Session 6 - Thursday, Sept 29, 2011

Office Dynamics

She also discussed their approach to skills training, including their focus on matching skill competencies to training; exploring internal and external training opportunities. So, they decided to look at compensation levels, salary standards and the exempt versus non-exempt status employee tracks. Stir Up the Profession: Trailblazing the Path Forward. Tonya Roth). Tonya gave a heart-warming presentation about how everyone should be included, everyone should be valued.

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How to Prove that You Are Worthy of a Raise

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If he asks why, tell him that you have career goals and improving your skills and increasing your responsibilities is part of that. How many new skills did they learn? For additional salary negotiation tips and strategies, join Passive Panda's Free Newsletter on Earning More Photo Credit: baslow. Getting a raise is one of the quickest ways to improve upon your financial picture. A few minutes of conversation can lead to a pay increase that you will enjoy year after year.

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10 Reasons to Work for a Non-Profit Organization

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This allows for a greater opportunity to learn new skills and further develop pre-existing abilities on the job. Generally, working at a non-profit will not involve high salaries, but there is something deeper at stake. If you’ve been reading posts at Ian’s Messy Desk for any length of time —or if you’ve read my About page— you will know I work for a non-profit organization. In a few weeks, I will be celebrating 15 years in this position. I do mean celebrating.

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A Recruiter Makes Predictions About the Job Market

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Also, staying current on certifications is key "to show your skills are fresh." Some other advice and predictions from Romaine: • Salaries won't recover soon. Some companies cut salaries 10% or more when the recession hit, and with salary increases averaging less than 2%, Romaine says don't count on starting a new job with a big pay jump over your previous position unless you're in high demand like workers in IT.

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5 Things You Should Know About a Company Before You Accept Their Offer

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Copyright © 2011 Productivity Bits. With room for advancement comes salary increases. How does the company handle salary increases? You can offer the hiring company your skills and experience, but make sure you find out what the company can offer you in return. Visit the original article at [link]. Guest Post. Y ou’ve just received a phone call offering you a job.

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Know Your Business Inside Out

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You will need to appoint the right people with the right skills for the job. Planning for the future is essential and you will need to make sure that you can afford the salaries of anyone you hire. As a small business owner in control of a successful business, it can be tempting to simply sit back and allow it to almost run itself.

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4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Finding Remote Work

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Salaries sometimes run 10 percent to 20 percent less than working on site. Sharpen your technology skills. Many people think they want to work from home until they do it. Then, they get tired of the isolation, the constant need to do housework or watch "Teen Mom" when they should be working. It's not for everyone, but if you can find a way to stay focused, it might be a way to forge a new career path.

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How to Turn a Part-Time Job Into a Full-Time Gig

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Don't just consider the salary," Lauby says. The key is to be more strategic in taking on tasks that will help you demonstrate your value or skills. Lauby says a part-time job still demonstrates that others believe you are worth the investment and gives you time to pursue more training or additional skills. I think lot of the career "snobbiness" from the last decade is about gone. It used to be that taking a job at McDonald's was something to be joked about.

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Content Quality and Quantity Are the Cause of Wikipedia’s Woes

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Call me old-fashioned, but I’d have a great deal more respect for Wikipedia if it rested securely on the foundation of professional writers and editors who are subject-matter experts (or at least highly skilled generalist writers whose expert editors catch any problems with the accuracy of the content). As the result of a rigorous review process that, partly because only the editor in chief, Larry Sanger, was salaried, proceeded at a glacial pace.

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Should You Work With a Spouse?

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The Palmers suggest spending at least a year determining your abilities, your skills, how you will handle conflicts, etc. Look at items such as setting salaries, hiring and firing employees, managing workers and tasks, getting insurance, marketing your skills and even planning the work space. I've never watched "Sister Wives" before, but caught an episode last night where all the wives quit their jobs and moved from Utah to Las Vegas, Nev. with their husband.

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I’m telling my friends about the bad customer service

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One size does not fit all in the people pleasing category, but all too often customer service jobs start out as entry-level positions with entry-level salaries. In the nearby mall, there is a young adult clothing store which hires its sales personnel by their physical attractiveness – agreed the young women and men are extremely good-looking, but it hasn’t been any boom to their customer service skills.

5 tips for Being a Freelance Worker

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It's a great way to enhance your skill set and broaden your sphere of influence," he says. Ozier says that staffing companies such as his also find that older job seekers — who often have a more difficult time in the job market — have skills that are in demand by employers seeking contract workers. They are experienced, have a shorter ramp-up time and have very sought-after skills."

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The Rise of High-End Personal Services

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According to the New York Times , high-end nannies in New York City are garnering salary and benefit packages that take their total compensation to well over $200,000 per year. Basically, individuals outsource tasks they don't have the time for, don't want to do, or don't have the skills to do to these firms and individuals. millionaires (those with a net worth more than $1 million excluding their primary residence) grew for the 3rd year in a row in 2011 to 8.6

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Thoughts On Finding A New Job

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Copyright © 2011 Marlon Ribunal. It all comes down to the overall compensation package – On top of the Salary, the employee must take into consideration the Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Profit-Sharing, Stock Options, and other benefits. Hone Your Technical Skills. Technical skills are in demand now and there is a great chance that it will remain in this trend. Visit the original article at [link]. Post written by Marlon Ribunal. Follow me on t witte r.

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Love CSI? How About a Career in Computer Forensics?

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates computer forensics jobs are expected to grow more than 13 percent in the next several years with starting salaries of about $46,500. While computer skills are necessary for the work, Bunting says those well versed in that field may not be well suited for forensics work since it can be very monotonous, especially when it comes to poring through data for hours, looking for clues.

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Real-World Experience Pays Off

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The university received more than 43,000 applications for a freshman class of less than 3,000 in 2011, and President Joseph E. With the co-op program's six-month stint, employers said they had a chance to train the students, expose them to different skills and opportunities, and really assess whether a person was a good fit for the organization, Aoun says.

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