3rd Annual GMW Earth Day Giveaway 2011

Eco-Office Gals

Welcome all our Earth Day Giveaway Sponsors for 2011 and their generous donations to Green Your World (I will be adding to the list as sponsors come in!): Use other Social Networking avenues to get the word out about the giveaway and let us know which ones you did. Post from: Eco-Office Gals 3rd Annual GMW Earth Day Giveaway 2011. Let’s get this party started!

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10 Apps for the Entrepreneur 2011

Eco-Office Gals

This particular phonebook app works with social networking to keep contact information on your iPhone up to date. For the busy entrepreneur, you don’t have time to search online social media accounts for phone numbers the live updating as soon as contact information is put into the networks via the notification option saves time and prevents the loss of contact data due to changing numbers or email addresses. Post from: Eco-Office Gals 10 Apps for the Entrepreneur 2011.

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My Theme for 2011: Decisive Productive Action - Productive & Organized

Stephanie LH Calahan

Archive Network with Steph Is This You? 5 Steps to Meal Planning Success » My Theme for 2011: Decisive Productive Action Do you have a theme for 2011?    2011 = DECISIVE PRODUCTIVE ACTION     Your Thoughts Are The Catalist “Watch your thoughts, for they become words. I have gone through some amazing transformations in the past two years and can happily say that I'm rolling into 2011 with excitement for life and raring to go! 

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Earth Day 2011 Green Tips & Additional Entries

Eco-Office Gals

I hope you are leaving tons of great green tips, sharing the products you hope to win, and sharing the giveaway on all your social networks! RT @ ecologicbrands Earth Day Giveaway 2011 Win one year of #7thGeneration Detergent – and more! Post from: Eco-Office Gals Earth Day 2011 Green Tips & Additional Entries. The internet is a buzz with Earth Day Happenings including the Green My World Earth Day Giveaway !

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Six Easy Networking Tips for Introverts

Dumb Little Man

When I’ve been to networking events, I’ve found it incredibly helpful to have some established friends there already. The same applies to networking. You may not think your accent is strong, but consider the people you’re networking with: I’m from the UK, and I occasionally have to repeat myself when I’m at events in the US.) The important thing is that you went to the event, and you had a go at networking – next time, it’ll be easier.

7 Social Networking Dos and Don’ts

Office Organization Success

One area where business owners are seeking more and more support in is that of social networking – they find it overwhelming and don’t know what to do, so engage the services of a social media expert to manage it for them. Whilst on the surface this strategy sounds great there is one major flaw with it – social networking is a way for YOU to engage with your audience and networks so that they can get to know YOU, not your assistant! c) 2011 Tracey Lawton.

6 Retail Trends to Watch in 2011

Small Business Labs

Entrepreneur's Daily Dose blog has a list of 6 retail trends for 2011.  Social Networking.   The trends are: Global Retailing. Going Green. Going Mobile. Local Relevance. Shrinking Assortments. That both global and local made the list caught my eye.    It seems a bit of a paradox, but I agree that retailing - and business in general - is increasingly global and local. 

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Inside the Peterborough PA Network

Practically Perfect PA

Next up in our series of blog posts about regional PA networks, we have the Peterborough PA network. Launched by Bethany Fovargue in 2013 this network has gone from strength to strength and Bethany is now asked to speak and promote the role of assistants all over the world. . I left primary teaching in June 2011 and started at Data Interchange as an Office Administrator shortly afterwards. Aside from the network, what have been your career highlights to date?

Local Online Advertising to Increase 18% in 2011

Small Business Labs

Main | Despite Recession, Private Tutoring Booms » August 25, 2010 Local Online Advertising to Increase 18% in 2011 Borrell Associates is forecasting a solid increase of 14% in online advertising in 2011.    This is much faster than their 2011 overall advertising growth forecast of 5%.  billion in 2011.

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Inside the Edinburgh PA Network

Practically Perfect PA

One of the reasons I started Practically Perfect PA back in 2011 was because I wanted to create an online community for assistants. Over the last few years there are plenty more online communities and in more recent times we have taken networking to a whole new level with local networks, organised by assistants, springing up all over the place. First up we have the Edinburgh PA Network. The PAs behind the Network. About the network….

The Power of a Personal Network

Make or Break Moments

On July 7, 2011, at 4:30pm, life blinked for my 20 year old son, Ben and the ripple effects of that blink reach beyond comprehension. Connecting Moments thank you blink of an eye build customer relationships network personal networkThey say life can change in the blink of an eye, but you never really appreciate how true that phrase is until someone blinks.

The Hidden Rewards of Network Building

Simple Productivity Blog

Being in sales, I was an early adopter of networking as a way to build a client base. This goes back to when a network was established by dropping off as many business cards in as many locations as you could think of – pretty ham-handed stuff, but it worked. After all, a network back then was strictly a numbers game. People with real academic credibility were taking this networking thing seriously and analyzing it. Advanced Social Networking.

Networking best practices for assistants

Practically Perfect PA

Networking is really important. We are behind the scenes specialists, we are not encouraged to put ourselves out there and even if we did want to get involved in a networking event we are often too busy to leave the office. The problem is networking is really important. We don’t have many career advancing opportunities and networking can help us learn from each other. Assistants that are good at networking are also a real benefit to their organisation.

Business Networking - How to Grow Your Online #Networking Into Real Relationships #smmanners

Stephanie LH Calahan

I asked my expert panel: Social Networking is a popular activity, but truly effective business people know that using online communication tools is about more than publishing content.    How do you use social networking to grow connections into relationships?    Please share the social networking tool and the technique you use. I love social networking but have learned that a whole slew of followers is not as profitable as one fan!

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Do Online Social Networks Make Us Better Social Beings?

Small Business Labs

The Smithsonian's How Technology Makes Us Better Social Beings covers research showing that online social networks like Facebook may make us more social.    Key quote: “There has been a great deal of speculation about the impact of social networking site use on people’s social lives, and much of it has centered on the possibility that these sites are hurting users’ relationships and pushing them away from participating in the world,”. “We’ve

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Business Networking - Breaking the Ice & Starting the Conversation #business #productivity

Stephanie LH Calahan

Business Networking!    Many of my clients tell me that they would rather have a root canal than go to a local event to network! There are a number of elements to effectively networking and growing relationships that ultimately grow your business.  When you have the opportunity to meet someone face-to-face, what is your most effective networking tip for breaking the ice?  The "Magic" Ice Breaker For Networking Events.

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Interns (& Internships) ROCK!

ProAssisting Blog

You will increase your network of contacts outside of your school which, if cultivated correctly, can lead to future job offers. I know, I know… ProAssisting is a blog and on-line learning environment for assistants… and it is but before one becomes an assistant, they usually have had some experience working as an intern.

The Power of a Personal Network

Make or Break Moments

On July 7, 2011, at 4:30pm, life blinked for my 20 year old son, Ben and … Continue reading → Connecting Moments thank you blink of an eye build customer relationships network personal network They say life can change in the blink of an eye, but you never really appreciate how true that phrase is until someone blinks.

How to Organize Business Cards & Networking Conversations - Interview & Giveaway @ContactKeeper

Stephanie LH Calahan

When you attend tradeshows or networking meetings, do you later experience the business card pile up? In 2011 we launched the most recent version of Contact Keeper in Small, Medium, and Large sizes and refills for each size in Office Depot and FedEx Office stores. They are designed for trade shows, conferences, seminars and networking with plenty of extra features. Contest ends Monday, August 8, 2011 at midnight

How to Turn Networking into Interviews

Job Advice Blog

People in transition know that 60 to 80 percent of job seekers get their next positions through networking. Consequently and whenever possible, they focus their daily activities on such networking. The reason is that they don’t have an understanding of the actual purpose of networking and [.]. But despite their—sometimes admittedly awkward—efforts, nothing comes of it. Interview Skills by Alex Freund

10 Ideas for Networking

Daily Writing Tips

Try one or more of these networking options: 1. Join an online writers’ community or social-networking site. They abound on the Web; I chose this one as an example because of the clever play on the name of the professional-networking site Linked In.). Develop your networking skills outside the writing realm by joining a civic or professional organization, volunteering with a nonprofit organization, or getting involved with a club or a hobby group. Networking Tips.

4 Rude Networking Behaviors

45 Things

I'm one of those people who has written many times about the values of networking. For all I know, networking leads to better digestion and clearer skin. But one thing I'm really tired of is rude networkers. So, before we block you on Twitter, dump you on LinkedIn and run from you at a networking event, let's clear the air. You may be a rude networker if you: 1. Networking is about honesty. What other rude networking behavior drives you crazy?

Productive Networking: 22 Ideas to Organize Business Cards for Effective Followup

Stephanie LH Calahan

The cards had been collected over a year or so of miscellaneous networking events and trade shows.  Collecting business cards or other forms of contact information is only the first step in networking.    A while back I wrote How to Waste Time and Lose Money Networking where I shared that follow up is the most important step to networking.  The most effective networkers have a system to manage/organize business cards and their contacts. 

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Session 4 - Wednesday, Sept 28, 2011

Office Dynamics

We attendees all got busy networking, exchanging business cards, talking and laughing as we chatted easily over lunch. STRATEGIC : Assessing What is Vital and Taking Action. Joanne Linden & Linda McFarland). For lunch, we’d left the gorgeous Pavilion Ballroom; taking an easy, short walk to Tbones restaurant for a great buffet. The food at Red Rock is delectably delicious!

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Top 5 Tips for Small Biz Networking Events

The Small Business Blog

Make sure that you take professional business cards with you to the networking event. Remember that direct selling is not the purpose of a networking event. Following-up is a crucial part of the networking process. The top 5 tips weekly post is always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. Thorough preparation is important. Try to think about questions you might be asked and consider your responses to them beforehand.

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Top 5 Tips on Selecting the Right Social Network for your Small Business

The Small Business Blog

Do your research before getting started with social networking. All social networks are very different and you will… The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners. Don’t assume that you can jump straight in and expect to be a great success.

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Discover the One Key Thing that is Killing Your Business Networking #business #productivity

Stephanie LH Calahan

  If very few business owners are able to effectively follow up after networking with someone, shouldn't that be a "no brainer" thing for you to get into place today? Productive networking is about more than collecting cards.  I asked: How do you make sure that you stay in contact and grow a relationship after meeting someone for the first time at a networking meeting, trade show or other event? 

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Smartphone Sales to Over Take Feature Phone Sales in 2011

Small Business Labs

Blog powered by TypePad Member since 01/2005 « 1 in 8 Consumers Forecasted to Cut or Eliminate Cable TV in 2010 | Main | An Overview of the Non-Profit Sector » May 12, 2010 Smartphone Sales to Over Take Feature Phone Sales in 2011 Nielsen is forecasting that smartphone sales in the U.S. will exceed "dumb" phones in 2011

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Listen Live to Stephanie on Solace Wealth Management on Jan 28.

Stephanie LH Calahan

Archive Network with Steph Is This You? What: Blog Talk Radio When: January 28, 2011 10am CST Add to your calenar now! What: Blog Talk Radio When: January 28, 2011 10am CST Add to your calenar now! Network with Stephanie or Connect with Your Smart Phone Become a Fan Follow this blog Categories News & Updates! Productive & Organized Home Contribute to P&O!

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Learn Why Social Networks Fail

Catch Friday

A lot of networkers on Ecademy are super people who have a. Business Scene, Steven Healey and some friends who have stayed friends, even despite my having been booted off that network for my sarcasm and naiviety. of the network along with his wife Penny. networkers that ruled Ecademy, which was very hard to penetrate. I remember that Blackstars were the buzz, the B was the buzz word, and when I first joined the network I wanted so much to be one, but.

Listen Live 01/11 as Stephanie Talks About #Organizing Myths on.

Stephanie LH Calahan

Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « Listen Live to Stephanie on Edge of Change - Interview with the Experts #Productivity #Organization | Main | My Theme for 2011: Decisive Productive Action » Listen Stephanie Talks About #Organizing Myths on the Active Christian Media Show You are invited! When: January 11, 2011 8:00 pm CST How: Listen on-line (via link above or dial in to (714) 202-9923 Add to your calendar now!

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5 Reasons People Run From You at Networking Events

45 Things

One of the things people like me always harp on is that you need to network all the time, whether you're employed or not. But I will be the first to admit that when I look back, there are things I wish I had done differently in my own networking efforts. So, when I offer you networking tips, they come from experience. May they save you from the same networking regrets. What are some other topics you don't think should be discussed while networking?

Personal Assistant Super Powers!

Practically Perfect PA

Skills admin administrators Executive Assistant Microsoft Office Personal Assistant Time management VA Industry VA networking Virtual Assistant virtual assistant business Virtual Assistant trainingEvery PA / EA has a set of skills that enable them to do their job well, senior staff might not notice these unique attributes but we should and more importantly we should know how to use them to the best of our abilities.

2011 186

Business Networking - Ecademy Testimonials

Catch Friday

A long time ago I was on the Ecademy Business Network, which I joined in April 2005 and was on till I was banned by best practice until I wrote the blog to end all blogs on Ecademy! Jean (Gentle) Loyens Lawrence practices what he preaches; he believes in people power and he shares what he can to help fellow Ecademists - a true networker, who passes on contacts to people he thinks would benefit. His networking skills go way above expectations.

2011 Survey Results: Solopreneurs Are Optimistic About 2012, Despite Challenges

The Solopreneur Life

Those are among the findings in The Second-Annual Solopreneur Life 2011 End-of-Year Survey. Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed said they took $40,000 or less out of their businesses in salary and profit in 2011. More than half of solopreneurs said their quality of life improved in 2011. In the 2011 survey, 67.5 In the 2011 survey, 15.6 In the 2011 survey, 84.4 In the 2011 survey, 72.8 In the 2011 survey, 89.6 In the 2011 survey, 69.4

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McKinsey spotlights The Networked Enterprise


We call this new kind of company The Networked Enterprise ". Read The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 Read The Networked Enterprise Book by Ken Thompson - published in June 2008! New McKinsey research shows that a payday could be arriving faster than expected. "A A new class of company is emerging--one that uses collaborative Web 2.0

The Green Job Front – Five Tips to Find a Green Career

Eco-Office Gals

Turn to your personal and work networks. Let the people in your network know that you are looking for work, and tell them a little about what you’re looking for. If your primary concern is recycling and conservation, let your network know that. One way that your network may be able to help you is in the area of focusing your vision. Broaden your personal and work networks by joining green networks. Clean Economy Network.

2011 178

8 Things You Need To Know About Social Networking

Small Business CEO

Social networking has taken the business world by storm. Social networking is more than just having a consistent online presence. Social networking should not in any way be misconstrued as a replacement for face-to-face interaction. In an increasingly fast-paced digital world, it seems that everybody is milking those social networking sites for all they are worth. Social networking is all about building relationships and sustaining them.

Social Networking Risks and Challenges for Small Business Owners

Small Business CEO

Everyone knows the benefits of being active members in social networking sites. While there are various articles on how good social networking is, there are regrettably, some negative sides to it as well. I am in no way attempting to dissuade anyone from being active in social networking sites. Business owners should claim their brand or company names on social networking sites as a way to protect your company’s reputation.

Start 2011 off Organized! - Productive & Organized

Stephanie LH Calahan

Archive Network with Steph Is This You? Work With Stephanie « 106 Thoughts on Overcoming Overwhelm in a Freaked-Out World | Main | Make Your Resolutions/Goals from a Customer/Client Perspective & Grow Your Business Next Year (The 3 Ss) » Start 2011 off Organized! Here are a few simple suggestions for starting 2011 out the organized way! Comments Start 2011 off Organized! Here are a few simple suggestions for starting 2011 out the organized way!

2011 143

Small Businesses and Digital Marketing in 2011

Small Business CEO

In a recently conducted Zoomerang survey , most SMBs would either increase their digital marketing efforts or retain them in 2011. Free, low-cost digital marketing tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites should target not only possible customers but attention should also be given on ways to retain the customers you already have. Marketing has come a long way from traditional tools used in print or magazine media.

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10 Tips for Protecting Personal Data While Travelling

Ian's Messy Desk

Technology central intelligence agency computer network security computer security crimes ethics identity identity theft laptop personal identification personally identifiable information privacy Security TheftImage via Wikipedia. Thanks to technology, work is not confined to the office. Laptops and phones are powerful enough that we can complete most types of tasks while travelling; any location can be a workstation. This can be a major productivity boon if you’re traveling on business.

2011 175

Are Your "Best of" Lists Alienating Your Network?

45 Things

If I were to ask you to list the five "best" people in your network, could you do it? Not exactly a way to make someone in your network feel special. A network is about give and take. best of network Anita Bruzzese. career advice networkingLists are big in my business. Want to get someone to read your story? List 10 ways they can lose weight by consuming only pancakes, lima beans and Fresca for two weeks. Those are fun to read, aren't they?