Features of Resume Writing in 2020 for Graduates

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Of course, a well-written and thought-through resume serves to effectively present candidates as highly valued professionals possessing all strengths, skills, and even the right mindset and personal traits that fit the vacant position. Highlight Your Key Skills.

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5 Ways To Increase Your Value In The Post-Pandemic Marketplace

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This shows how some people can chase a paycheck – not their strength and skills – and eventually run themselves down with frustration. There’s always a shortage of talents with the skills organisations need. Put into action: Learn new skills.

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Unemployed? Transferable Skills are the Answer

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In the coming weeks and months you're going to hear a lot about "transferable skills." Transferable skills are those abilities that you can use in a variety of jobs: communication, organization and teamwork.

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5 College Skills That Have Lasting Value

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Between writing essays, going into interviews, and managing deadlines, you refine several skills while you’re applying for college. Those skills are important because not only do they help you get into your dream college, but they can also help you find jobs and manage your career. Here are some of the best college skills that can help you achieve success in your life. Better yet, you’ll also be able to impress potential employers with cover letters and resumes.

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Survey Reveals What Hiring Managers Want Now

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That way, you can address the issues they think are important in your resume and cover letter, and speak knowledgeably about the issues that garner their interest. It's always a good idea to know what's on the minds of hiring managers.

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