Speakers and Authors: Get Your Image on Your Articles in Google Search Results

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The other day I was talking to Kenneth Manesse Sr. and he shared a few resources that I thought you would love to see: Which Google Plus Features Most Affect Search Rankings. How to Show Your Author Photo in Google Search Results.

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The Most Overused Words of 2012

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Original Post: The Most Overused Words of 2012.

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Americans Donated $370 Billion to Non-Profits in 2012

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According to the Atlas of Giving they donated $370 billion to charities of various types in 2012.  Key quote from the CEO of Atlas of Giving in a Barron's article : "The philanthropic sector’s 2012 growth of 6.7% Americans are a generous people.

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Top 3 Gmail Productivity Tools

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Smart Marketing = List Segmentation

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Stop procrastinating! How to Overcoming and Avoid Procrastination - 30 Tips

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The one area I find most challenging to concur procrastination is writing articles for my blog. Procrastination is the #1 reason business owners find that their business stalls.

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8 Lies You’ve Been Told About Following Your Passion

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Sometimes it means reading a book, taking a walk, or even deciding to write an article. Are you doing what you truly want to do? Are you following your passion to the best of your ability? If you’re reading this post, the answer is most likely no.

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Beauty Trends for 2012

Small Business Labs

  Because of this, we were quite excited by this month's trends articles in Beauty Store Business Magazine.   December's issue of Beauty Store Business magazine has several articles on beauty trends.    Key summary quote from the article: " consumers are still insecure about spending; the luxury market is taking off; technology is increasingly integral to retailing; consumers are starting to keep it local."

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22 Secrets to Discovering Your Dream and Living It

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Also see their article, How to Choose Achievable Goals. With articles to help as well. One of the most important rules of happiness in life is to do what you love. But discovering that dream job and what you are meant to do in life isn't always so easy.

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6-Step Checklist for a Successful Sales System

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In this article I’m sharing with you my back-office checklist so that you don’t miss anything out! c) 2012 Tracey Lawton. Get your fr.ee “Office Organization Success Toolkit” plus how-to articles, resources, tips, and tools at [link].

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Infographic: UK SME Stats 2012

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Interested in the UK small business stats from 2012 regarding employment and turnover? Take a look below and you can see our very first infographic created via info.gram.

How To Be Smart

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She has authored over a dozen academic articles and is about to receive her PhD. Too many people think that intelligence is a gift of nature and that there is little anyone can do to improve theirs.

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Expand Your Wi-Fi Signal At Home And Make Your Internet Faster

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I can stream HD-quality movies on my secondary monitor while working on an article I need to publish. S ometimes being productive means having the right tools at the right time. Sometimes having the right tools means having to shell out extra dollars just to get them.

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5 Steps to Laser-Sharp Focus

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Focus comes when you sit down and write that article , get that assignment done, or take one step closer to your goals. Procrastination, fear , and overwhelm are just some of the things that stop us from taking action and reaching our dreams.

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5 Little Secrets for Turning Fear into Your Loyal Servant

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You are not your fear is the message I want you to get from this article. Fear is misunderstood. We learn that fear is bad , and happiness is good. We run away from fear and toward happiness. But what is fear, if not a few sensations in the body coupled with a few thoughts?

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7 Everyday Mistakes That Turn Your Life from Heaven to Hell

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You’re reading this article for a reason. If you take nothing else from this article, then let it be that. Are you stuck? Does it feel like you deserve something better, but nothing is happening? You’re not alone.

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Minimizing Distractions to Increase Productivity

Simple Productivity Blog

Grace, the author of the article enjoys sharing various interesting tips and tricks on home organizing and self improvement. This post was written by a guest author. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guest post guidelines. For the most part it is extremely common for most people to have difficulties in keeping focused on a single task, especially in today’s multitasking environment at any office or job you might undertake.

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How to Write Sales Pages that Empower and Sell!

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As solo-entrepreneurs, we have a lot of stuff that we are supposed to write for our business >> blog posts, articles, web site content, Facebook posts, LinkedIn profiles, ezines, etc. (I'm Friday, October 26, 2012 9 AM PST / 11 AM CST / 12 PM EST. Sign up today!

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Email Newsletter: 3 Alternatives to an Ezine

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This article was inspired by a conversation I had today with a client; in fact this isn’t the first time I’ve had a similar conversation with clients, so I thought I’d share my response to them with you. Articles for Reprint Online Marketing ezine newsletter

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Top 10 Signs Coworking is Growing Up

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The recent Global Coworking Unconference Conference left many with the same impression it did Shareable's Neil Gorenflo - that " coworking's all grow'd up "   GigaOm's Jessica Stillman echoes this view, writing in her article The conversion to coworking 2.0  Only 27% do not plan to expand in 2012.

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10 Quick Actions You Can Take Today That Can Instantly Improve Your Life

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There are plenty of articles that give you vague advice on improving your life. But in this article you’ll discover 10 quick and practical actions you can take today. They are very short, so this article is a quick and easy read. Before we dive into the article, remember, it is only through taking action that you can improve your life. No one can do it for you. You alone have to take responsibility. Are you ready? Simplify Take one thing in your life and throw it away.

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The Beagle Guide To Simplicity

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While I was writing the article about cat productivity , I caught my dog looking at me sadly. Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog. A beagle, she has mastered the whole “puppy dog sorrowful look.” ” That’s actually why I have a dog right now, but that’s another story for another time. Our dog is an older beagle, adopted as an adult from a rescue, we think about 9 or 10. She is sweet, loving, and generally happy.

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Business Planning for 2012

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I don’t know about you, but everywhere I’ve turned these past couple of weeks I’ve been hearing about planning for 2012. In fact, just last weekend I mapped out my entire 2012 (and into 2013) strategic marketing plan — it really isn’t that hard to do when you’ve got some key business planning tools at your disposal. Pick whichever article is appropriate for your situation!

7 Effective Steps to Taking Action When You Don’t Know What to Do

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That's why, in this article, we'll take a look at how you can take action. And I do this by creating products, services, and writing articles online. What do you do when you feel like taking action, but don't know what you should do, how you should do it, or where you should start? If you're like most people, you might just give up in frustration, while cursing some unknown entity.

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The #1 Key to Getting Paid to Do What You Love

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I’m here to do my best to fill that gap, and with this article, I hope to nudge you in the right direction. More and more people are waking up to the fact that their life isn’t what they want it to be. Is yours? People are frustrated, angry, and confused. But this is good. Because it's the first step. You have to know what is wrong before you can change it. I’ve never wanted a job. I couldn’t survive in that environment. If you’re reading this, you may be able to relate.

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Real-World Experience Pays Off

On The Job

In my case, I began working for the school newspaper and writing articles for my hometown newspaper by the time I was 17. Journalism has always been one of those professions that demands experience before you even get your first job at a television station or newspaper.

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Increasing Your Productivity: The Big Picture AND the Little Picture

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As the title of this article suggests there is big-picture productivity and little-picture productivity. This article will explain both and give you plenty of tips for boosting each of them. Everyone wants to boost their productivity, whether it’s at your day job or your personal development goals. Why does it seem so difficult?

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Creating A Marketing Calendar: Your Essential Business Planning Tool

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Most Politicians, Bankers and big companies have no idea what it is like to be a small business owner

The Small Business Blog

Recently, I was going through my Evernote archives of articles that I had ‘clipped’ over the last month and that I thought would be good feedstock for blog posts. As I was going through all of the articles, I came across Most small business owners have skipped paychecks from Yahoo! Small Business Advisor. When I…

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5 Strategies for a Super Follow Up System

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2012 Goals – Working Healthier At Home

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That needs to stop in 2012. In the article, Justine gives readers 8 small things they can do during the workday to help us feel healthier mentally and physically. We’re three days into the new year and I find myself thinking of some things I’d like to work on this year.

12 Techniques to Help You Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life

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The proliferation of articles about happiness as of late has been astonishing. It seems that everything comes in a list format nowadays. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat” or “Open box, Remove Contents, Try and Assemble”. Maybe it is because when we see things in a list format our brain interprets them as a set of instructions - rules that must be followed. Everybody is coming up with the magic formula for finding happiness.

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How to Make Each Day a Downhill Stroll Instead of an Uphill Struggle

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Back in college, I came across a life-changing personal development concept. It made an immediate difference to my academic work – and it’s still something that helps me every day.

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12 Ways to Fail in Goal Setting

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But in this article, we will discuss the not-so ideal things that make you fail and not reach your goals. Do you have something you really want to have in your life? Is there an ultimate thing that would make you the happiest person in the world?

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Writer's Block Stinks: 4 Steps for When Your Get-Up-And-Go Has Gone-Up-And-Went

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  Store article ideas, samples of posts you like that you might want to share, etc. In the last few weeks I have had a number of clients share their frusteration with writer's block.    Interestingly enough, I found myself in a similar slump! 

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Strategies for Automating Some (Hopefully not All) of Your Social Media Content

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Newspaper and magazine articles. Articles. I have been talking with people about social media a lot lately.    There is a lot of confusion and frustration about what to do and what not to do when it comes to social media.

The Elevator Pitch Checklist

Job Advice Blog

A recent article of mine covered most people’s lack of efficacy in practicing their elevator pitches at job search networking meetings. I wanted to follow up on that and prove my tenets, so I brainstormed with a group of trusted associates—all of whom are in transition—and we came up with some “best practices.” Following are [.].

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"Hopefully" Gets Upgrade at AP

Business Writing

I recommend her article, "AP’s Approval of ‘Hopefully’ Symbolizes Larger Debate Over. The adverb hopefully, meaning "it is hoped," was just upgraded to acceptable at The Associated Press Stylebook (AP), according to Monica Hesse writing in yesterday's Washington Post online. Grammar and Usage Proofreading Teaching Business Writing

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Systems: This Is What Happens When You Have The RIGHT Systems But In The WRONG Order

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Get your fr.ee “Office Organization Success Toolkit” plus how-to articles, resources, tips, and tools at [link]. Articles for Reprint Business Planning management systems office management office systems

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Is it Possible to be an Outgoing/Extraverted Introvert?

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Forbes recently had an article on leadership comparing introverts and extroverts.  If you are interested in that Forbes article here it is: Introverts No Longer the Quiet Followers of Extroverts - Forbes. 

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