5 ways to improve your leadership skills

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Is multitasking still a useful skill for Assistants?

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Being a good multitasker was on the job description of pretty much every Assistant role I applied for when I first started as an Assistant. Since then experts have shown that multitasking does precisely the opposite of what we thought it did.

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ADHD Summer Camp Can Improve Social Skills of Special Kids

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All of these elements of ADHD summer camp are very beneficial to children who have the condition, particularly those who struggle with some social skills. The post ADHD Summer Camp Can Improve Social Skills of Special Kids appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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Managing your Executive’s one to one meetings

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Communicating In Style, With Style

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Admin Assistant Training Attitude Communication Skills Self DevelopmentThe word communicate is derived from the Latin word, communis , meaning commonness. When we are communicating, we are trying to establish commonness with others.

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6 Signs You’ve Fallen Into The Employee Mentality Pit

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As a business owner, you should be providing services that you are skilled at and can complete projects with a minimum of instruction. As the instructor of a best-selling online course teaching individuals how to work from home as a virtual assistant, I get plenty of questions.

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How to Stay Organized with Leadership Team Meetings? – Ask An Admin

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In starting 2019 off on hopefully on the right foot, I am looking for advice on how to stay organized with all the meetings. March 14, 2019. Ask An Admin Meetings Organizational Skills UncategorizedWelcome to another question for Ask an Admin – Admin to Admin Advice.

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Reviewing Your Administrative Career

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Focusing on sharing your skills with your current employer can not only make you more productive but also help you better create a position that you enjoy. Pride in your work and recognizing the skills you have worked hard to learn help create a job you truly enjoy and want to be a part of.

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How Toys Can Boost Your Child’s Development

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Toys enhance motor skills. When they play with something that would make them get up and play, they develop healthy motor skills. Toys enhance cognitive skills. Toy puzzles help children in their cognitive skills. Expose them to empathy and balance in emotions and skills.

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How Entrepreneurship Helped Me Find My Real Calling

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Thinking that perhaps, I was not talented enough for art and not inventive enough for science and doubting that either art or science could help me develop the skills indispensable for becoming financially independent, I decided to choose business as a major — a safe haven.

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Yes, You Do Need to Start Applying for Internships This Early

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This will help you make a list of the skills, industries and companies that you believe will be a good fit. You may still be trying to recover from the holidays, but if you want a summer internship this year, you need to get busy -- right now.

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Starve the Dragon

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If you do your due diligence and promote the benefits of what you will learn and then use persuasion skills, you should be a winner! There is a huge fiery dragon roaming the earth. Some days, the dragon is a little tamer and other days the dragon is on a rampage breathing fire.

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7 Ways to Position Yourself as an Admin Leader

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You will discover amazing opportunities you never knew existed, and you will expand your skills in ways you never thought possible. As a proud former administrative professional , I’ve always enjoyed being a part of the admin community.

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List of 50 Great Word Games for Kids and Adults

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After the list of 50 writing games, I’ve given you a top ten that I think are particularly great for kids who want to practice their writing skills. Like other types of roleplaying game, they’re a great way to practice storytelling and character-development skills.

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Writing Within Limitations

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A skillful writer learns to work with these limitations. Skilled writers give their readers time to breathe before taking away their breath again. A writer can’t do anything he or she wants. Every human being – you too – is bound by limitations.

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3 Types of Word Treatment

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Deteriorating writing skills and declining editing standards result in frequent spelling errors, and the only effective defense is a good offense: Proactively double-check spelling—using not just spell-checking functions (which are not infallible) but also print or online dictionaries (which are virtually perfectly reliable). Spelling, capitalization, and italicization are three aspects of writing that careful writers will attend to.

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How to nail a video interview

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According to tech giant Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019. For PAs and EAs in particular, where success in the role is just as much down to personality and “fit” as it is to hard skills, video as an interview tool makes a lot of sense.

Here Comes Generation Z

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By 2019, 30 million of them are expected to be employed. But Generation Z''s interpersonal skills often are lacking, and they may not have basic manners that were ingrained in other generations at a young age, he says.

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The Under Educated Male

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      Even more alarming, the gap is forecast to grow with 60% of all college students being women in 2019 (up from 57% in 2011). 

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An Interview with the Office Dynamics Team

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I have over 20 years of administrative professional experience and proud of my personal and professional accomplishments, yet the conference provided new perspectives, opportunities to talk with others in my chosen field and a reminder to embrace my unique talents and skills.

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