2019 Joan Burge Innovation Award for Assistants

Office Dynamics

Therefore, I created the Joan Burge Innovation Award in 2019. Tina Bradley decided to have assistant accounts set up for 15 administrative assistants on her team, who support 40 administrators.

2019 193

How Do I Manage My Expenses After Getting Married?

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Markdown your shared monthly income as well as a list of your monthly expenses. After deducting your expenses from your income pool, decide how to ration what is left. Work as a team. The post How Do I Manage My Expenses After Getting Married?

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Investing in Graphic Design as a Key Point of Any Startup

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This is why every noteworthy company and website has a solid graphic design team. It’s more expensive than fiverr.com, but the quality is considered to be a little better yet still affordable for most startups. See Also: 10 Design Rules You Should Never Forget in 2019.

2019 171

Why You’ll Never Win What You Want Without A Win-Win Approach

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Since birth, our benevolent caretakers traditionally teach us, by exclusive stressful competition games, that our success must come at the expense of others. Not only when our country fights foreign ones or when our sports team fights the bad ones.

2019 226

Things to Consider Before Starting a New Marketing Campaign

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A billboard is much more expensive than flyers. However, there is always an expense to marketing. Remain mindful of how your audience is responding, yet keep your team ready to make improvements and amendments wherever necessary.

2019 182

5 Dating Ideas if Your Boyfriend is A Sports Junkie

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The other downside (and unfortunately no upside) is golf can be expensive depending on the course. For men, however, sports seem to bring out their inner competitiveness especially if they grew up playing team sports their entire life.

2019 192

A Simple Guide to Selling A House in New York State

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Keep in mind that a higher floor apartment is more expensive. To conclude, price your home right, market it right, make some improvements, and team up with an efficient real estate agent. Are you planning on selling a house in New York state?

2019 170

The Paradox of Increasing Business Travel; Skift's 2020 Travel Trends

Small Business Labs

Rethinking Corporate Travel Expenses. Thanks to the Internet and related tools, companies are more willing to create distributed teams and allow team members to live away from their teammates.  Skift is one of our favorite publications.

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If You Receive Payments You Should Have An Electronic Payment Option

Tips From T. Marie

Does that mean needing an expensive credit card reader? Sports teams even have the option of a service created just for them, Groundwork, which specializes in automating team payments and offering parent online payment options.

2019 143

Marketing Tips For Mother’s Day

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The marketing teams of businesses are therefore responding well through their tools like coupons, bargains, deals, discounts, and campaigns for effective engagement and conversions. 86% of Americans celebrated this day in 2018, with $186 as the average expense per person.

2019 174

How to Give Someone A Gift They’ll Love

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However, there is an art to gifting than simply sending the most expensive item you can afford. Thoughtful, handmade gifts could be more meaningful than random, expensive ones. For example, if you know the members of the local softball team, you are not obligated to gift every one of them. In such a case, sending a simple heartfelt holiday card for the whole team would serve the same purpose as a gift.

2019 158

4 Ways to Streamline Your Workweek

Eat Your Career

For example: Complete all expense reports on Tuesday mornings Work on projects Tuesday afternoons Work on all travel planning on Wednesdays Set up all web conferences on Thursdays Make all conference room reservations on Fridays. When you’re working on expense reports, for example, your brain gets into a groove after a while. Plus, you can even train your team on your schedule so they know when you’ll be working on things.

2019 130

Top 6 Areas to Invest Capital that Will Grow Your Business

Small Business CEO

Having the right people in your team will allow you access to the essential skills and expertise required to take your business to the next level.… Finance business expenses capital spending

2019 59

6 Simple Ways You Can Start Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace

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of individuals avoid going to the doctor due to the upfront expense. Order pizza for your team and host a lunch and learn! These things can also help in reducing employee burnout and promoting mental health in the workplace for all members of your team.

2019 207

Is High-Quality Video Production a Critical Factor in Advertising?

Small Business CEO

Furthermore, does a more expensive advertisement actually provide a greater return? As a software company designed to help companies grow using video, the team here at Wistia had to find out.

2019 81

How To Trust Your Remote Workers

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Here’s why it’s important for bosses to trust their virtual teams and the easiest ways they can work toward doing so. Even more interesting, a 2019 study found that remote working improves an employee’s productivity by nearly 15%.

2020 203

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Energy Efficient

Eco-Office Gals

By opting for a more efficient source of energy, small businesses can cut operating expenses and reduce wasted resources. In turn, this money can be reinvested in the business, whether it be through hiring more team members or upgrading parking facilities. .

2020 130

6 Really Simple Strategies for Sharing Files Like a Pro

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Sit down by yourself or with a team to create a plan before you implement a shared file storage system. Name files according to function (2019 Expense Report) rather than their owner’s name (Jim’s ER). Not so long ago, file sharing was a groundbreaking technology.

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