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Why You’ll Never Win What You Want Without A Win-Win Approach

Dumb Little Man

Since birth, our benevolent caretakers traditionally teach us, by exclusive stressful competition games, that our success must come at the expense of others. Schools, workplaces, advertisers, and politicians use competition and rivalry to maneuver us.

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The Paradox of Increasing Business Travel; Skift's 2020 Travel Trends

Small Business Labs

Rethinking Corporate Travel Expenses. Key quote from the report on this trend: Video and digital collaboration tools have transformed the modern workplace. Skift is one of our favorite publications.

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6 Really Simple Strategies for Sharing Files Like a Pro

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However, using the cloud to share files and collaborate on projects has quickly become the cornerstone of many workflows across countless industries. Collaborating effectively. Name files according to function (2019 Expense Report) rather than their owner’s name (Jim’s ER).

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