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4 Things Tom Brady Can Teach You About Career Management

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His career management skills are worth an in-depth look. His career management tactics can benefit anybody who wants to make the most out of their professional life. Between that and his exercise routines that focus on muscle pliability, he has a very meticulous lifestyle. When you prioritize your health, your sleep is better, you improve your mental health , and you experience more energy and alertness throughout the day — a clear advantage in your career.

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Why I Start My New Year On Groundhog Day


I didn’t attach that lifestyle change to a new year’s resolution of any sort. I just decided I needed to take steps to improve my health and fitness so that I could feel better and have the energy I needed to keep up with my personal and professional aspirations.

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What Can We Learn From Blue Zones?

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In between these culturally and regionally different locations, areas of Greece, Costa Rica, and Italy also show pockets of longevity and general good health. Family and community bonds help avoid negative physical health by building positive habits throughout life.

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