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A Cover Letter is NOT Optional!

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Home Founder Resume Writing Career Coaching Marketing Yourself Selling Yourself Job Stress General Advice Interview Skills "The Relocated Spouse [link] — jobconnection A Cover Letter is NOT Optional! A cover letter IS important. The cover is your entranceway.

Guest Blogger: David B. Wright, Author

The Office Professionals Place

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Guest Blogger: David B. Wright, Author So Youve Got the Job Interview - Now What? Youve sent out dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of resumes and cover letters. This morning the phone rang - youve got an interview!

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5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

On The Job

Helpful information and advice from Americas favorite workplace columnist About Anita Blog Books Syndicated Column Interviews Career Links Contact Monday, August 10, 2009 5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation Are you your own worst enemy? If you dont think so, read this column I wrote for Gannett, and you may just change your mind: Maybe you put countless hours into carefully crafting a resume and cover letter. cdn August 10, 2009 10:27 AM Anita said.

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On the Job by Anita Bruzzese: Being a Hiring Manager Doesn't Give.

On The Job

Now, I think its time I gave some pointers to interviewers. Rules for being a good hiring manager/interviewer: 1. Have a system in place to acknowledge that youve received a resume and/or cover letter when they come flooding in. July 10, 2009 11:24 AM Anita said.

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Atlanta, Georgia: The City that Smiles

Laughing all the Way to Work

© Copyright Patricia Robb 2010 18 September, 2009 Atlanta, Georgia: The City that Smiles I recently arrived in Atlanta, Georgia to attend OfficeArrow s Lift Summit on Social Media. Admin in the Spotlight: Interview with Lynn Holgat.

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Melba Duncan on the Hot Skills EAs Need For 2009 and Beyond

Stellar Assistants

I was first introduced to her in September 1999, when she was featured on the cover of Inc. Duncan in job interviews, and have even quoted her in resume' cover letters. Executives and hiring managers - is your assistant truly indispensable? It's titled Executive Assistants as Strategic Support Specialists, Managers and Leaders: An Expanding Universe I'm a HUGE fan of Melba J. Duncan. Rabid , in fact.

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Job Loss - It Can Happen to You!

Office Dynamics

It looks like I have a chance to interview for an EA position to the president & chief executive officer. In good times when I had all my senses engaged, I prepared my career portfolio, resume, brochure (what a gem of an idea you had Jasmine), and now a strong cover letter, you are always ready for whatever comes your way. I have had an interesting week, with 2 telephone interviews and 1 aptitude test. Admin Assistant Training Career Management

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Critical Steps in Your Career Transition

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Your action plan sets the tone of your search and keeps you on track to manage the application process. Hiring managers ‘Google’ the names of people they are interviewing and those they are considering interviewing.

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Beware of Career Marketing Firms

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Next, I Googled the company name–and searched on other search engines as well–to try to learn something about the proposal/agreement signer with the title of managing director.

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Is a Career Change Possible in this Economy?

Eat Your Career

I recently had the honor of interviewing Dick Bolles , author of “ What Color Is Your Parachute? I looked at a typical month during the high of the recession, which was April of 2009, and 4 million people found jobs that month and there were 3 million vacancies that didn’t even get filled that month. I’ve written a lot about this in the past, so here’s some recommended reading to help ease a career transition (in any economy): Managing Risk During a Career Change.

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Tips From Successful Job Seekers

On The Job

In October 2009 — when thousands of people were losing jobs — Woody was hired as communications manager for Association Headquarters Inc. I suggested in my cover letter some ideas to pique the employer's interest," she says.

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Small Business Start-Up Idea – C.V. Writing Service | THE SMALL.

The Small Business Blog

WinWeb – Your Office Online Simply the best way to manage your small business! Many people have trouble writing a successful CV or cover letter, so if you have excellent writing skills and know how to effectively create a résumé then this business may be for you.

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