Top ten ways to stay healthy at your desk

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To counteract the closed-in position maintained while talking on the phone, typing at your computer or reviewing documents, tilt your head back slightly while bringing your arms behind your waist to open and stretch the neck, chest and shoulders. Take a few minutes to meditate, read a few jokes, phone a friend (don’t talk about work), listen to a couple of your favorite songs, daydream about your favourite vacation spot.

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How to ensure your boss has a great business trip

Practically Perfect PA

Well, let me introduce you to Diamond Air International, an airport concierge service that will ensure your Executive a stress free business trip. Since 2001 DiamondAir International has been the world’s leading provider of the finest luxury airport services to over 500 destinations worldwide, including London Heathrow and London City Airport , rail stations, ports and other transport hubs. Assistants spend hours putting together travel itineraries for their Executives.

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5 Challenges and Mistakes Faced by Every Solopreneur

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The main reason I started my business in the first place (way back in November 2001) was so that I could have a flexible schedule – I had two young children at the time and needed to have a very flexible schedule that would allow me to be around for them, particularly during school holidays. Having the right systems in place leads to consistent revenues, more clients, and less stress and overwhelm.

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Welcome to Whole Life Productivity

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With the publication of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity , an attempt was made to get out of the rigid prioritization of the old paper systems, and adapt to modern life. After all, if the next thing on your list is to make a phone call, it would make sense to only see that when you have a phone, right? Many things have changed since 2001. Cell phones are now common, if not universal. What hasn’t changed since 2001 is the focus on work.

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