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2019 141

5 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks

Dumb Little Man

It can be as simple as taking a holiday to a place we’ve never been before or taking a course we would never normally go to.

2019 276

Social Media: Open This Pandora’s Box At Your Risk

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But burglars are the unwanted or uninvited viewers of our holiday snaps, which reveal our location and financial status as well. It is now universally accepted that social media is an addiction more harmful than cigarettes, alcohol, and hard drug.

2019 250

6 Signs You’ve Fallen Into The Employee Mentality Pit

Tips From T. Marie

Do you feel you can take vacations, observe holidays and rearrange your work hours if you need to? As the instructor of a best-selling online course teaching individuals how to work from home as a virtual assistant, I get plenty of questions.

2019 170

How To Go From Making Six Figures In Business To Losing It All

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They said, maybe it’s just that you need a holiday. This is not your typical success story. This is a success story in reverse. Now, why share my loss? Why share something that should make me feel embarrassed?

2019 218

How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day When You’re Flying Solo

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That is to say, suddenly everyone around you seems to be passionately in love, asking you why you’re not or taking a dramatic stand against the whole holiday (inadvertently making an even bigger deal of things.) Year after year, the world goes mad for Saint Valentine.

2019 172

Yes, You Do Need to Start Applying for Internships This Early

On The Job

You may still be trying to recover from the holidays, but if you want a summer internship this year, you need to get busy -- right now. Companies often get the bulk of applications between February and April, so there is no time to waste if you want a chance to land an internship.

2019 130

How Should an Administrative Assistant Prepare Their Day? – Ask an Admin

Office Dynamics

And that day is usually a Friday or a day around a holiday when everyone wants to leave early or take PTO. Welcome to Ask an Admin!

2019 153

11 Gift Ideas for Your Business Partners

Small Business CEO

Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your business partner, or simply want to welcome them aboard with something special, it’s important to find the gift that says the right thing.

2019 73

How to Give Someone A Gift They’ll Love

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Do not feel pressured to gift people just because it’s the holidays or a special day. You may know a person but that does not mean you should gift him or her during the holidays or a special occasion. In such a case, sending a simple heartfelt holiday card for the whole team would serve the same purpose as a gift. There is no better way to show that you love and care for your loved one than by sending them gifts.

2019 139

Podcast 111: Quit sorting

Clutter Coach

Another non-sorting spot is holiday décor. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! This is Podcast 111 and it’s called quit sorting. Like last time, this podcast is based on what I’ve gotten from reading a book called Algorithms to Live By. There are a bunch of sorting algorithms. Sorting is a common task a computer is asked to do.

2019 100

Podcast 110: What’s in your cache?

Clutter Coach

It applies to holiday décor too. by Listen or subscribe here: iTunes ? Stitcher ?. Soundcloud ? YouTube ? Google Play You can leave a review here! ?. This is podcast 110 and it’s about algorithms! If you have math fear, please don’t run away. This isn’t going to be about math. An algorithm, as far as I can figure out, is a process to achieve a particular result. It’s not a single rule or formula. It involves a number of steps.

2019 100

Happy Holiday Season from Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics

We look forward to being of even greater service in 2019. If you receive our weekly Monday Motivators , we will be taking a break during the Christmas and New Year holiday. We will publish again starting January 7, 2019.

2018 163

4 Ways to Boost Your Gmail Productivity for Good


The pace isn’t slowing down, either; the projected amount for the year 2019 is over 246 billion messages daily. In my case, I try to make Sundays and certain holidays (like Christmas) email-free. The following is a guest post from Timo Kiander.

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