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Inside the Edinburgh PA Network

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Over the last few years there are plenty more online communities and in more recent times we have taken networking to a whole new level with local networks, organised by assistants, springing up all over the place. I thought it would be great if we had a little space on Practically Perfect PA dedicated to these awesome networks and I thought it would be even better if we found out a little more about the assistants who start up the groups. The PAs behind the Network.

How to stay on top of your marketing and networking tasks

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Home VA Training VA FAQ Podcast Featured Events for Bloggers & VAs How to stay on top of your marketing and networking tasks Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 2:12 pm // By: ktcosmos // Category: Business Strategies/Perspectives , Virtual Assistant Resources Today I’m excited to feature a guest post by my friend and colleague, Tara Fort, owner of Versatility! In conjunction with the calendar is The Marketing Mix: Official Blog from Marketing-Mentor, [link].Â

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VA Industry Leaders: a conversation

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In addition to not totally understanding the blogging craze, I am really stumped on how social networking could possibly help me market my services. I hear you on the weekly new invites to join new networks. I had a chat to my accountant and we decided setting up a network of homebased secretaries would be the best way to assist those asking for help. So, I founded the first Virtual Assistant network in the southern hemisphere without realising what I was doing at the time!

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