loan solutions you can turn to based on your needs and circumstances.

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How the Pandemic Can Help Your Grow in Your Career

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During these months of quarantining, working from home, juggling new schedules and home situations and just trying to remember what day it is, it can be tough to think about anything good that can come from this pandemic. We have all been impacted in some way -- it's been difficult to watch the suffering on the nightly news, or read about a family losing a home because they can't pay their bills.

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How Small Businesses Save With Cowork Solutions

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Whether you’re expanding, want a more professional environment or are just sick of working alone, there comes a point for every small business where your home office is no longer the right environment. However, you may not have the finances or a business requirement to rent a permanent office space. One that is more flexible and cost effective compared to a traditional office space: coworking.

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