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Technology of the week: Canned Emails

Practically Perfect PA

What is Canned Emails? sent you an email a little while ago. However, it is great!). What does it do? How does it benefit assistants?

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10 Things NOT to Tell Your Email Readers

Business Writing

Sometimes people say things in email that would be better left unsaid. Email Etiquette

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Administrative: Email Signatures and Sign-Offs

Office Dynamics

Using professional email sign-offs is just one way to maintain your professionalism when using email to communicate.

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Gmail Email Management: Create Filters and Labels for Quick and Easy Email Organization

Office Organization Success

We all know that email is a huge source of overwhelm for many solopreneurs, and also one of the biggest time drains. Get quick and easy access.

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How do assistants ensure their emails are read?

Practically Perfect PA

hate, hate, hate having a cluttered email inbox and always have a slight panic when I have more than 10 emails in there at any one time!

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Gmail Email Management: Create Filters and Labels for Quick and Easy Email Organization

Office Organization Success

We all know that email is a huge source of overwhelm for many solopreneurs, and also one of the biggest time drains. Get quick and easy access.

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7 Tips for Writing an Email Message

Daily Writing Tips

What’s so difficult about writing an email? Original Post: 7 Tips for Writing an Email Message. Nothing. Smith” or “Dear Ms.

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How A Simple Email Signature Can Get You More Clients

Office Organization Success

My email address (with an active hyperlink). But do you have all of your contact information on the bottom of all of your emails?  If not, why? 

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5-Step Checklist for Sending Out Email Broadcasts

Office Organization Success

Just some of the mistakes that can happen are: Bad links in emails – they go to the wrong page, or they don’t work. The Content. Look and Feel.

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A Simple Way to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control


then the email you received least recently will be at the top. That said, you really shouldn’t use your email client as a task manager.

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Instant Customer Data Analysis using Excel: worked example


In this article I will share with you a simple 7-step plan based on a fully worked example of Customer Data Analysis using Excel. Balance.

5 Awesome Tips to Writing Emails That Won't Be Ignored

Dumb Little Man

I'll confess before I begin - I still struggle a bit with keeping my emails short and sweet. Ditch Long Emails Except. Of course not!

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Tips for Better Email Deliverability

Small Business CEO

The cardinal rule of email deliverability is to never borrow, buy or rent an email list. Will my email address be shared or sold?

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How to Avoid Bullet-Hard Emails

Men With Pens

We can’t hear a person’s voice when we read an email. Read emails aloud – with a smile. wasn’t a jerk. Pushy.

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3 Examples of How Semicolons Strengthen a Sentence

Daily Writing Tips

Semicolons help clarify construction of sentences. This issue is not cut and dried, it’s actually fairly complicated. Punctuation

Simple Email Management With The New Gmail Tabs

Office Organization Success

Okay, so first let’s address those emails that have been sent out…. 1. They love Gmail. I They sound desperate! Segment Your List.

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19 Tips for Managing Your Email Even When You Don't Want To.

Productive & Organized

  Multiple studies on business productivity will tell you that huge amounts of time are wasted on email. little more control over email.

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Automating Email: Canned Responses

Simple Productivity Blog

For many of us, email is a major form of communication. Between personal and work email, many of us can receive hundreds of messages a day! Many of those emails require a quick response, and some of them request the same information over and over. Examples: For my review requests, I only use a standard reply when I am saying no.

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Email List Management: What Happens When You Choose the WRONG Email List Management Service!

Office Organization Success

Usually they come to me having already started to build their list, and have even subscribed to an email list management service so that they can deliver their ezine on a regular basis. You’ll also need to do your research into the different email list management services that are available and see what they offer. 

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The Three-Step Process for Simple Email Processing

Simple Productivity Blog

One of the biggest hassles I hear about these days is the struggle to keep up with email. Classify Your Email. Informational. Requests.

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The One Email You Must Send Before You Go on Vacation


An example of this is if you’re in charge of a number of clients who held up by that favourite of all contexts…the infamous “Waiting on” context.

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Opening Lines: How to Follow Up in Email

Business Writing

Today I led the online class How to Write Email That Gets Results. For example, when I'm following. Email Writing TipsBrad, a participant in the class, had this legitimate goal: "My goal is to master different introductions for different types of messages.

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How to Get Your Emails Opened and Acted Upon

Office Organization Success

My friend and email marketing expert, Linda Claire Puig, is hosting this valuable teleseminar on how to write the world’s hottest subject lines…this is one of the most important (and overlooked) skills you need to attract clients online and grow your business to 6-figure success. Reserve your spot right now, as this call will fill up!

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Email Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why You Should Be Using It to Market Your Business.

Tips From T. Marie

Did you know: Your email message is five times more likely to be seen than a Facebook post. Starting an email list is easy.

Outlook Tip: Create Rules and Folders for Simple Email Management

Office Organization Success

Do you get a ton of emails each day? For example, I belong to several different networking groups and receive daily emails from all of them.

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Technology of the week: Subject Line

Practically Perfect PA

It is also a great online resource for anyone that writes marketing emails with lots of helpful blogs and tips. What is Subject Line?

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Dealing with Email and Filing

Simple Productivity Blog

There are a few things that we do with email: we either need to take action, or save it for informational purposes. The Whole Point. Keep Up.

Why I Don't Filter My Email Into One Account


The idea of putting all of your emails into a filter that brings them into a single email account has been widely lauded by many over the years.

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2013 Email 23

Email Productivity: My GMail Secrets

Simple Productivity Blog

With all the talk I’ve been doing recently, I thought I would write two final articles on how I actually process email. One Inbox. Labels.

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Revisiting My OS X Email App of Choice


So I began to look at OS X email apps once again, with the hopes of finding something that would fit my needs. Airmail. Unibox. Airmail.

Email List Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, and Cures

The Solopreneur Life

L ist fatigue is the gradual decline of responsiveness by your email subscribers. Over time, your list doesn’t open as many emails, click through to your website, or forward to friends as often as they once did. Your messages are filtered as junk in the subscribers’ email client. Your emails are badly designed.

A Simple Way to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control


It’s a simple tip that will help you keep your email inbox under control, and you can make this simple adjustment now and begin to see it pay immediate dividends (whether you use your email inbox as a task manager or not. 1. then the email you received least recently will be at the top.

Swipe File: Winning Confirmation, Thank You, and Welcome Messages

Denise Aday

You’ve already made your signup offer enticing enough for someone to submit their email address (and perhaps more). On to the examples….

Top 3 Gmail Productivity Tools

Office Organization Success

Email Signatures. If there were several emails within the conversation thread, this meant that my signature appeared way down at the bottom.

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Effectively Utilize Outlook to Increase Productivity and Save Time with These 5 Simple Tips

Office Organization Success

Members of my Easy Office Organization program and my private clients know that I’m a die-hard Outlook fan.  I’ve tried many email and contact management systems over the years, but keep coming back to this one tool.  Because it does everything that I could possibly need in order to effectively run my business.  It’s my: Email manager.

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How I Use Todoist And Evernote Together


Let me give you an example. I’m currently working on my next book. To be clear, I don’t use all of the email addresses Todoist allows.

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Communication Skills That Have Impact…Choose The Right Medium

Office Dynamics

In the 21 st century, we have so many ways to communicate. Is Is each communication medium interchangeable? So let’s get started! Goal/Motive. Are you.

How to Get the Boss to Listen to You

On The Job

For example, saying "We need to be more efficient as a team" will grab the boss' attention, focusing on you and your opinions.

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The 10 Worst Email Habits

On The Job

While you may claim to hate email , the truth is that you don’t hate email. So it’s time to do an email intervention. Being lazy.

How to Build an Input Management Plan


For example: if you have reference material that comes in via email, you can filter it within email or filter it by getting it out of email. Honestly, I prefer the latter and put most of my reference material in Evernote , as it keeps my email reserved for communication purposes only. STEP ONE: Filter Everything.

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