Business travel without the stress

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Business travel can be a stressful experience. Unfamiliar surroundings, time and performance pressures, networking in a second or third language, and a confused body clock all contribute to rising stress levels.

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TravelPerk takes the stress out of business travel

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Or maybe you’re managing the annual ski-trip for the entire company? Booking and managing business travel is time consuming, stressful, and let’s be honest, not always that appreciated. Booking a last minute trip to an international company?

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How to Plan Events Your Team Will Love (Without the Stress)

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This is a guest post contributed by Eleanor Whitney, editor of All Hands , a publication about life at work from Managed by Q. Put dates from your timeline in your calendar and use a project management tool like Trello to keep all dates and information about your event in one place.

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Six Golden Rules for Successful Project Management You Need to Know

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Project management is pretty straightforward – you find the requirements, create a realistic plan, assign the right people on the job, set a deadline, and most importantly, get work done. However, when it comes to the real world, project management is never that easy.

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Manager Support

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It makes work more enjoyable, reduces stress, and benefits the entire organization. The post Manager Support appeared first on Office Dynamics. Career Management Executive And Assistant Partnership Mgr/Asst Team Problem Solving Teamwork UncategorizedTwo to Tango.

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Best Money Management Tips For Students

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If you don’t know how to set a budget and stick with it, you can end up broke and more stressed out. To make sure you stay on top of your finances, check out these best money management tips for students you can use: Set a budget. Similarly, you will be unable to enjoy financial freedom unless you do not plan and execute these money management tips for students. The post Best Money Management Tips For Students appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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7 Tips for Administrative and Executive Assistants

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There is always a fire to be put out, there is the juggling of 9,000 different tasks, and sometimes you are an assistant to more than one executive or manager. There are several things you can do to alleviate this stress/pain. Use Password Managers such as 1Password or LastPass.

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Productivity Secrets Top-Level CEOs Would Rather Keep to Themselves

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There are plenty of mobile apps that can make their lives a lot easier and stress-free, especially for the ones who travel a lot. See Also: 5 Top Technology Trends That Will Shape 2018. Ice freezing offices. Social media. YouTube. Fantasy football leagues.

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Choose A Positive Attitude

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From Joan Burge’s new book, Joan’s Greatest Administrative Secrets Revealed (2018). Assertive Attitude Productivity Self Development Stress Management UncategorizedI HAVE BEEN SPEAKING on attitude since 1990. What I said in 1990 still holds true today.

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Snuff Out the Burnout

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If you feel you are on the verge of stressing too much because of your job or even home life, take a step back. Attitude Interpersonal Skills Self Development Stress Management

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Feeling overwhelmed at work?

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I’m sure at some point in our careers we have felt stressed and overwhelmed with how much work we have to get through. Career Development Featured admin administrators assistants Career EA Executive Assistant Office manager overwhelm PA Personal Assistant Virtual Assistant Wellbeing

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10 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

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If you are a manager, this is an area where you can set a good example. Decide which ones are truly helping you improve productivity, manage your time or adding value. It’s also really stressful.

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Training For Adults Can Be Fun

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If that is not enough reason to laugh and play, then how about because it’s fun and relieves stress? He was a very social person and loved walking around and managing by interacting with his product managers. Attitude Self Development Stress Management

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Coworking Doesn't Need a New Name, But the Office Space Industry Does

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She stresses that the traditional principles, values and definition of coworking are still important and relevant and that a new name is not needed.   They also build out and manage space that is completely occupied by the client's employees.

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Office Dynamics Top 10 Blogs For Administrative Professionals

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Executive Assistant Time Management Tips. Career Management Communication Skills Executive And Assistant Partnership Mgr/Asst Team Problem Solving Productivity Self Development Stress Management Uncategorized Work Environment

10 Areas of Your Life That May Need A Boost

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While I’m currently not the best person to be giving advice on money management (I’m working on this one as well), I do know the fundamentals. By tapping into this energy, you’ll be able to relieve stress, find peace, and focus better on the important areas of your life.

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7 Insomnia Hacks That Will Change Your Lifestyle

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It is also important to manage time for waking up every day. Lack of sleep is a result of a combination of different factors such as stress or anxiety, usually caused by negative thoughts and fear of the unknown. Every human being needs to sleep to help the body regain energy.

5 Powerful Communication Strategies for Administrative Assistants

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Read the Wall Street Journal after your manager is done with it. Learn what your manager likes to follow, and become her eyes and ears on the subject. Remember never to harm the trust your executive or manager extends to you.

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Technology of the Week: TravelPerk

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All this to make your company’s business travel smart, connected and stress-free. Featured Office Technology Sponsored posts Technology of the week admin administrators assistants business travel EA Executive Assistant Office manager PA Personal Assistant Travel Virtual Assistant

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9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence

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Gavin de Becker, a renowned expert on the prediction and management of violence, believes that fear of public speaking is really about being afraid of losing one’s identity.

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6 Essential Steps For Overcoming Codependency

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Either way, the fact that you managed to write 50 items should provide a jolt of self-esteem during difficult moments. It’s fantastic for improving focus, calming anxiety, and reducing stress. Overcoming codependency is key for any healthy relationship.

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Uplifting Positive Self-Talk

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But it’s how well we manage them that ultimately determines the degree to which we’ll succeed in life. ” “I am able to manage my thoughts and myself.” Attitude Career Management Self Development Stress Management Uncategorized

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12 Essay-Writing Hacks That Really Work

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Writing essays can be difficult and time-consuming, and this can be stressful when you have looming deadlines for different subjects. Avoid this by using the Pomodoro time management technique.

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How to Cope with The First 90 Days of Addiction Recovery

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Unrealistic to-do lists only lead to stress, negative thoughts, and failure. According to a study conducted by the National Offender Management Service in 2011, self-care is the number one priority on your path toward recovery.

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Take Up Your Business: How To Pitch A Business Idea

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All these exercises will help you reduce stress and feel calmer while presenting to a bigger audience. Ask your colleagues for advice and get some information about your manager’s opinion. Try to get into your manager’s shoes and anticipate potential objections.

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Adapting to Change

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I worked with an amazing team, flexible hours, great manager, excellent benefits and pay, challenges that provided skills I use to this day, an office with a great view, control of developing procedures and next to one of the best coffee shops! August 14, 2018.

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Avoid Burnout by Creating Your Own Utopia

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Unfortunately, burnout is real, it’s draining, emotional, stressful and typically affects both professional and personal lives. Supporting a positive team-focused environment helps reduce stress that can cause burnout. Avoid Burnout.

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3 Ways to Stay Connected to Hiring Managers

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One trend I've noticed with more and more hiring managers is that they have an ongoing list of potential candidates for a variety of jobs. Follow the hiring manager on Twitter, connect via Facebook and send a LinkedIn request.

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How To Reduce Stress In Your Financial Life

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Balancing incomings, outgoings, necessary costs and debts can seem like a never-ending juggling act and as a result, stress is a fairly common response. Here, we’re exploring how you can reduce stress in your financial life.… No one ever said that dealing with finances was easy.

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Staying Energized Throughout The Week

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Assertive Attitude Career Management Motivators Problem Solving Productivity Self Development Stress Management Uncategorized Work-Life BalanceAs you know, I usually share tips on combating the Monday-morning “blahs,” especially after a nice, relaxing weekend.

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Setting Healthy Boundaries Today

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Under that umbrella, we addressed topics such as self-management vs. stress management, learning specific difficult people types and how to handle each of them, the benefits of conflict and much more. Setting Healthy Boundaries.

2018 198

Cleanup and Organize Your Workspace

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Assertive Attitude Motivators Organizational Skills Stress Management UncategorizedSummer is a great time to do a little cleanup and organize your workspace. Business is usually a little quieter, employees take a vacation, and there seems to be a more relaxed work atmosphere.

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Is Technology Good Or Bad?

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They leave us feeling lonely, pressed for time, and stressed. Technology for Stress Management. We all experience stress from time to time but high stress levels over a long period can have serious consequences. Stress can make you more susceptible to illness, too.

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5 Embarrassingly Simple Jobs to Avoid If You Want to Stay Stress-Free

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It’s easy to say that the way to manage stress is by exercising, eat well, etc. – but for some of us, stress is the by-product of ‘bad’ environment, full of stressors that we just can’t handle. But why stress is related to addiction?

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Why Am I Not Happy? (I Should Be)

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Anxiety, worry, and stress. The key is managing them. Happiness StressYou look around you and think, “I have a great life, I should be happy, but why am I not being happy?” ” Does this sound familiar? Perhaps your career is going well, your relationship is strong, your family is great, and you have all the material things you need. So, why are you still plagued by a feeling of unhappiness? Happiness is a tricky thing and measuring it is even trickier.

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12 Best Remedies For Migraine Headaches

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Unfortunately, stress and tension can trigger a migraine or make your migraine symptoms worse. Practice stress management. As we mentioned, stress can play a huge role in triggering migraines. With that, you may want to practice stress management techniques to help you lower your stress levels. It’s important that you find a healthy outlet for your stress like writing, reading, listening to music or even going for a short walk.

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The Alternate Life Commandments

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Success, managed properly, generates leisure time and disposable income to support hobbies and continued learning. Practice frugality to reduce stress. All of which creates a combination of stress, disappointment, and more spending.

2018 203

Successfully Overcome Challenges

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Right now, we have a lot of challenges facing us – the economy, companies downsizing, air travel stress, an election year on the horizon, and personal challenges. Related Attitude Management Videos and Articles: Attitude Management & Inner Drive. Determine to Succeed.

2018 212

Book Review: The Million-Dollar One-Person Business

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There is less risk because there’s no regular payroll to meet and less stress because there aren’t employees to manage. We really like the tagline for the book The Million-Dollar One-Person Business. It's "Make great money; work the way you want; have the life you want."

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HSA or FSA: Which One Do You Really Need To Maximize Your Savings?

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Taking the money out pre-tax to pay for these things can save you the stress of doing additional paperwork. With a properly managed FSA or HSA, you could save hundreds of dollars on your tax bill every year.

2018 191

Need A Productivity Boost? Here’s How Tea Can Help

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Too much stress is never a good thing. Less stress means better productivity and more work done. It Counteracts Effects of Oxidative Stress. Oxidative stress isn’t good for your body. While tea isn’t a total cure, it can be a helpful tool to manage the symptoms of depression. Tea is a popular drink all over the world for a lot of reasons. For one, it tastes good and it’s a good way to help you get more fluids.

2018 182

How Long Should a Job Search Take?

Eat Your Career

The manager who said they were almost ready to make you an offer? Don’t let yourself get consumed with stress and negative thinking. This is a question I get quite frequently in my monthly “Ask the Career Coach” sessions. It’s not surprising; people who are in the midst of a job search are always anxious. They want the process to be much faster than it (usually) is. The longer it takes to land that new gig, the more self-doubt starts to creep in.

2018 162

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Performance Evaluation

Office Dynamics

Scheduling a performance evaluation meeting and setting measurable goals can be stressful or even seem unproductive to some. I have personally experienced stress in the past too! There are ways to decrease the stress levels and frustration though!

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