Women versus Men in Job Interviews and Salary Negotiations

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For both genders, anxiety before the interview may be present, but studies show that women handle it better. Women adapt more proactively than men do. Women seek social support from colleagues and friends more than men do. And women are more prone to do mock interviews with those colleagues and friends more than men are. [.]. Interview Skills by Alex Freund career advice gender difference interview preparation men vs. women

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2011 Survey Results: Solopreneurs Are Optimistic About 2012, Despite Challenges

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S olopreneurs are optimistic about 2012, even as they face challenges with cash flow, time management, marketing, and other aspects of their solo businesses. Solopreneurs have high hopes for 2012; 53 percent of those surveyed said they expect a revenue increase of 20 percent or more in 2012. Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed said they took $40,000 or less out of their businesses in salary and profit in 2011. salary and profit). Revenue Expectations for 2012.

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How to Negotiate a Salary

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But now you’re about to take on one of the most difficult tasks in this job search journey: Negotiating a salary. Also, the salary you negotiate now will be the one chance you have to set yourself up for better salary boosts at this company and your income at future employers. So how do you negotiate the right salary for a new job? Before your first interview, you should have done research on comparable salaries.

Executive Assistant Best Job of 2012

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News on February 27, 2012 of the best jobs in 2012 and as one of the best jobs this profession was cited to see "significant growth over the next decade." The Best Jobs of 2012: Executive Assistant. See The Best Jobs of 2012.]. Money: According to the Labor Department, the median annual salary for an executive assistant was $43,520 in 2010. Executive Assistant Salary Range: 75th Percentile Wage: $54,750. Do you see this being one of the best jobs in 201

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After 22 excellent years, I’ve reached the salary cap–so, now what?

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by ALICE BUMGARNER, MODERATOR on MARCH 14, 2012 2:47PM. in ADMIN PRO FORUM. Question: “I have been with my firm as a legal secretary, purchaser, database manager, etc. for 22 years. I have always received excellent reviews and raises. However, at my last review, I was told I was getting to the cap for legal secretaries. I’m at a loss … I work anywhere from 40 to 45 hours a week (at my regular pay for 37.5 hours).

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Do You Know What "Success" Means for You?

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Perhaps you think success is obvious … it means making a good salary, being healthy, and having a happy family life. But what exactly is a “good salary”? Depending on where you live in the world, and depending on what sort of lifestyle you want, a “good salary” could mean almost anything. Unless you’re clear on exactly what a “good salary” means to you, it’s going to be hard for you to be satisfied.

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How do assistants get promoted?

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In terms of my career I have had to leave a company to enhance my skills, choices, salary and overall career progression. Pin It. Here is a brief history of my career to date – After University I landed my first job as a Team Administrator at Deloitte, after a year and a half I left to join the Institute of Chartered Accountants where again I worked as an Administrator and Assistant to a department manager.

Featured Soloist Kathleen Moore: “Get People to Help You”

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In making the decision to leave my secure job in higher ed with its benefits and good salary, my husband and I agreed to dial our lifestyle back several notches. My plan is that by this time next year, I’ll be able to pay myself a salary that covers basic living expenses, as well as paying freelance staff as needed to meet business demands.

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Solopreneurs, No More Dreamy Entrees Until You Eat Your Vegetables!

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Assume your new business doesn’t generate a salary for you in the first two years. ? A t the beginning of the startup stage, I’m in favor of dreaming big. But I think we as solopreneurs are being fed too many empty-calorie “just follow your dream and everything will be awesome!” ” entrees. So to counter all of our high-fat dreaming, this post is a heaping helping of reality. How Much Money Are You Risking?

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Improving the Job Market With Big Data

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job posts have detailed descriptions about the nature of the work, skills required, location and approximate salary, but the job seekers—the sellers—generally do not create profiles that describe themselves." Interesting article from John Horton at oDesk  on the Digitization of the Supply Side of the Labor Market. It covers the growing role labor supply sites such as LinkedIn and oDesk are playing in making job markets more efficient.

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Going Green to Save Green: 3 Money-Saving Office Solutions

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Having employees work remotely saves a business money on office space and even more so on salary costs because employers don’t have to factor in transportation costs into paychecks to make a commute worth it to their employees. The new eco-centric business model isn’t a fad to be canceled out by the next trend.

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Featured Soloist Derek Peterson: “Always Work to Fill the Glass”

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I don’t even know if I am equipped to return to the professional world of 220 days of work for a salary. T his is The Solopreneur Life’s “Featured Soloist,” the purpose of which is to give all of us a glimpse at how other solopreneurs operate their small businesses. Today we meet Derek Peterson. If you would like to be the “Featured Soloist,” please send me an e-mail, Larry@TheSolopreneurLife.com. Derek Peterson.

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The Rise of High-End Personal Services

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According to the New York Times , high-end nannies in New York City are garnering salary and benefit packages that take their total compensation to well over $200,000 per year.  A related Huffington Post article points out that high-end nannies in Europe are also hansomely rewarded. Coincidently, the Wall Street Journal has a review of a new book - The Most Expensive Game in Town - that chronicles the growth of highly paid youth sports coaches and programs.

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Independent Work Growing Option for Gen Y and Seniors

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everything from government jobs to employment in factories and even supermarkets is now on a two-tier track, with older workers’ guaranteed pensions and higher salaries not shared by newer hires. The overall job market is obviously weak, but things are particularly tough for younger and older Americans.   For older Americans, retirement looks daunting.  As we pointed out last week , most Americans feel a traditional retirement is financially out of reach.

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How to Find Employees That Are on Board With Your Green Work Practices

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Many applicants in the current job market are desperate enough for a steady paycheck that they’ll say anything to get a job, whether that means agreeing to work nights and weekends on salary, promising to travel for jobs in Riyadh and Delhi, or claiming that they are dedicated to making the world cleaner and greener for future generations. Managing a green enterprise, or at least one that takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously, is no easy feat.

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Does Education Still Matter? Yes and No

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So let me provide a little context: Most of you have probably heard this often-cited statistic regarding income: For every year of higher education you receive, you can expect to earn an additional $10,000 in annual salary. Today, I’d like to address the age-old question of education and employment. What’s the correlation? And, given today’s economy, how much does education matter? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t perfectly clear.

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Are You Allowing Technology To Stretch Your Working Day?

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If you can have people work longer hours by giving them a way to work from home, that’s more effort for the company (and if the worker is salaried, it’s essentially free, too). Just because you are salaried doesn’t mean you have to work 80 hours a week. Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Technology can be wonderful. You can work from anywhere, call anyone from anywhere, research any question at any time of the night or day.

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Pricing Your Services – Is It Time Or Value That Matters Most?

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There are a few pricing formulas out there that tell you to calculate this times that in order to determine your salary. To me, when you price your services based on an hourly or yearly salary, it’s still a job. How do I decide what to charge for my services? How do I determine my value and then put a dollar amount on that? These are age-old questions in the VA industry.

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Do You Know Your Lifestyle Ratios?

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You might have interest income, rental income, and investment income along with your business income or salary. Most of the entrepreneurs I talk with tell me that they started their business because they wanted some form of freedom.    What about you? Today I asked my friend Linda Siniscal talk about life beyond the profit and loss statement. Each month, you may anxiously await the reports that provide the numbers that help you manage your business. 

When a Demotion Makes Sense

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drop in salary demotion less pay career advice lose promotion Anita BruzzeseIf you’ve ever been unemployed, you know the joy that comes from finally getting that job offer. But that elation may be tempered by the fact that the job pays less than your previous one, or is certainly lower on the career status level than you desire. According to an Urban Institute research, job seekers have taken positions that pay 16 percent less than what they earned before the Great Recession.

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The Very Near Future of Executive Assistants

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Salaries will escalate , due to the increased responsibility expected of top level support staff, as well as the smaller number of of qualified people available. This is what we have been talking about and we find it very exciting that this is the forecasted direction of the assistant. Please read on and tell us what you think! This is an excerpt from a recent newsletter we received from Leni Miller, Found er & President, E A Search.

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Gossip Girl!

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However most of the time we stumble across it, we may have been asked to print a report which contains everyone’s salary, we may have read an email that someone is about to be made redundant. I’ve written a few blogs recently on how to work with confidential documents particularity when your desk is in an open plan office.

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Do you know your numbers? Revenue vs. Income – The difference can make or break your company

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If you are a solopreneur or freelancer your net income is essentially the salary you are paying yourself.      When I interviewed Nicole Fende on my Fire Up Your Biz - Enrich Your Life program there were a number of questions from participants on the difference between revenue and income. So, I asked Nicole if she would write a guest post to share more.    Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Revenue, income, and cash – they’re all the same thing, right?

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Simplifying Timekeeping

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Now, as an employee, not only do I have to keep track of how much time I spend on each item of work, but also to keep my time in the payroll system so that I am paid accurately (I am an hourly employee, not salaried). Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. Throughout my entire career, I have had to track and report on my time. As a consultant, it led to the generation of client invoices, as well as status reports on the projects.

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An Tan Tiri Mogo Dan

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For instance, when I was having heavy problems in my own business, like clients not paying, stretching the business beyond my means or employees leaving for better salaries, I was always resorting to some sort of personal mantra. Dragos Roua for Dragos Roua , 2012. Or, to be more precise, “An Tan Tiri Mogo Dan, Cara Cara Si, Princi Pa Ta Morin Go. Tan Go!”. In case you didn’t live in the Romania of the seventies, chances to know the meaning of those words are close to zero.

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Why You Should Embrace ‘Icky’ Sales and Marketing

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To bring home a salary or an income that feeds your family. It’s a word that makes me shudder. I shudder because this juvenile term is being used by fully grown adults. Business owners. People who should by now know a little more professionalism and who should speak words a touch above my 7-year-old’s current lexicon. Really, people. Icky ? But using a childish term when you’re 40 or so isn’t what most turns me off.

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4 Reasons you Should Continue Providing your Employees Health Insurance

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Some small businesses may be tempted to drop insurance coverage and perhaps bump their employees’ salaries. There’s more than just salary that employees value in their jobs. If you’re considering raising salaries and dropping insurance, you’re not looking at hidden costs. After raising salaries so that your workers can get their own insurance, you’ll have to pay more in payroll and other related taxes because of the increase in salaries.

Who Cares What You Do for a Living

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In other words, some may think this is just a “clever” marketing scheme to get people to spend money with us, and that we will hide our profits as salaries, bonuses, or expenses. Once we explain that our goal for 2012 is to take no salaries and donate all of our profits, and that we’re filing our 501 non-profit status with the federal government this year, the disbelief melts away. Business Startup Do you care about what you do for a living?

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3 Critical Financial Steps to Starting a Local Business

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Consider your salary (and be reasonable), the salary of any employees you may have, overhead, and so on down to small office supplies like ink for the printer. Starting a business is an exhilarating time. It can also be a very stressful and busy time. As a local business owner, you often end up wearing all of the hats (CEO, Accounting, HR, Marketing, etc.) in the beginning due to lack of funding early on.

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How Helicopter Parenting is Invading the Workplace

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College career centers are becoming a lightning rod for anxious parents concerned about their child getting a job, and some employers are even appointing workers to deal with the parents who may accompany junior to a job interview or feel no qualms about hounding human resources because they believe the salary offered isn't enough. I'm a parent, so I know that even when you vow not to hover over your children, you always do it to some degree.

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Let’s Celebrate This July as Never Before

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We're completed dedicated to delivering on our mission and have opted to take no salaries for the first two years to insure we can donate as much as we possibly can to our cause. Call to Action We're only a week away from July and the all the festivities that follow. With the 4th of July holiday, I'm always reminded of the days that follow and the love that our friends and family show us through their well wishes and gifts.

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Is Working 24/7 the New Normal?

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We’ve got salaried executives who don’t take the vacation time they’re allotted because they don’t feel they can and they want to show they’re working hard, especially in a tough economy. Achieving work/life balance has been credited with making workers more productive, more loyal and less stressed, and yet a recent survey from Harvard Business School shows that even global executives feel the need to be on the job 24/7.

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Real-World Experience Pays Off

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While most students do receive a salary while working a co-op job, some scholarship money is available if a student will be working for a nonprofit and needing help with living expenses, she says. Journalism has always been one of those professions that demands experience before you even get your first job at a television station or newspaper. In my case, I began working for the school newspaper and writing articles for my hometown newspaper by the time I was 17.

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Could You Telecommute From Italy?

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With the money they received from the cars and rent, they were able to get an apartment in Venice and make up for the salary lost when his wife quit her job. • Sometimes the highlight of my day is meeting the new UPS driver. Or cleaning out my keyboard that has become gummed up with peanut butter (the hazards of eating at your desk.) That's why I was intrigued to talk to someone who broke away from the mundane working world and set himself up to work from a truly fabulous place.

Love CSI? How About a Career in Computer Forensics?

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates computer forensics jobs are expected to grow more than 13 percent in the next several years with starting salaries of about $46,500. Those who graduate with degrees in romantic art history or have a background making typewriters may find themselves with a very short list of job possibilities. If you're looking to explore a new field that is projected to grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years, check out this story I did for Gannett/USAToday.

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Building a business culture to deliver the best customer service

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Retaining valuable employees by rewarding them with higher salaries, bonuses, rewards and recognition for jobs well-done. A strong business culture that is aligned with superior business goals outperforms their competitors by light years. These are the organizations who have figured out how to delight their customers and even make them smile.

Celebrating National Customer Service Week by honoring the best

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One may find it interesting that Zappos is not known for their competitive salaries; in fact salaries are considerably lower, but factor in free food, a comprehensive medical plan, and a place where employees share the pride and professionalism of a business where even managers are encouraged to hang out with their employees in a happy place, the motivation for coming on board certainly becomes attractive.

What Two and a Half Men Can Teach Us About Customer Service

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Customer service isn’t an easy task, and for the representatives who successfully calm angry customers, soothe irate tempers, and are able to solve consumer problems in a polite and reasonable manner are those employees any great company should consider giving a raise in salary.

Construction Work Ahead–Part 4 of 4

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So we start talking about the offer: the salary , vacation, and other perks. No gas card or car allowance like I had with Bernards, but a base salary increase that makes it about equal to what I was making. Guest Editor’s Note : This is part 4 of a guest post series by a dear friend, A. Scot Tedisco. See Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 to get the full story. Do you remember where we were?

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What customers need to do in order to get companies to listen to their complaints

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Traditionally large companies do not pay their first line of customer service representatives high salaries. Even nice customers get angry. It can happen to any organization, and figuring out the best ways to respond and satisfy your customers can mean loyalty and continued business. One of the common problems however, is getting a complaint satisfactorily resolved with the least amount of frustration, anger, and time.

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Book Review: Baby Bust

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  But by 2012 only 42% of the students surveyed said they planned to have kids.   The 2012 cohort of students see a work world that is intensely competitive and time consuming.   The study also found starting salary pay equity across men and women and that women don't see themselves as being at a disadvantage in the workplace. Baby Bust: New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family is a short (88 pages), easy read.

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Demand for Butlers Keeps Growing

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 We wrote a follow-up article on this topic in 2012 after we learned high end nannies in New York and London could make more than $200,000 per year in total compensation.   Salaries for these jobs aren't bad. millionaires (those with a net worth more than $1 million excluding their primary residence)  grew for the 4th year in a row in 2012 to 9 million. We first wrote about the growing demand for butlers in 2007.

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What can assistants expect in 2013

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Well 2012 is over and done with and we are now already two days into 2013. If in 2012 you did not attend any events or training sessions then you should speak to your manager or HR immediately to get something booked for 2013. According to the National PA survey published by The Office Show in 2012 the relationship between assistant and manager has strengthen over the last few years as Directors and senior members of staff rely more heavily on their support staff.

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