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The Future (And History) of Phishing And Email Security

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That was when email was born. Because computer networks were so small and used by few people, email was not built with security in mind. billion email addresses worldwide never occurred to anyone. This oversight first led to spam and then email phishing. How can understanding the evolution of email help us to understand how to fight back against phishing and scam? The History of Email. The mass email was about a presentation at a hotel.

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What is Your 1400 Plan? Don't Have My Tradgedy! #businesscontinuity #productivity #dontwasttime

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Looking back, I have had 3 laptops, one Palm, and one backup hard drive all crash on me since 2002.   I give the guy my information only to learn that my special Black Tie protection had expired 2 months earlier!  THE COST. Outside of the actual dollar cost of the new computer and warranty plan, there was a horrible cost in time.   I used my iPhone to access email and my family laptop to do some things on-line. 

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