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How To Become Bitter and Resentful in 9 Easy Steps

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Why work on something outside work or learn anything? Focusing on your wins and taking a moment to let them sink in might give you a small boost of confidence that will help you win your next challenge. Ignore the monsters under your bed. There are all sorts of benefits to being bitter and resentful. There’s getting rid of the people around you, ruining the things that are going well for you, and causing general self-sabotage.

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Set Healthy Boundaries at Work

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I told her, “You created the monster.” You are confident, peaceful, in control (not walked over), respected, like a peer or business partner and viewed as a leader. Learning Highlights You will learn: . You will hear examples and learn specific language to use in common challenging workplace situations.). An important component to self-management versus stress-management is to set healthy boundaries in the workplace.

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