December, 2016

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Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2017

Small Business Labs

This year we release our 10 th annual Top 10 Small Business Trends list.  And it's mentioned below.  It's still too far away. 

2017 112

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Goal Setting & Branding for 2017

Office Dynamics

In this brief webinar with Office Dynamics, we cover quick and impactful tips on goal setting and branding. Resources From the Goal Setting Webinar.

2017 142

How to have an end of year detox in the office

Practically Perfect PA

Taking the time for an end of year detox will mean you’re ready for a fresh start in the New Year. It’s staggering but true. organiseyouroffice.

2016 75

4 Fun Ways to Improve Your Productivity

Dumb Little Man

What better way to live than having fun and being productive at the same time? These 4 are the exceptions, though. Not so. – Eating a snack.

2016 94

Review: Grammarly’s Spelling and Grammar Checker

Business Writing

signed up for the premium version and tested it to. Best Picks Grammar and Usage Proofreading Punctuation Pointers Spellchecking

2016 61
2016 UPS 61

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When Losing is the Answer – 3 Things to Lose for your Best Year Yet

Practically Perfect PA

At this time of year you may be thinking about the New Year and starting afresh, you may even be visioning your success. Lose your limiting beliefs.

2016 62

Career Success A to Z: E is for Etiquette

Eat Your Career

This article is part of a series. Learn more about it and access links to other articles in the series  here. 1922). It’s powerful when used well.

20 Best Productivity Apps and Programs for 2017

Dumb Little Man

So you want to level up your earning potential, move towards work that’s more fulfilling, and do more with less effort. That’s awesome. So let’s begin.

2017 76

Money: Increasing The Value Of Your Home

Small Business CEO

CEOs – are you going to sell your home sometime in the near future? One way to do that is by renovating your home.

2016 59

The London Times on the Future of Work

Small Business Labs

The London Times has an interesting special section on the future of work that was developed by the marketing content agency Ranconteur. 

2016 72

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: Strategies for Being a World Class Assistant

Office Dynamics

In today’s free webinar Joan shares Strategies for Being a World Class Assistant and she covers the topic of Creating a Career Portfolio.

2016 129

Want to work for a startup? What you need to know

Practically Perfect PA

With the end of the year hurtling towards us, many of you will be thinking about next year and potentially looking for a new job. Download the eBook.

2016 55

The Proactive Professional: TV Interview!

Eat Your Career

hope you enjoy it! The post The Proactive Professional: TV Interview! appeared first on Eat Your Career. Uncategorized Video interview

How To Easily Choose The Best Real Estate Agent For You

Dumb Little Man

Buying and selling property are both time-consuming and troublesome things. At the same time, you need to negotiate and do paperwork. Conclusion.

2016 69

How To Select A Billing Company For Your Business

Small Business CEO

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing a Billing Company over In-house Billing. Medical billing forms a critical pillar in the healthcare practice.

2016 59

What is Hygge?

Small Business Labs

Hygge is a   Danish word that roughly translates to a feeling of comfort and coziness.    J. The article highlights the U.K.

2016 64

12 Days of Christmas Webinar: The Accelerated Assistant

Office Dynamics

In our program today we talked about seven ways to become an accelerated assistant. Links to the programs will be sent daily. More about Simon Sinek.

2016 125

How to Cut Your Workload in 2017

On The Job

Most of us take time off around the holidays, and it's a good time to reflect about what we do -- and do not -- want to do in the coming new year.

2017 46

25 Words Coined by Nineteenth-Century Authors

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists a number of words that were introduced to the lexicon by novelists and other writers during the nineteenth century. 1. Vocabulary

2016 39

4 Productivity Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

Dumb Little Man

The biggest obstacle to our success as business owners is often not a lack of knowledge or resources, but rather our ability to manage time.

2016 60

Complimentary Products Boost Sales and Company Revenue

Small Business CEO

Without healthy and consistent sales, there is no sustaining a business. Think about the last time you went to see a new movie.

2016 59
2016 59

The Courtesy Greeting to Use When Gender Is a Mystery

Business Writing

Normally the greeting would be “Dear Misses. So-and-so,”. Courteous Writing Etiquette

2016 28

Revolutionary Ways Assistants Can Get Information from Their Managers

Office Dynamics

The theme for our 23rd Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence was The Revolutionary Assistant. We had 450 assistants from 11 countries attend.

2016 97

When Career Pride Becomes Destructive

On The Job

But can that pride backfire? She says her research shows there are two kinds of pride: hubristic and authentic. Leon F.

2016 34

The Word of the Year for 2016

Daily Writing Tips

This post discusses the 2016 selections. Another is feckless , meaning “ineffective” or “irresponsible.” Professionally printed in as few as7 days.

2016 36
2016 UPS 36

Most Powerful New Year Quotes to Motivate Anyone for a Fresh New Beginning in 2017

Dumb Little Man

After sending out inspiring Christmas quotes , follow up with our new collection of motivational Happy New Year quotes. It’s a new year, friends!

2017 55

Company Cafeterias Foster Healthy Eating Habits

Small Business CEO

You are what you eat. … Economy & Environment company cafetaria employee wellbeing

2016 59

How Thinking Small Can Improve Your Writing

Business Writing

On the job, we strive to think big. We try to see the big picture and the long view. But thinking big can weaken our writing. Organizations.

2016 28
2016 Email 28

10 Ways You Can Get Control Of Your Day

Office Dynamics

Office Dynamics is celebrating this month of giving by presenting free 30-minute webinars for 12 business days in a row. Focus on the task at hand.

2016 89

4 Things You Must Do for Your Career in 2017

On The Job

Let's start with a list of things you need to STOP doing: 1. Writing childish and uncivil things on your social media accounts. Learning a new skill.

2017 34

25 Words Coined by Twentieth-Century Authors

Daily Writing Tips

This post lists a number of words that were introduced to the English lexicon by novelists and other writers during the twentieth century. 1.

2016 35

5 Ways to Woo Her This Holiday Season

Dumb Little Man

Gift giving can be tricky for many of us guys. Perhaps your partner takes care of everyone’s wish list and you have it pretty easy. Pamper her.

Solving Bank Collection Compliance Issues For United States Financial Institutions

Small Business CEO

If you run or manage a financial institution, then you already understand how difficult staying ahead of collection compliance laws can be.

2016 58

Key Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Small Business Labs

They see this as changing the competitive landscape of of manufacturing industries by reducing the relative competitive advantage of low-wage nations.

2016 25