The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity


As Tim Ferriss explains in his book The Four Hour Body (and his presentation at the NEXT Conference ) , the minimum effective dose comes to us from the health field. Start by learning a few Excel keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Excel faster.

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The Cookie Method of Productivity


It can be hard to determine which diet might be best for your health, but the diet of strictly fast food it is not. The big tips about food aren’t about keeping your keyboard clear of crumbs, but finding the underlying principles that are most powerful.

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Outstanding: A Look at The Standing Desk Movement


The increased energy and focus is worth the effort, even if the long-term health benefits don’t turn out to be so major.” But the change in height doesn’t effect the use of my hands on the keyboard or at all.

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Neglecting Self Care: The Biggest Mistake I Made (And How You Can Avoid It)

Dumb Little Man

in 2015) 3 weeks later. It wakes me up and has some health benefits. Alright, so before we get into this one, I want you to imagine a coder sitting in some dark room, music blaring and just absolutely going to town on his keyboard. Business Health

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A Conversation with Joan

Office Dynamics

In 2014 I had brain surgery (successful) and in 2015, I had open heart surgery (successful). Also, your mental health is very important. Of course, I love my iPad (newer, bigger, lightweight screen with the keyboard by Apple); loving my AirPods (no wires!);

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