Spring cleaning the home office

Ian's Messy Desk

million Canadians who work from home or maintain a home office, this area should be of special consideration. It is now time to put things in order and implement a system that will keep this space organized until spring 2012 and beyond.

Turn Your Home Office Into A Productivity Zone

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Sure, having an office at home sounds practical on the surface. So why does your home office drive you crazy? Poor design creates strain and fatigue, but a well designed office can actually help you work more efficiently and frustration-free.

The Benefits of Making Eco Friendly Improvements to Your Home Office

Eco-Office Gals

In the effort to make your home more eco-friendly, over the course of the year, you have installed double-paned windows, purchased some energy-efficient appliances, installed some low flow showerheads and purchased an electronic thermostat. All home offices need office supplies, right?

2011 Survey Results: Solopreneurs Are Optimistic About 2012, Despite Challenges

The Solopreneur Life

S olopreneurs are optimistic about 2012, even as they face challenges with cash flow, time management, marketing, and other aspects of their solo businesses. Solopreneurs have high hopes for 2012; 53 percent of those surveyed said they expect a revenue increase of 20 percent or more in 2012. said they work in a home office; 5.2 said an office outside the home; 2.6 said they are sharing office space outside the home.

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How to Define a Bulletproof Work-at-Home Mindset

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Working from home isn't all it's cracked up to be. All these things make you disappointed and frustrated, sometimes even angry, because working from home was completely different than what you thought it would be. What things make your working from home successful?

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Eco Friendly Ways to Warm Up Your Office This Winter

Eco-Office Gals

Office workers feel the change of seasons more than most, leading largely sedentary days that leave little time for activity. The first way that you can keep warm in the office over the winter is also the easiest, and possibly most eco-friendly way of all.

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Your Mental and Physical Health As A Blogger

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As an at home entrepreneur or blogger, sitting in front of your computer for hours on end is your biggest work hazard. Entrepreneurs bloggers home officeI know from my own experience how fast time online flys each day.

The Green Business Benefits of Telecommuting

Eco-Office Gals

When exploring the reasons why green businesses would benefit from hiring people who telecommute, probably one of the most obvious ones is that when people are working from home, they are not using gas to drive into the office and the less emissions that are in the air, the better it is for everyone.

12 Quotes that Get Them to Take Action

Productive & Organized

I have this quote displayed prominently in my office as a reminder when I too get caught up in the stress of the job. It's meant moving out of the place I called home, to live in other places for a while. I have been collecting quotes since I was in grade school. 

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Manage Your Time. Schedule Your Workflow. Save Your Sanity.

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The same can be done with email responses, and almost any other routine client tasks, and even those out-of-office errands or meetings. It’s hard when you spend most of your time at your home office, so it’s easy to get wrapped up in some of that. I heard an old expression the other day, “the harder I work, the behinder I get!” Do you ever feel like they’re talking about you? I remember times when I certainly felt this way.

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The Best – and Worst – Places to Write

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If you plan to have a full, productive day out of your home office, you’d do best to avoid these places. Your friends might say they understand that you work from home. Unless your friends also work from home, they do not understand.

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The road to business hell: Why your good intentions don’t get you anywhere

The Shrink for Entrepreneurs

Remove the unhealthy foods from your home/office – your lowest self is also lazy, so making bad stuff hard to get really works! Imagine if you followed through on every good intention. Wouldn’t life be incredible? We’d all be Calvin Klein model billionaires.

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Why You Aren’t Born Great – And Why That’s Okay

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The idea that I was really the one to blame for my own failures didn’t sink until I was working at a friends’ office one day. When not locked up in his home office writing, he is busy spending time with his family or playing basketball. Nobody is born great.

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Getting Your Personal Life and Work Balance Back

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With Spring and Summer quickly approaching, we’ll soon be swapping our home office chairs with outdoor activities. With cold, gloomy Winter weather, you’ll most likely find me glued to my computer screen either working, blogging or shopping.

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It's Time to Kickstart the Year.Now!


Productivityist.com by Mike Vardy Start Here Archives Store Contact It’s Time to Kickstart the Year…Now! Posted on 12/11/2012 // Leave a Comment I didn’t post earlier today because I was working on something pretty big. It’s called Kickstart the Year – and it’s a bundle sale that just launched now. 1 Craig Jarrow and I have assembled a killer team of 10 contributors who have delivered 10 killer products…all for one killer price…just $88. How is that a big deal?

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Solopreneur Survey Results: 2013 Was a Good Year, Expectations Are Very High for 2014

The Solopreneur Life

16 percent of solopreneurs lost money in 2013; 36 percent took home between $0 and $20,000; 14 percent took home between $20,001 and $40,000; 10 percent took home between $40,001 and $60,000; 12 percent took home more than $100,000. 90 percent work in home offices.

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