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Are You Too Busy to Travel? 7 Reasons to Get Motivated and Start Travelling

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Travelling is an excellent way to experience new cultures and expand your horizons. Avid globetrotter Johnson Nguyen shares these traveling tips and hacks he’s picked up while traveling throughout the globe. If you are waiting for that perfect time to travel, it will likely never come. Today will always be the perfect day to travel. There are ways to make money specifically to travel. Travel Helps Decrease Stress & Anxiety.

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Avoid the Weight Gain: 6 Reasons To Work Out During The Holidays

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Problem is, once you begin to justify missing one or two workouts, it is far easier to just not exercise during the holiday season. Here are six reasons to work out during the holidays. Stave Off Holiday Bloat And Weight Gain. Weight gain during the holidays is a constant boogeyman, and people usually bring it up just as you are about to enjoy a delicious holiday treat. But in reality, research has shown that the average holiday weight gain is only 0.81

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6 Things to Think About When Booking a Wellness Retreat

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While of course luxury is appealing, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune to book a fabulous spa holiday. Before you head off, think about the longer-term ways you can ease the stress you’re feeling day-to-day. By narrowing down exactly what you want from a spa holiday, you can book an ever better experience and plan each day so your break runs super smoothly. Relaxation Travel

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How Does the US Workforce Spend Their Vacation?

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Even though they’re outside of the US, their proximity to the US shows Americans don’t like traveling too far for their vacations. See Also: The True Staycation: How to Holiday in your Home Town. Air travel came second with 49% and car rental came in at third with 24%. Increases happiness and reduces stress. Going on vacation gives you a chance to break from routine and have some time away from the everyday stresses of home and work.

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Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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But burglars are the unwanted or uninvited viewers of our holiday snaps, which reveal our location and financial status as well. If not for robbers, your holiday photos on social media can expose your financial status to your friends and colleagues, leading them to assume you always have extra cash they can borrow. Your travel documents. This comparison with others gives birth to stress.

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

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Travel. It's been shown that greenery reduces stress, but it can be a bit difficult to go outside and enjoy nature when there's a blizzard outside. It's that time of year again -- trying to figure out what to get a colleague for the annual gift swap (besides that giant bottle of booze in your grocery's discount aisle). Or, perhaps you want to get something for that great co-worker who has helped you out more times than you can count.

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