Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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The entire gamut of social networks works as sugar-coated poison. The medium is deeply connected with our routine life as we share a lot of stuff on social networks. They exchange birthday and anniversary wishes on Facebook and send messages of condolence on social networks. There is a strong possibility that such users can turn out to be the green-eyed monster with sinister intentions.

List of 50 Great Word Games for Kids and Adults

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MUDs, or “multi-user dungeons” have been around since the early days of networked computing in the ‘70s, and are the forerunners of games like Fortnite and World of Warcraft. You can kill monsters, buy better equipment, and make your way to the top of the Spellspire. This game combines a fantasy RPG setting (where you fight monsters, get loot, gain levels and so on), with word games to play along the way.

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