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Can We Really Trust Facebook With Our Online Identity?

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Before Facebook. For most of us, our online identity is owned by Facebook. Is Facebook creepy? Before Twitter. Now it’s not.

27% of Small Businesses Using Facebook

Small Business Labs

As the chart below (chart 14 from the report) shows, Facebook is used by 27% of small businesses for business purposes.  economy. 

Survey: Solopreneurs Optimistic About 2011

The Solopreneur Life

S olopreneurs are extremely optimistic about 2011, even as they struggle with cash flow, time management, marketing, and other aspects of running their businesses. Solopreneur optimism for 2011 is remarkable: 49.6% What are your revenue expectations for 2011, compared to 2010? Facebook, 32.6%. Solopreneurs Are Bullish.

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Will Facebook Replace Traditional Websites?

Small Business Labs

  Last year we wondered if social media in general and Facebook in particular could replace traditional websites.    But despite the feedback, many small businesses are using Facebook for their firm's primary website.    27% said they are planning on increasing their spend due to social media.   

Top 10 Small Business Trends for 2011

Small Business Labs

Continuing our annual tradition, below is our Top 10 Small Business Trends list for 2011.    We're optimistic the economy will continue to improve in 2011 and economic growth will be more widespread.    Online micro-lending in particular will see a substantial increase in 2011

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Earth Day 2011 Green Tips & Additional Entries

Eco-Office Gals

Below you will find some green tips and retweets to share on Twitter or Facebook.  Try it, it is so worth it. link]. link]. link]. link].

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Life After Twitter And Facebook

Brilliantly Better

But instead of all the Earth being hit, let’s pretend that only two major things are hit: Twitter and Facebook. Lets try to imagine our life after the sad end of Twitter and Facebook. Dragos Roua for Dragos Roua - Brilliantly Better , 2011. Post tags: facebook , social media , twittrer. Much like the dinosaurs. Presto!&#.

Communicating With Small Businesses Using Facebook

Small Business Labs

  Yet another example of the growing power of Facebook.      But I digress. communicating directly with you)?

Tired Of Hearing About Facebook? The Value of a Facebook Fan May Change Your Mind

Small Business CEO

Furthermore, Facebook is about the easiest way to reach out to family and friends. In Depth Look: Facebook Fans and Company Revenue.

The Facebook Changes: How Will They Affect Solopreneurs?

The Solopreneur Life

spent most of mine beefing up The Solopreneur Life’s Facebook “fan&# page. But when I heard late last week about the latest Facebook changes, I knew it was a game-changer for me, and I suspect it will have big implications for a huge number of solopreneurs. Knowing that Facebook now was viable, I had work to do.

Trash Talking the Boss

On The Job

If you use Facebook, you're going to think the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is your new best friend. Seriously. But hold on a second.

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The Small Business Blog On Facebook

The Small Business Blog

A week ago, I launched a new Facebook Page for The Small Business Blog – please come and join me to talk about anything to do with small business, micro business, home business, self-employed, business start-up … Tell me what you think about my blog posts, leave your writing (comments) on my wall, give me…

Four Tips For Small Businesses Using Facebook As Their Main Website

Small Business CEO

More and more small businesses are setting up their Web headquarters on Facebook instead of a traditional website. What is entertaining content?

Giveaway: Like Eco-Office Gals Win Studiopress!

Eco-Office Gals

On Facebook? Extra entries – Like or share this post on Facebook, recommend the EOG fan page to your friends on FB. No problem.

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Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Concentration

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wonder what’s happening on Facebook? Whatever you do during the day, there are probably times when you need to concentrate. Eat sensibly.

2011 153

Seven Secrets of Highly Productive People

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Perhaps you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to work while you’ve got Facebook and Twitter open. Understanding “Peak” Times of Day.

2011 154

10 Tips On How to Use Evernote To Its Fullest

The Solopreneur Life

By the way, you’ll notice that the Share menu on the web now gives you the option to share to Facebook, too. 2. Claudine Motto. 1.

2011 148

Six Ways to Become More Self-Motivated

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Every time you switch to something else (like Facebook or your phone), you’re breaking your concentration. but it hasn’t worked.

2011 145

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Twitter Vs Facebook

Small Business CEO

By now we all realize that Facebook and Twitter can have some advantages in marketing our small businesses. 

How to Stay On-Task.Every Day

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Do you have trouble staying focused? yet you find it hard to keep on-task. Here’s how to stay focused and get more done – every day.

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9 Immediate Tips To Stay Focused on Your Goals

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Do you remember the new year's resolutions you set at the beginning of this year? What are they? How are you faring in them right now?

Goals 140

Master the Art of Re-purposing Your Work and You'll Save Multiple Hours - 50 Ideas To Get You Started

Productive & Organized

Most people remember to click the "share on Facebook" (or Twitter, Digg, etc.) PS Join us on Facebook! Experiment! Recycle!

2011 132

Trying to Improve Your Willpower is a HUGE Mistake - Here's What to Do Instead

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Do you always end up playing flash games or checking Facebook when you should be working? If only I could stay focused. Build a habit.

2011 123

Business Networking - How to Grow Your Online #Networking Into Real Relationships #smmanners

Productive & Organized

Maybe you have created the Facebook page and the Twitter profile.  You have got to be on social media sites!!! have to tell you. 

How to Have a Positive Attitude at Work (While Still Being Yourself)

Eat Your Career

Share this on Facebook. My former co-worker (let’s call her “Ruth”) always saw the negative in everything. Fair enough. Not surprising.

2011 124

3 Forms of Radical Relaxation

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But the more you get lost in email, Facebook, and Twitter, the more your brain and nervous system must remain “on.” But here’s the thing. Rela

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Time Management Tips that DON'T Work -- Yet You Try Them All of the Time

Productive & Organized

Here is a bit of background:  Earlier this week, I shared a link on my Facebook Page called 10 Time Management Tips that Work.

2011 110

Facebook, here comes SPB!

Simple Productivity Blog

I finally bit the bullet and decided to add a Facebook page for the blog. It can be found at SimpleProductivityBlog on Facebook. Feel free to share articles, comment, etc. there. Don’t be afraid to friend the blog! Thanks for subscribing to the RSS feed for SimpleProductivityBlog. Blog Business

Not Getting Enough Work Done? Try Taking More Breaks

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You end up on Facebook, or texting your friends, or watching a funny clip on YouTube. You’ll be working over the weekend. again. try it!

2011 101

Three Ways to Bring Meditation into the Chaos of Daily Life

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You can follow him on Twitter @LifeBeyondLogic and on Facebook. By now, almost everyone is aware of the powerful benefits of meditation.

2011 109

Productive Communication & Marketing : How to Manage All of Those Links! Interview with @ItsMyURLs CEO @hustle247

Productive & Organized

Basically what they are doing is pulling in all of your content from Twitter, Facebook, etc.   I see that you have an app on Facebook

2011 104

Staying Focused and Avoiding BSOs - 31 Tips to Take You to Focused Success

Productive & Organized

PS Join us on Facebook! Don't get caught up in BSOs!" ». "My Theme for 2011: Decisive Productive Action" Experiment!

2011 104

Best Business Technology for Small Businesses & Their Owners (28 ideas from them to you!)

Productive & Organized

        Elaine Quinn Author Of "There's No Place Like Working From Home" (July, 2011).   OK! 

2011 106

Thoreau’s Guide to Living More by Spending Less

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You can follow him on Twitter @LifeBeyondLogic and on Facebook. There are lots of reasons for living a more minimalist life. You get the idea.

2011 105

Six Easy Networking Tips for Introverts

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Facebook – the event itself may have a page LinkedIn – will any of your contacts (or their contacts) be attending? Take business cards.

How Zappos Affects Your Customer Experience

Customers Rock!

recently exchanged Facebook messages with Deb Robison , a smart marketing and social media gal. Who is your customer experience competition?

2011 94

Local News Publisher Drops Website, Moves to Facebook

Small Business Labs

The local news company, Rockville Central, recently stopped publishing new content on their Web site and instead is publishing on Facebook. We've posted in the past on the growing trend of small businesses replacing traditional websites with Facebook.  social media trends

Beating the Afternoon Slump: 3 Preventions and 3 Cures

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You find yourself checking Facebook every five minutes. You’re familiar with the afternoon slump. It’s that lethargy that sets in around 3pm.

2011 91

Creative Uses for 3M Post It Notes

Productive & Organized

  Post It has a Facebook Fan page and loyal customers have shared some pictures of really unique uses of the sticky.  Quick Labels.

2011 94

It’s Not My Job: The Attitude That’s Killing Your Career

Eat Your Career

Share this on Facebook. This article is the second in a 10-part series on the topic of overcoming career-limiting habits. You have a job.

2011 89