The 2019 Top Tech Events to Attend for Your Business

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The UX and Digital Design Week 2019 will be held in London between August 12th-16th. FinTech Connect 2019. FinTech Connect 2019 is a major financial event for companies, financial institutions, and backers of FinTech projects.

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What is a Business Creative?

Tips From T. Marie

Once they’ve built an audience, then they can monetize by selling ebooks, courses, workshops, etc. For example: Illuminating Educators can use online tech for creating those ebooks or building a course or workshop that can be delivered online.

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Do I Really Need a Professional Development Plan?

Eat Your Career

I often create these plans in collaboration with my career coaching clients, and I frequently provide training workshops on this topic. If you’ve been following my work for any period of time, you know that I’m a big fan of Professional Development Plans (also referred to as PDPs).

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Empowering Tips for the Administrative and Executive Assistant – Part 3

Office Dynamics

An excellent way to do this is by attending workshops and conferences that offer networking & open discussion opportunities. She enjoys sharing what she has learned from work experience, conferences, workshops, and other professional and personal development opportunities.

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Choosing the Best Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant Conference

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Inquire about the quality of the workshop materials? An administrative conference should feed your brain and soul!

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Useful Text Marketing Features for E-Commerce Business

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See Also: Use SMS Marketing for Your Next Conference or Workshop’s Success! The growth of internet and social media has led many marketers to focus more on these channels for marketing.

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7 Ways To Instantly Meet Like-Minded People

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Attend a related workshop/seminar. A workshop or seminar is essentially a gathering of like-minded individuals who wish to achieve a common objective. Else, the individuals wouldn’t invest time or money in the workshop.

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How to Create An SMS Marketing Campaign That Actually Works

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See Also: Use SMS Marketing for Your Next Conference or Workshop’s Success! With the way everything gets more expensive by the day, it is perhaps no surprise that marketing costs are on the rise, too.

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3 Atypical Life Hacks To Improve Your Resume

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Whole courses, workshop, and books focus on the subject. Writing a great resume has always been challenging. It comes as no surprise that people devote their entire careers to properly composing these professional documents. Knowing how to pen a captivating resume is a sought-after skill.

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12 Tips And Hacks For Bulk SMS Campaigns

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See Also: Use SMS Marketing for Your Next Conference or Workshop’s Success! Not all bulk SMS campaigns are created equal. Some companies use them extensively in their marketing campaigns while others consider them a side project.

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Why You Need a Relationship Posse

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It’s the sole subject of countless books, blogs, videos, workshops, and seminars. My ex-girlfriend is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Her body is a work of art, perfectly toned and golden tan with a smattering of graceful tattoos and a tiny, steel rod through each nipple.

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Focusing on Providing Exceptional Service as an Administrative Professional

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She enjoys sharing what she has learned from work experience, conferences, workshops, and other professional and personal development opportunities. Dana is available to speak to small groups and coordinates workshops to encourage others by sharing professional and personal enrichment tips and goal-setting action plans. Focusing on providing exceptional service at work can be a struggle especially if you are not feeling appreciated.

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How To Increase Your Productivity By Harnessing Dead Time

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You have a lot of other options to consider: read a blog post on productivity, learn two new English phrases, search for potential workshops, etc. Although the title suggests this post will be a world-changing experiment, dear reader, I have to let you down — it won’t.

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What is the Difference Between an Administrative Conference and Administrative Training?

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” Something to remember is that typically if you want to dig deep into administrative training content and practice the skills you are learning, you usually get that in a training course or workshop.

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Smart Business Ideas For Retired Couples

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Workshops. You can set up a workshop at your home or any other place for different activities. You can set-up a workshop for sewing, stitching, hand embroidery, cooking, baking, painting, writing, crafts, woodworks etc. There are days where I look forward to my retirement.

Face-to-Face Time with Administrative Assistants

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Tell him about upcoming seminars and workshops you would like to attend and why. Be prepared to show your leader the information about the workshop, the objectives of the program, how the topics tie in with your job responsibilities, and the benefits of attending. SURPRISE!

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4 Misconceptions About Content Marketing You Need To Know

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Even before the introduction of the internet, content marketing used to prevail and included conferences, lectures, seminars, industry reports, customer newspapers, specialized magazines, workshops, etc.… The concept of content marketing is in a constant state of evolution.

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10 Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

Daily Writing Tips

When you have paid for a class and/or scheduled time for attend classes or workshop sessions, you’re more likely to persevere, and completing assignments and projects will help you establish and/or maintain your writing discipline. Prepare.

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The Sound of Sixty Seconds


During the workshops and talks I deliver I’ll often ask the attendees (or audience) to do absolutely nothing for an entire minute. I time that minute and to this day I still get fidgety at around the forty second mark. Sixty seconds is both a short and long time.

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Happy Holiday Season from Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics

We look forward to being of even greater service in 2019. We will publish again starting January 7, 2019. As 2018 comes to a close, we think of all the people we have served this year and are blessed to know.

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The Continuing Merging of Coworking, Social Clubs and Gyms

Small Business Labs

A glamorous, sunken living room and a cosy, den-like music room are available for performances, receptions, workshops, guest speakers and more." Spring is opening in Beverly Hills in June and in downtown Los Angeles in 2019."

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