Top Tips on How to Reduce the Effects of Sitting All Day

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It can put stress on the muscles in the back, shoulders, and neck, too. Get an Ergonomic Chair. The weight of your body puts stress on the different muscles of the back and neck. One way you can avoid this is by investing in an ergonomic chair.

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10 Things That Are Essential For A Great Office Environment

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This not only cuts down the interruption and stress but also boosts productivity. Such sitting options give a sense of freedom and can improve energy and mood during stressful periods. A great workplace does not happen by accident.

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Fighting Back Against Back Pain

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Sitting in an ergonomic position can help you to prevent back pain from taking over your life. Setting up your home office and kitchen to be ergonomic work spaces is also a great way to prevent unnecessary back injuries. Bad posture, obesity, and stress are common causes of back pain.

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